Sick of battling environmental groups, proverbial “tree huggers” and fracking naysayers? Throw the book at them.

Sick of battling environmental groups, proverbial “tree huggers” and fracking naysayers? Now you can throw the book at them. 

A new book — Just the Fracks, Ma’am — by author George Kozera takes on some of the most disputed myths about fracking and talks about his experience in the oil and gas industry. 

An article on outlines a few of the myths and explains how Kozera’s master’s degree in environmental engineering and 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry gives him an upper hand on the heavy-hitter issues. 

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“I want to replace the unfounded fears people have about fracking with facts,” Kozera says in the article. “This is simply too important an issue for so many people to make decisions based on misinformation.” 

He debunks these fracking myths:

  1. Fracking is explosive. False. Kozera explains explosives are no longer used in the process.
  2. Fracking contaminates groundwater. “Kozera says that if fracking contaminated drinking water, it would have done so long before now,” says the article.
  3. Fracking is new. As most gas and oilfield workers know, fracking has been around for more than 50 years.
  4. Fracking causes earthquakes. Although he admits injection wells might cause earthquakes depending on where they’re injected, Kozera is a skeptic about fracking itself causing earthquakes.  
  5. Fracking is a drilling technique. Wrong. Kozera explains fracking is actually done after drilling to improve oil and gas production from a well. 

Of course, anti-fracking representatives argue in the article that the myths don’t clearly identify — or debunk — the issues and is “attempting to give people a false sense of reassurance about fracking and related issues.” 

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Kozera admits that the book was written to provoke a response from readers. “If people agree with everything in it, they probably aren’t thinking for themselves,” he says. “My goal is to get them thinking.” 

How do you debunk fracking myths from naysayers? Post a comment below.

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