Hiring, training and employee housing remain big issues

Whether you’re serving oilfields in Texas, fracking in North Dakota or working in Canadian mining fields, you’ve probably been hunting for a quality labor force for quite a long time. As areas of intense exploration have been ramping up, it’s been reported that the pool of qualified workers has been shrinking. Do you still need to hire workers, and if so, do you have plans for housing them close to the job at hand?

For many employers in trades including heavy machinery operating and rig work, reports are that hiring has been a challenge both for entry-level jobs and experienced hands for supervisory roles. We want to know your approach to hiring and retaining these workers for your GOM support services businesses. What can you share about your human resources efforts to help the industry as a whole? What training initiatives have you started to make sure your new hires are prepared to work safely and effectively in the field?

Let me know how staffing plans are going for your company. Also feel free to suggest a topic for a future story in GOMC. You can reach me at editor@gomcmag.com.



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