Ample power generation is a key to bringing on-the-grid convenience to an off-the-grid rig pad

You need a reliable power supply every day and in every way to keep a rig site working smoothly and ensuring profits for your energy company customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about monitoring the extraction process or using a laptop computer to communicate with the home office, just about every function at a remote location requires power to spare.

That’s why we focused much of our editorial in the May issue of GOMC on power generation products. Take a look at the Tech Perspectives feature by writer Peter Kenter. He talked to Larrie York, president of British Columbia company Frontier Power, about designing the most reliable electrical generation system for remote worksites.

Also, turn to our Equipment Roundup story by Ed Wodalski, which explores the latest in hardworking compressors and generators offered to the GOM sectors. Maybe the write-up will point you toward the power system you need to satisfy more demanding needs of your clients.

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