GOMC is here to support the myriad of companies supporting the gas, oil and mining industries

Some say America is falling behind the technology curve as other nations scramble to raise educational standards and build modern infrastructure.

It’s also said that in America we can’t tap into meaningful supplies of proven energy sources or mine important minerals cleanly and efficiently to keep pace with developing countries.

Furthermore, you hear that Americans don’t want to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs that need to be done.

Pardon me, but I think that’s all a bunch of bull.


Right now, in a challenging economy, there are few industries more vibrant and employing more cutting-edge technologies than energy exploration and mineral extraction. While the general public hears from the naysayers, the contractors involved in these industries are quietly making great strides.

New techniques in oil and natural gas extraction across North America are bringing us ever closer to energy independence from far-flung fossil fuel producers who may or may not have our best interests in mind. And North American mining operations are working hard to procure more raw materials to satisfy growing needs.

And these efforts are being made under some of the most stringent safety and environmental regulations in the world. That’s where you come in.

If you’re getting this magazine, you are an environmental or support services professional hired by the companies that drill the wells to find important new energy sources or operate mines critical to our future economic well being.

Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor launches this inaugural issue with a singular goal of providing valuable information to the contractors who support these vital industries. We want to help you operate safely, more efficiently and more profitably. We’ll strive to answer the business questions that are on your mind most often, provide an almost inexhaustible resource for products and services to help meet your customers’ expectations, and become a hub where you can network with others in the industry.

GOMC is the latest in a roster of successful industrial trade magazines from COLE Publishing. Coming from Wisconsin’s northwoods, we serve thousands of readers across North America who work in environmental services areas, from contractors in septic services (Pumper) to workers at municipal sewage treatment plants (Treatment Plant Operator), and many other specialties. I invite you to visit the COLE Publishing Web site, www.colepublishing.com, and take a look at all of our magazines.

And while you’re at it, consider attending the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International March 2-5, in Louisville, Ky. Sponsored by COLE Inc., the Expo is the largest environmental services trade show in the country. You can learn more at www.pumpershow.com.

We’ve been researching the work of gas, oil and mining contractors for many months to understand the depth and breadth of support services you provide. While we are constantly learning about added services, the core areas we’ll address as the magazine evolves include water and wastewater conveyance and treatment, byproduct dewatering, industrial cleaning, portable sanitation equipment and maintenance, worker camp development and maintenance, electrical power generation and site preparation.


Here are some of the regular features in GOMC and a little background on how you will benefit from them:

Contractor Profile.

Each month we’ll travel across the continent to introduce you to a contractor who serves one or all of the GOMC industries. We’ll learn the company history, where they work and what challenges they face every day. Most importantly, we’ll drill down into a variety of business issues they may have in common with you, and ask them to share their solutions and success stories. We’re looking to add names to our profile list, so feel free to contact me if you would like to suggest your company or another service provider for a feature story.

Product Roundup.

The quality tools of your trade are a key element to your success. Each month we will scour the industry and present detailed information and photos of a variety of equipment that can help you work faster, smarter and safer. We’ll save you research time and run side-by-side comparisons of one type of workhorse equipment in every issue.

Tech Perspectives.

It’s tough to stay on top of emerging technology. Advancements come along in rapid-fire succession and today’s high-tech solution can be improved upon tomorrow. We’re on the constant lookout for new products that can be employed to generate revenue and grow your bottom line. We’ll share those with you.

Money Machines.

What better way to find out how effective a piece of equipment is than by talking to a contractor who runs the machine daily? Each month we’ll talk to one contractor about one piece of equipment used to generate profits and provide top-notch service.

Product News.

Our e-mail inbox is jam-packed with press releases from manufacturers pitching new products in the industries we serve. Every day we review new tools and services that will help you the most. Each month we’ll highlight the cream of the crop, bringing you photos, product specifications and let you know where you can find out more about them.

Industry News.

Do you have an announcement to make about your business? We’ll make it for you … for free. Whether you’ve hired new personnel, won an award, built a new warehouse or added an important service or customer, let us spread the word. Send an e-mail to editor@gomcmag.com with your news. And include photos if you’d like.

More advice.

We will include occasional articles to give your business a boost. They include Money Manager, which will give advice on accounting, investing, insurances and other financial topics; Safety First, meant to reinforce the valuable messages you give in safety meetings; Tough Job, sharing the blow-by-blow approach a contractor took to complete a difficult task; and Legal Advisor, designed to help you navigate some of the sticky issues you might face in business.


Our approach to every aspect of GOMC will be to accentuate the positive and reinforce the vital work of support service contractors. Our commitment is to gather and present the best information available and be responsive to your needs. So feel free to contact me with feedback or story suggestions at editor@gomcmag.com and I pledge a quick and thoughtful reply. And while you’re paging through this issue, please fill out the included subscription form on page 6 and 41 and return it to ensure you receive every issue. GOMC

How are we doing? We strive to provide interesting and helpful stories for support service contractors in the gas, oil and mining industries. We welcome your comments, questions and column suggestions, and promise a prompt reply to all reader contacts. Call 800/257-7222 or e-mail GOMC editor Jim Kneiszel at editor@gomcmag.com.

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