Plentiful supply is located right where it's needed

According to a story published recently in the Martinsburg, W.V., Journal newspaper, an economics professor in the heart of the Marcellus Shale exploration region said the natural gas find there is the largest ever discovered … anywhere.

Edmund Seifried told local business leaders that the beauty of shale gas is that it’s found right where it’s needed to power homes, vehicles and manufacturing. Sometimes the positives about the potential for U.S. energy independence are drowned out by concerns over the processes used to tap those vast energy holdings. Seifried doesn’t want to lose sight of the benefits of shale gas.

“Here's the perfect thing about Marcellus, folks. We didn't find it in Alaska. It's 60 miles from New York City. It's inches from D.C., Pittsburgh, Boston, Hartford, Cleveland. It's there. It's right where the people live,’’Seifried told the audience.

Seifried said there are challenges to extracting the gas, chiefly handling wastewater associated with the fracking process, coping with small-scale earthquakes, and ramping up the production of vehicles that can operate on the plentiful gas.

Appropriate wastewater handling is one area where GOMC readers and support service contractors come into play. You can help make sure these energy reserves are brought to market safely and efficiently, protecting the environment and providing an economic boost.

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