Take a look at this video of the SKY-VAC truck.

Two trucks parked in front of the Indiana Convention Center are getting attention from those attendees at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show this week in Indianapolis.

The trucks – a Premier Oilfield Equipment hydroexcavator and another by Integrated Chassis Solutions (ICS) – can’t be missed as the hydroexcavator is attached to the ICS SKY-VAC truck and the SKY-VAC’s boom towers 130 feet into the air.

“It’s an extended-reach vacuum extraction system,” says ICS Vice President of Operations Jason Harms. “Our first model is basically a long extension hose that you can hook up to any hydrovac that has at least a 5,000 cfm blower on it and you can reach up to 130 feet.”

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Current reach for most existing hydroexcavators is in the 30 to 35 feet range. Harms is hoping that contractors will find this truck useful in getting to hard-to-reach spots that hydroexvacators alone couldn’t manage.

“If you have to get across a fence line into a ditch, if you have to get onto a second floor in the refinery, on rooftops, pretty much anywhere that was previously inaccessible, we just provided the opportunity for service providers to do that safely,” Harms says.

There’s a connection on the back of the SKY-VAC that can be changed out to fit any standard hose that’s on a hydroexcavator. There’s a quick coupling for the water connection on the back as well and it’s just a simple clamp. The current truck is built on a CAT chassis, but can be built on any chassis the contractor prefers. Schwing manufactures the boom.

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“It was developed because a lot of service providers are stringing hoses together and putting them up buildings and tying them off or just laying them on the ground,” says ICS Product Development Manager Jason White. “There are a lot of safety concerns and injuries that can happen along with that.”

The team from ICS spent the last sixth months building and testing out the SKY-VAC and the truck is making its debut to the general public at the WWETT Show.

“It’s been an interesting journey over the last six months, but where we hoped to end up when we started is actually where we are at. It’s pretty fun,” says White. “This is the first one we’ve built. The second one is in production as we speak.”

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If you want to see more of the truck, check out this video by the WWETT Show Staff.

Enjoy the exhibits

Today marks the opening of the exhibit floor at the WWETT Show. The hall is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I’ll be roaming the floor throughout the day. Email me at editor@gomcmag.com or just look for me at the show. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and hear about your experiences at the show.

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