The Super Lightweight non-code 5,460-gallon vacuum tanker from Dragon Products is designed for maximum capacity with less chance of being overweight when carrying non-hazardous oil field fluids and materials.

Weighing in at 14,620 pounds, the 130-barrel tanker is nearly 4,000 pounds lighter than the company’s comparable Super Duty steel tanker, enabling it to carry a fuller load.

Weight savings is achieved through the unit’s 3/16-inch shell. Aluminum hose pads on both sides shed additional pounds, while overall integrity is maintained through the use of 1/4-inch heads, 1/4-inch baffles, full-length padded frame and eight 3/8- by 2 1/2-inch external rolled stiffener rings, says Randy Prater, Dragon Products sales representative. “It can still do the same things the heavier tanks do.”

Drivers faced with the possibility of losing their commercial driving license for hauling overweight loads also will appreciate the reduced weight, Prater says. “In Texas, the ticket goes on the driver’s license, so there’s a lot more push-back about hauling too much product. It’s their livelihood.”

The Super Lightweight has a white metal steel grit blast surface with chemical-resistant, 100-percent solids epoxy liner (10- to 15-mil dry-film thickness). The exterior has a high-build epoxy primer, color coated with high solids polyurethane (4- to 6-mil dry-film thickness). The tanker has two manways on top and one on the rear head – all 21-inch domed style with plated swing bolts and wing nuts. The unit has a ball-type primary shutoff in the front manway and ball-type 12-gallon secondary with drain on the front driver’s side.

Other features include 2-inch sight glasses in the front and rear head (a ball-float level indicator with pointer in the rear tank head is available). A three-point or four-spring suspension with eight Hutch 9700 low arch leaf springs and 22,500-pound axles is standard. Air-ride suspension is available. 877/231-8198;

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