Roundup will include specs and photos of many of the latest service rigs

The April issue of GOMC coming here and to your mailbox will feature a vacuum service truck roundup including the latest support services rigs from 20 manufacturers. The feature is chock full of handy specifications and photos of new rigs designed to serve the gas, oil and mining sectors.

And the roundup story is well timed for contractors heading into the busiest time of the year for serving drilling rigs and mining operations throughout North America. We’re hearing demand is high for trucks to haul water and wastewater, and this roundup will give contractors an overview of many of the companies producing the vacuum rigs.

As energy and mining companies swing into the busy season, what are you seeing for demand for your services? Are you in search of another vac truck, trailers for worker camps or power generation equipment to serve remote customers? Is there a type of equipment you would most like to see covered in our regular monthly roundup stories?

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