Featured products of February

Dust Control Technology Introduces Oscillation Option

The DustBoss 359-degree oscillation option from Dust Control Technology is designed to blanket 125,000 square feet with a dust-trapping mist from a single machine. The option is available on all three DustBoss fan-driven models: DB-60, DB-45, DB-30. The DB-60 features 30 brass nozzles to atomize water into droplets 50-200 microns in size. It can throw a spray 200 feet for 2.8 acres of coverage. The DB-45 can cover 70,000 square feet and the DC-30 can cover 30,000 square feet. 800/707-2204; www.dustboss.com.

Atlas Introduces Secoroc One-Piece Retrieval System

The Secoroc 8-inch, one-piece retrieval system from Atlas Copco Construction & Mining USA LLC features a four-lug system on the retrieval sleeve, eliminating the retaining ring and dowel pin. The lugs correspond with grooves in the bit head. Once the lugs and grooves are in alignment, the bit is rotated to lock into place. The 8-inch system is available with two different retrieval sleeves to accommodate QL/TD80 or TD85 hammers. 800/732-6762; www.atlascopco.us.

HammerHead Introduces High-Speed Cable Guide

The HydroGuide HG5 high-speed cable winch from HammerHead is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize setup time for infrastructure renewal and duct pulling projects. The winch is powered by a turbocharged 33-hp, liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engine that drives the solid-dial capstan and dual-direct drive Geroler motors. The system has a payout speed of 165 feet per minute, 5.5-ton pulling capacity and maximum pullback speed of 120 fpm. 800/331-6653; www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.

Kohler Designs Decision-Maker Paralleling System

The prototype-tested Decision-Maker Paralleling System from Kohler Power Systems offers an alternative to large kilowatt single-generator backup power systems, as well as traditionally complex, highly customized paralleling approaches. The unit consists of three components engineered for generator set paralleling. The system can be specified across Kohler’s entire line (100 to 3,250 kW) of industrial gaseous- and diesel-powered generators. 920/457-4441; www.kohler.com.

Moyno Offers L-Frame Cavity Pumps

L-Frame progressing cavity pumps from Moyno Inc. are designed for handling liquids ranging from clean, thin viscous to corrosive, abrasive slurries and sludges in wastewater treatment and mining applications. Standard flange models feature a modular design with pin-type universal joint for easy maintenance. Open-throat models are available. Features include non-pulsating, metered flow, vibration-free operation, on-site maintenance, low product shear, viscosities over 1 million cps, capacities to 450 gpm, pressures to 2,100 psi and the ability to handle entrained air and gases without vapor locking. 877/486-6966; www.moyno.com.

KROHNE Introduces Solids-Measuring Radar

OPTIWAVE 6300 C radar from KROHNE Inc. is designed to measure powder, granulates and bulk solids in buffer silos, hoppers, bulk storage containers and on conveyor belts in wastewater treatment plants and mining operations. The unit’s drop-form plastic antenna generates a 2-degree beam angle, eliminating the need for an aiming kit. The drop form also prevents crusting or dust layers on the antenna. Stainless steel horn antennas up to 6 inches with built-in horn purging are available. 800/356-9464; www.krohne.com.

Ticona Introduces GUR X 192 Filtration Powder

GUR X 192 Macropowder from Ticona is a porous plastic powder designed for a variety of filtration applications, including liquids and gases that require higher flow rates, lower pressure drops and increased part strength. The powder has a molecular weight of 600,000 grams per mole and bulk density of 0.35 grams per milliliter. www.ticona.com.

Oil Eater Introduces Environmentally Safe Truck Wash

Environmentally safe truck wash from Oil Eater is formulated to remove grease, diesel, dirt, bird droppings and more from trucks and heavy equipment. The ultra-concentrate is a low VOC cleaner/degreaser that is non-acid, non-corrosive and completely biodegradable. The high-foaming wash can be diluted 100:1 and is safe on polished aluminum, paint, glass, rubber and vinyl. 800/528-0334; www.oileater.com.

Trimble Introduces GLONASS Positioning

The MX100G GNSS+XPS receiver, part of the Terralite XPS system from Trimble, enables pit mines to increase positioning coverage in areas where satellite visibility is limited due to terrain. The receiver tracks GPS and GLONASS constellations as well as Trimble’s Terralite ground satellites for machine control and guidance applications in mining operations. 800/874-6253; www.trimble.com.

Elster Perfection Introduces Hydrosert Couplings

Hydrosert 1 1/2-inch CTS and 2-inch CTS couplings from Elster Perfection are designed for the natural gas, propane, potable water and reclaim water industries. The non-corrosive couplings feature a no-stress design that separates and optimizes both the gripping and sealing areas of the fitting. Once assembled, the fitting is free to rotate on the pipe without affecting the watertight seal. Fittings are pressure rated up to 200 psig. www.elster-perfection.com.

Iowa Mold Tooling Introduces Dominator CS Mechanics Truck

The Dominator CS mechanics truck from Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. has an 11-foot, non-crane body and is available with 52-inch right- and left-side packs or optional 60-inch right-front raised side pack. The mid-size truck has an optional, fully integrated hydraulic loadgate to make handling and loading easier. Additional options include drawers and drawer sets, retractable mount for workbench vises, manual outriggers, work lights and air systems. The truck can be outfitted with an optional telescopic crane rated for a maximum of 10,000 ft.-lb. 641/923-3711; www.imt.com.

Crowcon Introduces LaserMethane Detector

The LaserMethane mini Gen2 portable methane detector from Crowcon Detection Instruments is ATEX approved. The handheld unit weighs just over 1 pound including battery and measures 2.8 by 7 by 1.6 inches. Features include a full-color numeric or graphic display, audio and visual alarms, 6-hour minimum battery life per charge (four hour recharge), IP54 ingress protection, automatic ranging and a temperature range of 1 to 122 degrees F. 800/527-6926; www.crowcon.us.

Ditch Witch Offers GPS, Vehicle Trackers

Optional GPS systems for tracking and managing both construction and non-construction equipment is available through the Ditch Witch organization’s dealership network. The Web-based system requires no software installation and can be accessed from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Each GPS system can be configured for daily updates or for 5- or 10-second live tracking. The equipment tracker is offered as part of a planned maintenance program that can include dealer monitoring of equipment hours. The equipment tracker can be used to locate stolen equipment and help prevent theft. The system also can remotely lock or unlock doors, monitor vehicle-mounted pumps and driver activity. 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com.

Longwatch Introduces Low-Power Video Surveillance

The Longwatch XLP low-power video surveillance system, originally developed for an oil and gas company to monitor remote wells, is powered by solar cells and batteries. The system “hibernates” in a low-power standby mode until an external sensor, such as a motion detector, intrusion alarm or a command from the central control room, sends it a signal to “wake up.” The system immediately records a short video alarm clip, transmits it to a remote operator at a central HMI/SCADA system and continues to record video until commanded to return to hibernation. 781/255-7400; www.longwatch.com.

DuraClass Offers Bedrock Dump Body

Bedrock dump bodies from DuraClass feature an elliptical radius for smooth dumping. Hardox 450 steel is used throughout the floor, sides and rear for low weight and durability, with I-beam understructure for floor support. Heated understructure is available for cold-weather applications. Box lengths range from 13 to 21 feet. Aluminum fenders are optional. 800/255-4345; www.duraclass.com.

Crysteel Offers Select Custom Dump Bodies

Select custom dump bodies from Crysteel Mfg. are available in traditional square-body styles or elliptical bodies, ranging from 5- through 20-cubic-yard capacities. Further options are available for tailgate design, side height, floor material and understructure design, as well as a range of accessories. 800/533-0494; www.crysteel.com.

CEAttachments Introduces Hydraulic Sand Spreader

The EDGE hydraulic sand spreader for skid-steer loaders from CEAttachments Inc. can spread sand or sand/salt mixtures on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots or roads, from 29 inches wide up to 28 feet. The spreader features a self-loading 8-cubic-foot hopper with agitator. A heavy-duty screen with 3-inch openings is bolted to the top to protect inside components. An 18-inch wheel with six paddles disperses the material. The spreader requires 10-22 gpm hydraulic flow and measures 41 inches high, 32 inches deep and 54 inches wide. 866/232-8224; www.ceattachments.com.

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