Find out how hydroexcavation can save you time and money.

Deciding when to invest in capital equipment like a hydroexcavator is always a tough decision. What can entice a company to make such a big investment, especially when budgets continue to be tight? The fact is that hydroexcavation can prevent problems that could ultimately be more costly than the unit in the long run.

How is that possible?

If a utility line is severed during the excavation process, expenses incurred will include more than simply repairing the line. Cutting a power line outside a plant or manufacturing facility can shut down production for hours or even days. If it happens in a residential neighborhood, hundreds of families could be impacted. Events like that can cost a company plenty between lost production time, utility repairs and any legal issues that may arise because of the interruption.

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Mistakes of this magnitude are not always the result of negligence or poor workmanship. Underground utilities can be extremely difficult to avoid, especially when a backhoe is digging full throttle. Hydroexcavation significantly reduces the chances for these kinds of accidents.

Purchasing a state-of-the-art hydroexcavator like the X-Vac X-15 offers numerous benefits beyond the capacity to prevent utility damage. Hydroexcavation is a safer method. It works significantly faster than conventional digging and with less backfill, which means fewer man-hours, which lowers the overall cost of the project. A hydroexcavator can pay for itself in just a few short years as a result of safe, efficient, low-impact operations.

There is an old saying that goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Why risk all of the potential problems that can occur using conventional excavating equipment? Hydroexcavation is growing quickly for a reason — it has been proven to work without the risk and worry that other methods entail.

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