Make sure you provide equipment to protect your most valuable assets … your hardworking crews at the job site

Busy schedules make it tempting to cut corners. With one more tank to pump or truck to unload, gloves, boots, protective eye and headwear sometimes can be an afterthought. But there’s no substitute for safety on the job and the health of your hardworking employees. Tanks devoid of oxygen or filled with toxic or flammable gases could lead to serious injury or even death. Whether loading a tank or hydroexcavating a work site, make certain you and your employees are always properly attired and your surroundings secure. Here are a few products designed to make your work safer.

1. Handrails and Ladders

Dynarail modular and fabricated handrails and ladders from Fibergrate are designed to be slip- and corrosion-resistant. The systems meet or exceed OSHA, IBC and other building code requirements for safety and design, and are easily assembled in the field. 800/527-4043;

2. Hatch Railing System

The BIL-Guard hatching railing system from The Bilco Co. is designed to satisfy OSHA standard CFR 1910.23, which requires the exposed sides of roof openings to have guardrail protection. The fixed railing system provides a permanent means of fall protection and mounts directly to the cap flashing of any brand of roof hatch. The safety yellow railing is made from a durable fiber-reinforced polymer. 203/934-6363;

3. Gasoline-Powered Ventilator

The GP8/GP8H portable gasoline air ventilation blower from General Equipment is made for most confined work space requirements. The unit supplies fresh air to construction sites, removes toxic and noxious atmospheres from confined work spaces and provides fresh air for workers inside tanks and vaults. The 56-pound ventilator is available with a 3.5-hp Briggs & Stratton, 3,600-rpm engine (GP8) or 3.5-hp Honda engine (GP8H). The blower housing is fabricated from cast aluminum. An adjustable governor with manual speed control allows the operator to vary the blower volume. 800/533-0524;

4. Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

The infrared non-contact thermometer from Ideal Industries enables users to measure the surface temperature of live circuits, difficult-to-read objects or moving parts from a safe distance. The thermometer has a temperature range of -76 to 932 degrees F and built-in laser pointer that identifies the center of the measurement area. Maximum, minimum, average and differential temperature readings are instantly displayed on the backlit LCD. The operator also can program high and low temperature points with audible alarm warnings. 800/947-3614;

5. Flame Detectors

IECEx-approved flame detectors from General Monitors are certified for operation in explosive atmospheres. Model FL4000H is a multi-spectrum detector featuring false alarm immunity, optical IR sensing array and artificial neural network to discriminate between actual flames and false alerts. Model FL3100H is designed to detect hydrocarbon and hydrogen fires. Model FL3101H is a UV flame detector and model FL3102 is an IR flame detector. 800/330-9161;

6. Leather Work Gloves

Style 7635 leather work gloves from Wells Lamont are machine washable and feature ProTip fingertip protection. The gloves have an adjustable wrist, pre-curved design for better fit and reinforced double leather knuckle. The 3-inch mesh back offers breathable comfort. Style 7646 features DRI2O moisture management that moves sweat from the skin, while Style 7648 features Blister Armor with Liquicell technology to help prevent blisters and next-day soreness. 800/323-2830;

7. LED Work Lights

The Trilliant 36-LED WhiteLight work lamp from Grote Industries has a color temperature light for natural contrast most like sunlight to reduce eye strain and worker fatigue. The lights have a service rating of 40,000 hours. Other features include aluminum housing and UV- and hard-coated lens. 800/628-0809;

8. Ventilated Helmet

The Serpent ventilated safety helmet from Gateway Safety Inc. with CoolSense airflow system is made to minimize heat buildup under the shell. A cushioned brow pad absorbs moisture and perspiration. Weighing 13.1 ounces, the helmet has a six-point nylon suspension, adjusts to fit 6 5/8 to 8 1/4 head sizes and complies with ANSI Z89.1 Standard for Type I, Class C helmets. 800/822-5347;

9. Visible T-Shirts

GloWear 8289 Class 2 economy T-shirts from Ergodyne have a lightweight knit fabric. The 3.3-ounce, ANSI-certified breathable polyester material features a wicking treatment for moisture management. Additional features include 2-inch, level 2 ANSI-certified reflective tape for visibility and exterior pockets. The shirts are available in safety orange and lime, sizes S-5XL. 800/225-8238;

10. Warning Beacon

The 6260 LED warning beacon from ECCO features a low-profile, 4.9-inch lens, three 3-watt LED lights and Pulse8 flash operation (8 flashes per cycle, 70 flashes per minute). The light has an operating range of 12-80 volts and is available with an amber-only lens and either a 2-bolt or 1/2-inch pipe mount. 800/635-5900;

11. Tanker Grounding System

The Earth-Rite RTR static grounding system for tanker trucks from Newson Gale Inc. is designed for the safe transfer of various flammable or combustible liquids. The system provides confirmation of connection to a static dissipative ground point and continuous electronic verification of a less-than-10 ohm connection to that point, along with specific tanker truck recognition. The face of the unit features a cluster of pulsing green LEDs, assuring operators that a positive ground connection remains in effect. The system has an operating temperature range of -13 to +122 degrees F (-25 to +50 degrees C) and has North American approval from CSA/U.S. for installation and use in all common hazardous areas, including the very highest gas group approvals. 732/987-7715;

12. Exclusive-Access Radio Control

The Vector Pro two-button enable switch radio control from HBC-radiomatic Inc. provides operators with exclusive access to machine functions, ensuring no other worker can move the machine unintentionally while the operator is on or in it. To forward control commands, the operator must press and hold the button on the first step. If he releases the button or presses the second step as a result of cramping in a panic situation, all movements of the machine are immediately stopped. 800/410-4562;

13. Utility Anchor

The Saf-T-Torque utility anchor from Oklahoma Design Technologies LLC is reusable, easy to install and provides high pullout strength. Made of heat-treated forged aluminum, the anchor can be installed manually or with an impact wrench. It can be used as a permanent or temporary anchor, requires no digging and can penetrate any soil. 866/352-1855;

14. Multi-Gas Detector

The ALTAIR 4X multi-gas detector from MSA features XCell sensor technology, four-year sensor life and less-than-60-second calibration time. The unit can detect combustible gas, O2, H2S and CO. 800/672-2222;

15. Fleet Monitor

The SafetyTrax fleet monitor and GPS tracking system from Advantage PressurePro, Safety Vision and Rice Lake Weighing Systems, provides real-time data and advanced reporting features, including breadcrumb capabilities, truck routes, stop durations and speeding variations. Trouble alerts and data are routed through the SafetyTrax GPS location modem using cellular-only technology that connects to the fleet owner’s protected account. Truck identification, speed, location and route direction are shown on street-level maps anywhere in the U.S., along with tire-pressure monitoring system and weight alerts. 816/887-3505;

16. Four-Gas Detector

The GasAlert Max XT II portable four-gas detector from BW Technologies by Honeywell combines simple operation with an integrated, high-flow SmartSample sampling pump for reliable performance and protection in confined spaces and other hazardous areas. The unit features one-button operation, a go/no-go interface and automated compliance for fewer operational errors and reduced training time. The UL- and CSA-approved unit alerts users to carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen levels, methane and other flammable gases. Compatible with the MicroDock II docking station, an automated test and calibration device are available as an accessory. It can be connected to a PC for greater control and as a safeguard for compliance concerns. Tamper-proof, user-adjustable options enable the gas detector to be customized for any application. 888/749-8878;

17. Exit Signs

The edge-lit LED XPEX exit sign from AZZ-RAL Rig-A-Lite, rated for Class 1 and Division 1 areas, uses 4 watts of power and is designed for 30,000 maintenance-free hours of operation. Available in single- or dual-face with red or green lamping, options include a battery backup for three hours of uninterrupted service in the event of a power outage. Custom colors and legends are available. 713/943-0340;

18. Portable Spill Station

The portable Spill Station from Andax Industries LLC can be hung on a wall or any location where spills might happen. Available with oil-selective or chemical/HAZMAT sorbent, the Spill Station can be customized with safety goggles, rubber gloves, additional sorbent pads, Tuff Wipes, epoxy putty, mini booms, disposal bags and non-sparking, square-point shovel. Contents will clean or contain up to a 12-gallon spill. 800/999-1358;

19. Transportable Fuel Tanks

Transportable diesel fuel tanks from Transcube feature a 5:1 lift safety factor, giving each tank’s corner lifting lugs the ability to lift five times the tank’s fully loaded weight. The lift factor is optional on 05TCG, 10TCG and 20TCG model tanks (storage capacities of 132, 264 and 528 gallons, respectively). The tanks are designed with an inner fuel container and outer wall that provides 110-percent integral secondary containment to eliminate the risk of spills and ground contamination. The internally baffled tanks also have forklift pockets accessible on all four sides. Tanks are UL 142 certified and have U.S. DOT approval for transportation of diesel fuel. All fill ports, pumps, fittings and connections are housed at the top within the secondary containment area. 866/814-2470;


The high-visibility 7151G, safety green, two-piece rain suit with reflective tapes from Ahlborn Equipment Inc. meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 3 standards. Features include full-zippered and snapped storm flap and Velcro wrist closures, drawstring waistband to ensure optimum fit, zippered legs for easy on/off, machine washable with poly liner and roomy pocket. Full screen printing and embroidery are available. 800/472-7600;

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