Shell goes retro with 1984 gas prices.

Some gas stations in Alberta, Canada celebrated 30 years of oil refining in the province.

How you ask? Well, by lowering the cost of gasoline.

According to a report by News Calgary, eight Shell stations in Calgary made a big drop in gasoline prices — to what they were in 1984. Drivers filled up their tanks with gas at 39.9 cents per liter (about $1.52 per gallon in the U.S.).

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Gas has been selling for $1.14 per liter in Calgary, which is about $4.33 per gallon in the U.S.

Shell officials say the short-term price reduction celebrated 30 years of refining in Alberta. The drop was only in effect for a few hours on Wednesday. Shell tweeted out the location of the price drops about an hour before they were made.

Gas station customers tweeted out pictures of their gas receipts with a full tank of gas costing just $17.

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Now, if only U.S. gas stations would make a drop like this! They could create an Oil Production Day or something similar, I know I wouldn’t mind paying less than $75 to fill up my vehicle.

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