Tell us about your hurricane relief efforts

We received word this week that Cummins Power Generation, working with dealers and distributors across the Northeast U.S. region has dedicated equipment to bring power to hospitals, businesses and homes following Hurricane Sandy. The company has scrambled about 400 rental generators to the effort.

"For immediate needs we are providing power to pump water out of flooded areas, as well as temporary power for lighting, heating and charging cellphones, which have now become the primary method for people to stay in touch,” Saravanan Selvan, strategy and marketing manager of the Global Rental Segment for Cummins Power Generation, said in a press release. “Beyond those immediate needs, our units will continue to provide power for rebuilding efforts until the necessary infrastructure is back in place." 

You can view the full Cummins press release here:

Cummins and its affiliates have accounted for 215 megawatts of power so far in the relief effort. When disaster strikes, U.S. equipment manufacturers and service companies have proven to step up and offer a helping hand. Kudos to Cummins and any other companies helping those in need in the heavily flooded areas.


Two questions come to mind when reading about the relief work. First, have any of your equipment or workers been diverted away from GOM projects in recent weeks to help out on the East Coast? And, with all these equipment resources heading out east—especially the portable power generation units—have your plans been altered for working on the Marcellus Shale or in any other areas?

Let the readers of GOMC know about relief efforts you’re involved with in the areas crippled by Hurricane Sandy. You can respond right here.

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