We want to do more for you in 2012

In my Editor’s Notebook column in the December issue of GOMC, I recapped the first 12 issues of the magazine and asked readers to react to what they’ve seen during our first year of publication. I also asked readers to participate with story ideas for 2012.

One thing has become abundantly clear to me when reaching out to support services contractors in the gas, oil and mining sectors. You’re all extremely busy serving the needs of your customers. The growth and technological advances in these industries has been breathtaking and exciting. I can say with confidence that these sectors have enjoyed more dynamic change over the past year than just about any other.

I know you all have a full plate right now, and the stakes to providing quality and prompt service for your customers have never been higher. So I truly value when you take a moment from your busy day to respond to something you see in GOMC. Your concern about industry issues, contracting best practices or anything else discussed in the magazine shows a desire for greater professionalism. You want GOM contractors to be perceived as always advancing and keeping the best interests of your customers in mind.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to look at my December column here: http://www.gomcmag.com/editorial/2011/12/youre_no._1. If you have any reaction, or want to suggest a story for 2012, please let me know by email at editor@gomcmag.com.




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