Here's an opportunity for you to educate the public on industry operations

I was at home this past weekend getting caught up on some episodes of The Simpsons with my daughters, and one episode — “Married to the Blob” — opened with the recurring comic book character Radioactive Man.           

In the opening, Radioactive Man must defend the nuclear plant against the Fossil Fuel Four. The super villain team of four is made up of Old King Coal, Petroleum Rex, Charcoal Briquette and The Fracker. 

The main villain, The Fracker, blasts polluted water into the ground. He wears a hardhat and overalls and chomps on a big cigar while holding a huge drill in his hand. 

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“The enemy of drinking water everywhere — the Fracker!” Radioactive Man said when confronted by the evil four. “Stop attacking the nuclear power plant, this country’s safest energy source!” 

The Fracker laughed and answered, “Studies show I’m America’s best hope for energy independence.” 

Radioactive Man, flying in behind him and landing on a portion of the power plant, answered, “Those studies were industry financed!” 

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The Fracker answered with a “You’re right” and shot toxic fluids and flames at the superhero.                            

While sitting there watching the scene, I couldn’t help but think what a bad light the episode cast on the oil and gas industry — especially on hydraulic fracturing.           

Then I thought about all the news stories I read daily about the dangers of fracking. The episode still wasn’t as bad as all those. 

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The start of the episode showed that the industry is making an impact on the country and more people are taking note of it — maybe not all good, but they’re taking note that it is changing this country and how we think about energy. 

Fracking has become more widely accepted, but the industry needs to step up and inform the right way. Most media outlets only highlight the industry when something goes wrong.           

Now is your chance to explain the fracking process, how it will change the energy world, and how safe it really is to the general public before they hear all the bad news first. 

There is a lot of negativity towards fracking, but I think most of that is because people don’t understand how it works and what it does. It’s time to change that perception and it starts with you.           

Lets start changing how the public views this industry. Lets start putting a positive spin on it. 

You can see the whole episode at, but it’s only available for a limited number time. 

Does your company use fracking? If so, how are you informing the public of what you are doing? Post a comment below. 

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