Featured products of January

Ditch Witch Introduces All-Terrain Directional Drill

The JT100 all-terrain directional drill from Ditch Witch delivers 100,000 pounds of pullback and 12,000 ft-lb of torque. Built for extended-range bores and installation of large-diameter pipe, the drill is powered by a 268-hp engine and can install pipe in most ground, including solid rock. Features include a dual-pivot drill frame for steeper entry angles and assisted-makeup that automatically adjusts carriage thrust speed with rotation when making up and breaking out drill pipe. Other features include a fully enclosed cab, cruise control and integrated electronic guidance system. An onboard crane is optional. 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com.

Blastcrete Introduces Dampcon Rig System

The Dampcon Rig pre-dampening and gunning system from Blastcrete Equipment Co. features a variable-speed mixer, conveyor and gunite machine. Designed to pre-dampen and install dry process shotcrete materials, the rig offers precise material output control, a delivery rate of up to 6 cubic yards per hour and a 9-cubic-foot capacity paddle-style mixer. Rubber wipers clean out and reduce material buildup in the mixer. A material elevator with cleated-belt conveyor transfers material to the gunite machine’s receiving hopper. The mixer also has a water meter and bar to ensure the proper amount of water is added to each batch. 800/235-4867; www.blastcrete.com.

Super Products Introduces Mud Dog 650 Hydroexcavator

The Mud Dog 650 hydroexcavator from Super Products LLC is designed for easy maneuverability and safe, effective digging in confined urban settings, rough compact terrain and remote, hard-to-reach locations. The unit features a 6.5-cubic-yard debris dump body and 500-gallon freshwater tank that offers water pressures up to 10 gpm at 2,500 psi. The 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides airflow of 3,600 cfm at 18 Hg. 800/837-9711; www.superproductscorp.com.

Advanced Waste Introduces VacSimizer Vacuum System

The VacSimizer high solid liquids collection, transportation and dumping vacuum system from Advanced Waste Services is designed to have the cargo capacity of a 5,000-gallon semi-tanker yet retain the maneuverability of a straight vacuum truck. The unit is built on a sliding subframe that allows the axles to be retracted to ease mobility into hard-to-reach locations. The 80,000-pound GVW vehicle can haul 42,000 pounds and is made for one-person operation. Features include one-switch blower operation, short-turn radius and 200 feet of 4-inch hose. The truck can be loaded from either side, has dual 25-foot hose trays and a 76-degree tipping angle with full opening rear door that requires no entry to unload. 800/842-9792; www.advancedwasteservices.com.

General Offers Gasoline-Powered Ventilator

The GP8/GP8H portable gasoline air ventilation blower from General Equipment is designed for most confined work space requirements. The unit is made to supply fresh air to construction sites, remove toxic and noxious atmospheres from confined work spaces and provide fresh air for workers inside tanks and vaults. The 56-pound ventilator is available with a 3.5 hp Briggs & Stratton, 3,600 rpm engine (GP8) or 3.5 hp Honda engine (GP8H). The blower housing is fabricated from cast aluminum. An adjustable governor with manual-speed control allows the operator to vary blower volume as needed. 877/344-4365; www.generalequip.com.

Giant Industries Introduces GP7500 Series Pumps

GP7500 Series high-pressure pumps from Giant Industries feature an integrated gear-end cooling system for longevity. The 100-hp, continuous-duty pumps produce flows up to 85 gpm and pressure to 3,000 psi. They are available in solid crankshaft design, gearbox with pinion shaft and gearbox with hollow shaft hydraulic drive. Standard components include solid ceramic plungers, nitrile seals with fabric reinforcing and stainless steel valves. 419/531-4600; www.giantpumps.com.

Konecranes Introduces Smart Cranes

Smart Cranes from Konecranes are designed to reduce energy consumption by 30 percent and are available in capacities from 10 to more than 500 tons. Radio control allows for relaying information to the operator, enabling technicians to troubleshoot from the ground. Information is delivered on load location, tonnage, approaching area limits and three-dimensional XYZ target position. It also reveals faults and overloads, provides load-summing data from two hooks and captures the total load on the crane as well as provides maintenance warnings. 800/934-6976; www.konecranesamericas.com.

Transcube Offers Transportable Fuel Tanks

Transportable fuel tanks from Transcube are DOT-approved and UL 142-certified for diesel fuel storage. The double-walled tanks provide 110 percent secondary containment of the inner container’s total capacity to eliminate risk of spills and contamination. Internally baffled tanks are available in 132-, 264-, 528- and 792-gallon capacities. All fill ports, pumps and connections are housed at the top of the tank within the secondary containment area. The tanks are capable of feeding three generators and refueling equipment at the same time. Access to fuel and pumping equipment is secured within the unit’s lockable cabinet. 203/847-4300; www.transcube.net/us.

CEAttachments Introduces EDGE Hitch Adapter

The EDGE Hitch Adapter for skid-steer loaders from CEAttachments is designed to help move implements, trailers, wagons or other types of equipment. Features include a 17.5-inch-high, 46-inch-wide and 12-inch-deep steel frame and Class 3 receiver. 866/232-8224; www.ceattachments.com.

Ultimo Introduces Non-Invasive Density, Viscosity Meter

The non-invasive Density and Viscosity Meter from Ultimo Measurement LLC measures the absolute or relative density or viscosity of any liquid or loose solid material with process temperatures up to 800 degrees F. Featuring vibration-based (non-acoustic) technology, the DVM strikes the outside wall of a vessel to create an oscillation of the vessel wall and material on the other side of the wall. It then captures and analyzes the oscillations to determine the density or viscosity of the material inside. The system works with steel, aluminum and plastic-based vessels and pipes. 401/647-9135; www.ultimompd.com.

Newson Gale Offers Tanker Grounding System

The Earth-Rite RTR static grounding system for tanker trucks from Newson Gale Inc. is designed for the safe transfer of various flammable or combustible liquids. The failsafe static grounding system provides confirmation of connection to a static dissipative ground point and continuous electronic verification of a less-than-10 ohm connection to that point, along with specific tanker truck recognition. The face of the unit features a cluster of bright pulsing green LEDs that assure a positive ground connection throughout the transfer. The system has an operating temperature range of -13 degrees to 131 degrees F and has North American approval from CSA/U.S. for installation and use in all common hazardous areas, including the very highest gas group approvals. 732/987-7715; www.newson-gale.com.

HEMCO Offers Emergency Decontamination Shower

The Emergency Shower Decontamination Booth from HEMCO Corp. is designed to drench personnel who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. The unit is equipped with a pullrod-activated shower and push-handle eye/face wash for quick rinsing of eyes, face and body. The optional audio and visual alarm alerts other personnel to the injured worker so they can provide assistance. The booth has a lipped front edge to contain water and a drain to connect to plumbing. The showers are fully assembled. Accessories include grab bars and handheld body wash. 800/779-4362; www.hemcocorp.com.

Metal & Cable Introduces Cable Holding System

The Magnemount cable/cable tray holding system from Metal & Cable Corp. Inc. provides an alternative to welding and epoxy attachments for securely carrying cables across and down the curvatures of steel water tanks. The magnetic mounting system features quick on-site installation that won’t damage the tank’s interior or exterior surface. It is designed to withstand winds up to 150 mph. 800/735-4051; www.metal-cable.com.

Highland Offers Fireguard AREO Dike Tank

The Fireguard AREO Dike Tank from Highland Tank is designed for safe aboveground storage of petroleum or chemicals in environmentally sensitive areas where tertiary containment is required. The UL 2085-listed steel tank is thermally protected, double-walled and tested for ballistics, vehicle impact, pool fire and hose stream. The AERO dike design has an overfill protection system. Overfills or spills are contained within the steel containment dike. Tanks range in volume from 240 to 30,000 gallons. 814/893-5701; www.highlandtank.com.

Rain for Rent Offers Industrial Duty Pump

The DV-150i industrial duty pump from Rain for Rent is Class 1 Division 2 compliant. It can handle 3-inch solids, flows to 2,600 gpm and heads to 195 feet. 800/742-7246; www.rainforrent.com.

Powerblanket Introduces Heated Pipe Wraps

Pipe Wraps from Powerblanket feature GreenHeat technology, a heat-spreading system that uses aerospace heating design to deliver uniform heat distribution while consuming low amounts of energy. The wraps consist of a heat-spreading carbon fiber material, insulation barrier and outer vinyl shell. They fit pipes from 1 to 78 inches in diameter and offer an environmentally friendly heating solution for freeze protection and rapid thawing of pipelines in oilfields, mining operations and other industrial operations. The lightweight wraps can be used to heat pipes, manifolds, pumps, hoses and other temperature-sensitive equipment. 877/642-5240; www.powerblanket.com.

General Electric Develops Mobile Evaporator

The mobile evaporator from General Electric Co. is designed to recycle water used by natural gas drillers in hydraulic fracturing. The truck-sized, transportable device reduces both the amount of freshwater used and wastewater trucked from 50 to 90 percent by recycling water directly at the well site. The evaporator boils the used water, turning it into steam, which then condenses into distilled water that can be reused for fracing. www.ge.com.

Envirosight Introduces ClipStream Viewer, Recorder

The ClipStream digital viewer and recorder from Envirosight clamps to the pole of a QuickView zoom survey camera, displaying real-time inspection video. The unit features a monitor with wide viewing angle and tilt mount, enabling the user to see footage even when the camera is deeply extended or used overhead. The monitor also unlocks for wireless viewing at up to 32 feet. The viewer/recorder captures up to 16 GB (approximately 12 hours) of AVI video and JPEG still images to a micro SD card. Footage can be viewed directly on the system’s 3.6-inch color LCD or transferred to a computer or smart phone by ejecting the card or tethering via USB. The unit runs on four AA batteries or connects to a power source using the optional AC adapter. 866/936-8476; www.envirosight.com.

BinMaster Introduces Multi-Scanner System

The MLV multiple scanner system from BinMaster Level Controls combines multiple point measurement data from two 3SLevelScanners, a controller that aggregates the data, 3D Vision software to be loaded onto a PC, and a 3DLinkPro modem for remote access. The system displays a visual representation of the material surface that shows high and low points in the bin, sidewall buildup or bridging. Reports generated by the 3D software provide data such as volume as a percentage, maximum, minimum and average levels or distances to the product, weight and historical logs of measurements. 800/278-4241; www.garnerindustries.com.

Rugby Offers Aluminum Dump Bodies

Designed for Class 3-5 trucks, the aluminum line of dump bodies from Rugby Mfg. feature fold-down sides with stainless steel EZ-LATCH upper tailgate mechanism. Made of 3/16-inch 5052 aluminum, the dump bodies have a seamless one-piece front design with window, cab shield and inverted V-bend for strength. Other features include 3-inch I-beam crossmembers and 8-inch formed 1/4-inch aluminum channel long members. The 3- to 4-cubic-yard bodies range in length from 8 feet to 11 feet, 6 inches. 701/776-5722; www.rugbymfg.com.

sp3 Diamond Technologies Introduces Diamond Reactor

The Model 665 hot-filament chemical vapor deposition diamond reactor from sp3 Diamond Technologies Inc. is designed to accommodate up to 18 100-mm-diameter substrates at a time. 408/492-0630; www.sp3diamondtech.com.

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