From branding tips to safety solutions, GOMC is full of information you won’t want to miss this month

The oil and gas industry is facing some hardships right now, but there are still ways to find success. Check out some of these helpful articles from the February 2016 issue to get inspired.

1. Moving pipe around can be dangerous for workers, but a pipe handling system can make that job both safer and faster. It also minimizes damage to pipe materials and bonded coatings. Read more about the latest hydraulically driven vacuum lifters.

2. Ever heard of microbranding? It makes sense for an oilfield services business, especially a smaller one that doesn’t have a designated marketing position. If you’re dealing with marketing yourself, try this low-cost approach. Microbranding involves concentrating your marketing efforts on a smaller, more specific target audience. This article outlines an easy 10-step technique to help brand and market a small business.

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3. Never put production over safety. Trenching and excavation work is full of hazards, but there is no excuse for accidents. Having a competent person on site and following all safety procedures minimizes the danger for everyone involved. Here’s a refresher on those safety guidelines.

4. Getting creative with their business model and offering a wide range of services has resulted in success for Mustang Oilfield Services in Ohio. Read the featured profile and find out how they’ve managed to sustain growth despite facing the industry downturn.

5. Teamwork pays off. Oilsands companies in Canada have joined together to create the Oil Sands Community Alliance in order to work together to manage the challenges facing the oilsands area. Read about how the group is working alongside local governments and aboriginal communities to make positive change. 

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