The site services company brings comforts of home to a rugged work environment

Life working on the Bakken Formation oil fields in North Dakota can be pretty brutal this time of year. It’s cold. It’s windy. Mother Nature is relentless. But at least some of the rig workers can count on pretty comfortable digs to return to when those long shifts end. That’s because Target Logistics is on the job. The site services company is building worker camps throughout the state – and the accommodations are compared to university housing with housekeeping service and some good eats.

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Rather than the old term, “man camps,’’ Target CEO Brian Lash likes to call his company’s housing and food service “lodges,’’ and he explains why in the story. He believes a cozy place to sleep and recreate and high-quality meals around the clock translate into happy, productive workers. Read on to see how the Target staff meets those goals.

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