Specialized equipment keeps contractors moving in cold weather.

Operating in the cold weather can pose several problems ranging from being dangerous for workers to having equipment fail.

Several manufacturers exhibiting at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show were showing off equipment that can operate in the harsh, cold temperatures of Canada, Alaska, North Dakota and other similar locations. 

Premier Oilfield Equipment was showcasing its CV-200 Series Hydroexcavator at its booth throughout the week.

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“We serve the oil and gas industry and the broader infrastructure space construction utility segments,” says Ian Dickinson. “We’re in everything from the upstream wellhead service to the midstream all the way down to the refineries.” 

The truck is Premier’s ECW — Extreme Cold Weather — package where they’ve expanded the cab’s body to 72-inches and have installed glove and boot warmers and have improved the heating capability inside the cab. 

“One of the challenges we’ve heard from a couple key players in Canada is that the current cold-weather packages are not effective enough at keeping the van bodies warm,” Dickinson says. “So you’re going down the road and you get there and suits are frozen hard.” 

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The truck also is equipped with a circulation system to keep the burner active while the truck is traveling down the road. 

“That cycles hot water into the tank as you’re driving down the road and keeping it moving,” Dickinson says. 

Transway Systems’ truck at the WWETT Show also shows how the company is dealing with cold-weather challenges its customers have faced. The truck is equipped with a water pump and water tank compartments that are heated by two diesel fired heaters. The 1,000-gallon HDPE water tank supplies a 525,000 Btu diesel fired burner, allowing operation in temperatures as low as negative 20 C. 

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While winter is drawing to a close, contractors can still get an idea of what they could use for cold-weather equipment by attending the WWETT Show’s final day on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

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