Have you been impacted by environmental protests over hydraulic fracking?

A consortium of companies working to produce Canadian crude oil are organizing to promote the benefits of fossil fuels in the face of criticism over hydraulic fracturing. A story from Knight Ridder/Tribune and posted at Bloomberg Business Week outlines the public relations campaign funded by the American Petroleum Institute.

“If you don't stand up for yourself or aren’t seen as sticking up for yourself, why should (others) stick up for you?” Travis Davies, a spokesman for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, was quoted in the story.

The Oil Sands Fact Sheet, a product of the PR program, is funded by the API, but involves many companies involved in the Canadian energy industry, as well as refineries and pipelines. A main objectives is to counter criticism that oil sands crude is dirtier than other petroleum supplies.

What do you think? Will these efforts offset media campaigns to slow or stop burgeoning new technologies used to tap vast oil and natural gas reserves in North America? Has your support services company been impacted by protests over environmental concerns associated with hydraulic fracking? Let us know.

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