The Offshore Technology Conference is a great opportunity to learn about the industry

Being relatively new to working on Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor online, I try to spend as much time as I can learning about the industry. And as I read about rigs, well pads, dewatering equipment, compressors and soil remediation, what I’ve come to realize is … there is always something more to learn. And I’ve barely scratched the surface.

But reading about the industry and the equipment can only get me so far. So this week I traveled down to Houston to attend the Offshore Technology Conference and saw some equipment in person. There is a big difference between reading about dewatering and getting a step-by-step rundown of one of Elgin’s solids management systems while standing 2 feet away from it.

So after my crash course in dewatering equipment and solids removal with Elgin, I discussed control systems and remote monitoring with Phoenix Contact, talked portable generators with Doosan Portable Power, and tried on armored gloves at Cestusline (to name just a few) and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the industry a little better.

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I’ve also learned that while oil prices may be down and the industry may be taking a little dip, innovation is alive and well. In every part of the exhibit halls I’ve seen so far, I am constantly impressed and amazed by the products I’m seeing. I’m looking forward to another day of viewing new equipment and learning more about the industry, then getting back to the office to write about it.

Learning and growing is crucial to success in just about anything. If the equipment I’ve seen the last few days is any indication, the gas and oil industry will continue to be a success. 

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