The KingVac wet/dry vacuum loader from Keith Huber Inc. combines high cfm and deep vacuum in one mobile unit.

The KingVac wet/dry vacuum loader from Keith Huber Inc. combines high cfm and deep vacuum in one mobile unit. Standard features include a 4,000-cfm liquid ring vacuum pump, 3,000-gallon carbon steel tank, 6-inch discharge valve, 6-inch intake valve and 20-inch top manway. Standard dual cyclone cleanouts offer continuous loading.

Options include ASME and DOT 412 certification for hazardous material cleanup, 300-gallon water compartment, wash-down system, X-D (extreme duty) package for loading fine dust and powder, hydraulic vibrator, stainless steel tank and wetted stainless parts, auxiliary transfer pump, top-mounted hydraulic boom and Huber Lock rear door that meets ASME for boiler code and DOT 412 requirements.

Rear doors on tank trucks are secured by a series of wing nuts. While loosening and tightening the nuts can be time-consuming, taking as much as 40 minutes, Huber’s hydraulic latching system enables the operator to safely open and close the door with a single lever within a minute.

The Knight baghouse filtration option has a 9-stage air inverting cyclone separator that acts as a pre-filter before airflow enters the baghouse, improving filtration to 1-3 microns, while the High-Lift option enables the truck’s tank to be raised and its contents, such as mining aggregate, to be offloaded into a 60-inch rolloff container for over-the-road transportation.

Used in oil well drilling, vapor recovery in underground wells and sediment pond recuperation and byproduct transfer in mining operations, the KingVac features 27 inches of vacuum, enough power to pull sludge from the bottom of sediment ponds, says Dennis Mikesell, Keith Huber senior sales representative.

“To give you an example,” Mikesell says, “in the past we discarded a lot of mining product in sediment reservoirs, now mining groups are looking at technology to pull that sediment off the bottom because it might have a high copper content, or whatever, and recycle and reprocess it. And this is something the KingVac can do.”

The unit’s API-recommended high-temperature and high-pressure pumping system also can safely handle flammable and combustive products, such as petroleum and mining dust, and provides a natural scrubbing effect that lowers hydrocarbon emissions.

“I’ve been in the field with a lot of these trucks and they do just about anything you can think of,” Mikesell says. “If it fits through a 6- or 8-inch hose, we’ll handle it.” 800/334-8237;, Expo booth 4141.

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