Safety efforts are critical and limiting fatalities on the job

You might be surprised to learn that the largest number of worker fatalities in the gas and oil industries come not at a drill site, but when workers are on the road commuting to their jobs or hauling a byproduct or commodity associated with the job. So reports the New York Times in a story you can see here:

According to the newspaper, more than 300 oil and gas workers were killed in highway crashes over the past decade, the largest cause of fatalities in the industry. And safety advocates voice concerns over the high numbers of traffic fatalities at a time when the industries are on a dynamic growth trajectory.

The statistics and this story are a stark reminder of the dangers of working as a support services contractor in the energy and extraction sectors. Support companies must remain vigilant in developing and maintaining safety-training programs to protect their workers and reassure their clients that working safely is a top priority.

Would you like to talk about the strides your company has made in safety training? Do these programs result in fewer lost-work days, fewer injuries among your workers and a more satisfied workforce? We’d love to share your efforts with GOMC readers in hopes that we can help lead the industry into a safer tomorrow.

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