Featured products of April

NOV Introduces EZstrip Pump Technology

EZstrip pump technology from NOV Monoflo enables pumps to be disassembled, de-ragged and maintained in place, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The system can be installed on new pumps or retrofitted into existing select Compact C, W-Range and B-Range installations. No electrical disconnection is required. Suction and discharge pipe are untouched. The unit offers dry-run protection. The model range has a capacity of up to 726 gpm and 174 psi. It is available in either cast iron or stainless steel. 281/200-1200; www.monoflo.com.


Little Beaver Offers Hydraulic Earth Drill

The hydraulic earth drill from Little Beaver features an 11-hp Honda, overhead-valve gasoline engine with 5-gallon reservoir mounted to a three-wheel chassis. When using a 12-inch or smaller diameter auger, the 150-rpm drill can reach depths of up to 12 feet. The unit can handle larger augers and drill holes up to 16 inches in diameter. A one-man, two-man or high-torque anchor handle is available, along with a tripod kit. 800/227-7515; www.littlebeaver.com.

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UltraTech Offers Containment Berms

Ultra-Containment Berms from UltraTech International Inc. are designed to meet spill prevention, control and countermeasure plan requirements, capturing small and large spills from tanker trucks and other heavy equipment. “Drive-in, drive-out” sidewalls lay down when driven through, then automatically spring back to their upright position. The berms, available in standard and custom sizes, are made of chemical-resistant copolymer-2000 material and can be rolled up for storage. 800/353-1611; www.spillcontainment.com.


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Bernard Controls Introduces Master Station

The Master Station fieldbus from Bernard Controls is designed to ease the command and control of many motor-operated valves. The system combines PLC technology, full redundancy and bus continuity. Digital communication enables the user to retrieve information from field units. 281/578-6666; www.bernardcontrols.com.


Powerblanket Offers Tank Wraps

Tank wraps from Powerblanket are made to heat and maintain temperature in large holding tanks. Featuring GreenHeat Technology, the wraps provide a barrier of insulated warmth to keep fluids from freezing and viscous materials flowing. The wraps, secured with a nylon strap and magnet system, can cover from 20-pound propane tanks to 30,000-gallon water tanks. Wraps are available in configurations requiring 120- or 240-volt service and are certified to meet UL 499 and CSA C22.2 No. 130 standards. 877/642-5245; www.powerblanket.com.

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Parker Hannifin Introduces Chelsea Wet Spline PTO

The Chelsea line of Wet Spline PTOs from Parker Hannifin features non-rotatable and rotatable wet spline pump flanges that provide a continuous fresh oil bath at the mating point of the PTO and pump shaft. The cushion of oil eliminates spline fretting and can increase shaft life by a factor of 10. Oil in the wet spline can be flushed and refilled during regular transmission flushing, eliminating the need for frequent grease maintenance. 662/895-1011; www.parker.com.


Vac-Con Introduces Natural-Gas Powered Truck

The Compressed Natural Gas truck by Vac-Con features a CNG-powered auxiliary-mounted engine that powers the truck’s water system. The combination high-pressure water and vacuum cleaning system is mounted on a Freightliner Business Class M2 112V CNG chassis. The truck has an Allison 3000RDLS transmission and 2,500-square-inch windshield for enhanced visibility. 888/491-5762; www.vac-con.com.


Garlock Offers SGi Shaft Grounding Bearing Isolator

The SGi shaft grounding bearing isolator from Garlock Sealing Technologies is designed to protect bearings from electrical damage, lubricant loss and contamination, combining the GUARDIAN non-sparking bronze labyrinth seal and AEGIS shaft grounding ring in a single unit. 800/448-6688; www.garlock.com.


Flo Trend Introduces Front Loader De-Gritting System

The Front Loader De-Gritting System from Flo Trend features a gum-rubber-lined, steel body hydrocyclone with a front loader container filter. Underflow from the hydrocyclone and concentrated wet grit is discharged into the container filter, allowing water to pass through and exit the discharge ports on the bottom of the unit. 713/699-0152; www.flotrend.com.


Sioux Introduces Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner

The Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner from Sioux Corp. uses steam to clean drill pipes and down-hole tools. Mud and oil removed from the drill pipe falls back into the well, preventing soil from contamination. The unit consists of a steam cleaner and collar with multiple nozzles that mount on the wellhead. The system provides hot, pressurized water to the collar, which is mounted inline between the blowout preventer and rotary table. The unit produces 320-degree F pressured water at 250 psi. 888/763-8833; www.sioux.com.


Produced Water Solutions Introduces Chemical-Free Water Treatment

The ECOFRAC chemical-free water treatment system from Produced Water Solutions Inc. is made to treat high volumes of water used in the hydraulic fracturing process. The mobile, low-energy, chemical-free process treats water prior to injecting, reducing the amount of chemicals added to the subsurface. 303/215-9595; www.produced-water.net.


Telogis Introduces Scalable Fleet Management Platform

Fleet 8 scalable GPS fleet management software from Telogis features dynamic traffic and weather data, enabling fleet managers to make informed real-time routing and allocation decisions. Advanced tracking tools help companies with vehicles that travel through multiple states. Multiple vehicle histories allow users to view the current and historical status of multiple vehicles in a single window. A fuel card module helps manage and record fuel card transactions. 866/835-6447; www.telogis.com.


Griffin Offers Wellpoint Dewatering System

Wellpoint dewatering systems from Griffin Pump and Equipment are available with 1.5- or 2-inch PVC or stainless steel screen. Swingjoints are constructed of flexible reinforced hose with a clear elbow for viewing flow through the system. The system is available with 4- through 10-inch pumps. 866/770-8100; www.griffinpump.com.


Cougar Vibration Offers Truck Vibrators

The DC-3200 truck vibrator from Cougar Vibration is designed for dump trucks with a 10- to 15-yard capacity, live-bottom tandem dump trucks that carry 15-30 yards, as well as vacuum trucks. The unit delivers 4,000 vibration cycles per minute with 3,200 pounds of force. 800/262-2106; www.cougarindustries.com.


CertainTeed Offers PVC Pipe Joining System

The Certa-Lok Yelomine PVC temporary pipe joining system from CertainTeed is made for trenchless construction, potable water, sewer and mining applications. The system uses a high-strength spline with elastometric O-ring to connect lengths of pipe. Leak-resistant and quick to assemble, the system is impact resistant. 610/341-7328; www.certainteed.com.


Tote Offers Portable Liquid Tanks

The 350-gallon, stainless steel portable tank from Tote Systems holds the equivalent of seven, 55-gallon drums. Tanks have a 22-inch drum cover with 3-inch fusible vent, 2-inch bung plug, 2-inch reduced port ball valve with Teflon seats and reverse locking handle. Measuring 42 inches long, 48 inches wide and 47 3/4 inches tall, other features of the UN/DOT-certified tanks include 6-inch clearance from tank bottom to floor, 1/4-inch radius corner combination lifting lug and stacking positioners. A 550-gallon tank is available. 888/535-8683; www.totetank.com.

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