New equipment for gas, oil and mining support service contractors abounds at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International

The 31st Annual Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International closed a four-year run in Louisville with 3,644 companies, cities and utilities represented and 8,286 total attendees. The Expo moves to Indianapolis for 2012, running Feb. 27 to March 1 at the Indiana Convention Center.

The 2011 Expo offered a full slate of educational seminars spread over three days and included 477 exhibits of new and familiar products and technologies. Here is a sampling of the new offerings on display for support service contractors in the gas, oil and mining industries:



Mobile decontamination trailers from Ameri-Can Engineering come in a standard range of sizes from 16 to 32 feet, but have been custom-built up to 48 feet for specific applications. Workers enter the dirty room at the back of the trailer and remove clothing and gear in the closed area, which maintains negative air pressure, changes the air seven times per hour and uses HEPA filtration. Workers then move to the central shower area, where water is collected and filtered before discharge, then dress in the heated and air conditioned clean room at the front of the trailer, which includes lockers, clothes hooks and seating. Water in the 2.5-gpm (20 psi) shower is heated with LP gas or electricity and maintains a constant 107 degrees F. 574/892-5151;



Art Co. showed a custom-built 20-foot restroom trailer with one stall and two urinals in the men’s side and three stalls in the women’s side. The trailer is built in 10-, 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-foot sizes, or custom lengths, and features unibody undercoated steel frame construction, aluminum sheet exterior, integral skirting, hydraulic levelers and DOT safety and LED exterior lights. The trailer features hands-free faucets, pushbutton-flush toilets, standard slide-out steps and maple cabinetry, pocket doors and crown molding, all stained in an oak color. For durability, the units feature laminate walls, solid-surface countertops with integrated sink, vinyl plank flooring with a hardwood look, trash can and integrated soap dispensers. The trailer also includes heat, air conditioning and a 725-gallon waste tank with room for an optional 200-gallon freshwater tank in the utility room. 269/435-4278;



The CAP-RECY sewer cleaner from Cappellotto recycles jetting water as it cleans the pipe. The system reduces refills for clean water, limiting cleaning downtime.

The truck can work without shutting off secondary lines and can operate with high water volume in sewers. Multistep filtration removes impurities from recycled water and safeguards the high-pressure water pump.



Century Chemical Corp. introduced a water-soluble toss-in restroom deodorant packet featuring GrapeBurst odor-control technology. The non-formaldehyde product is safe for users and the environment and improves portion control for technicians in the field, saving time and wasted product. The film dissolves in one minute, dispersing fragrance, dye and chemical to fight odors for seven days. 800/348-3505;



BioFORCE bacteria-based urinal blocks from Chempace Corp. are designed to replace chlorobenzene-based products. The blocks are sold in 50-unit pails and come in a variety of fragrances and sizes to work effectively between two and four weeks. Salt has been added to the blocks to help prevent freezing in restrooms in winter months. 800/423-5350;



Curry Supply Co. displayed its CurryVac oil field vacuum truck. Stock tank sizes include 80, 100, 110, and 120 barrels. Tank shell and baffles are made of 1/4-inch steel (5/16-inch available) with 5/16-inch steel ASME flanged and dished tank head. Other features include 3/16-inch steel Badgerlined bolt-on fenders with storage tray, 4-inch loading and unloading ports with brass valves, sight glasses, 25-inch top and rear manway lids, rear hose hooks, heavy-duty oil field rear bumper with tow ring and choice of Masport, Jurop and Fruitland pumps. Options include stainless steel tank and tank sizes, work lights, toolboxes, heavy-duty oil field front bumper, brush guards, strobe light packages, heated ports and additional loading ports. 800/345-2829;



Fergus Power Pump Inc. showed a new centrifuge dewatering system designed to efficiently separate solids from wastewater. Utilizing polymers, the biosolids are fed through a Pierailisi Giant 2 centrifuge with an outside bolt turning at 2,200 rpm, with the water spinning to the outside of the unit and the solids conveyed through the auger at the center. The company rebuilds both centrifuge and belt press dewatering systems that process 50 to 400 gpm of sludge. The unit on display was mounted on a 53-foot semi trailer. 800/243-7584;



The Glacier portable restroom from Five Peaks Technology adds smooth single-wall construction to a standard Aspen model and a new hair cell finish to the polyethylene formulation to promote easier cleaning and make the unit more graffiti-resistant. With heavier sheet stock, the unit gains 14 pounds to weigh 150 pounds. Like the Aspen, the unit features a coat hook, hover handle, corner shelf, gender signage, three-roll paper holder and a 65-gallon tank. 231/830-8099;



Flo Trend Systems Inc. displayed its Sludge Mate container filter, used with polymer to dewater grease trap waste, septic tank waste, digested sludge and alum sludge. Polymer is mixed with the waste before processing in the dewatering trailer. Filters retain the solids and allow water to pass through and out the drainage ports. Sludge is ready for disposal after 12 to 24 hours. The trailer-mounted unit can be equipped with a tarp, roof with hatchways or an open top. All units are offered with or without the Poly-Mate Polymer Mixing and Injection System. Dewatering units range from 5 to 40 cubic yards and can process from 5,000 to 40,000 gpd. A variety of trailer sizes, hydraulics, brakes and hitch configurations are available. 800/762-9893;



The Guzzler NX vacuum truck from Guzzler Mfg. has been redesigned to enhance productivity and achieve a more attractive price. The cyclone and baghouses are configured together to maximize efficiency and reduce overall weight. An increased filter area and offline cleaning extend bag life while forcing carryover back to the debris tank. Seventy-two 70-inch bags provide a low 4:1 air-to-cloth ratio, keeping the system clean and filtered for reliable performance and high productivity. The truck carries a Robuschi blower delivering 5,435 cfm with vacuum capability to 28 inches Hg. The blower, combined with simple air routing, makes more air available at the hose inlet and so moves more material. The large blower lets users load more material at a lower engine rpm, conserving fuel and reducing noise. The truck has a Tested Operating Sound Level of 88.9 dB per SAE J1372 test. 815/672-3171;



Heritage Truck Equipment introduced its latest steel-tank vacuum truck. Also available in aluminum or stainless steel, tank sizes range from 2,000 to 5,000 gallons. Other features include steel, aluminum or stainless steel hose trays, interior full baffles (minimum two per tank), full-length double-leg sills with 2-inch grooved rubber cushion, custom rear bumpers, custom work and strobe light packages, custom toolboxes (steel, aluminum or stainless steel), interior and exterior tank coatings, electronic load level gauges with LED display (float or sonar), split tanks with freshwater wash-down pumps, custom paint, decals and lettering. 330/699-4491;



Imperial Industries Inc. introduced its Department of Transportation, ASME-certified vacuum tank truck. Mounted on a 2011 Freightliner M2 106 chassis, the 3,200-gallon 407/412 DOT steel tank with 21-inch manway features a three-stage hoist with full-opening rear door and heavy-duty rear bumper. Other features include rollover protection, aluminum hose trays, arrow level indicator, four-step ladder on tank and two-step slide-out ladder on the frame. The tank has a catwalk with rail, 4-inch intake and 6-inch discharge, right-angle-driven vacuum pump (Masport liquid-cooled HXL400WV) and LED light package. The chassis has an 18,000-pound front axle and 40,000-pound rear axle. The truck is powered by a Cummins ISC 8.3-liter engine mounted to a Fuller 10-speed transmission. The air-ride cab has high-back driver and passenger seats, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and locks, tilt steering window and sound system. 800/558-2945;



The water-soluble Liquid Pack non-formaldehyde packets from J & J Chemical Co. dissolve instantly and provide seven days of protection from odors in portable restroom holding tanks. The packets currently come in a mulberry fragrance, but other scents will be added. The product is sold 75 packets per bag, 300 packets per case, and is designed to improve portion control and cost effectiveness. 800/345-3303;



The 2011 lowering ADA trailer from JAG Mobile Solutions features the popular Cottage interior and was presented with an 18-foot-long cabin and 22-foot total length. The entire unit lowers hydraulically and uses a drop tank design with a 425-gallon waste tank serving the ADA unit at the rear of the trailer. The unit has a fiberglass laminated exterior, stainless steel piano door hinges and a continuous axle for durability. Another innovation is new gender placards allowing restrooms to be earmarked for men or women to suit the demands of specific special events. The trailer is equipped for winter use and a central storage room houses a spare tire, 200-gallon freshwater tank and has room to stow the ADA ramp. 800/815-2557;



The Vacuumarator macerating pump from Norwegian manufacturer Jets Standard AS will liquefy and convey toilet waste 10 feet up and long horizontal distances to make it suitable for use in restroom trailer construction. One pump can move the waste from five toilets, using a quarter-gallon of water and 30 gallons of fresh air to move waste through the macerating knife and into a holding tank. The unit is used in many mobile bathroom applications, including ships and trailers and in other military settings in Europe and the U.S. Contractors Outlet Group distributes the pump in the U.S. 800/789-1212;



Aquamat automatic tank cleaners from Hammelmann remove deposits including hardened materials from inner tank walls at pressures up to 21,750 psi. A wide range of nozzle arms in various lengths and shapes enable the tools to suit numerous applications and tank sizes. Units can be fitted with one or two arms. The nozzle arms rotate from the reaction force of the waterjets at each end. This rotational motion is transferred through a built-in drive and reduction gear that rotates the cleaner around its vertical axis. By rotating on two axes, the waterjets can reach all parts of the tank interior. 937/859-8777;



The Baron industrial vacuum truck from Keith Huber combines the safety and deep vacuum power of a liquid ring pump with high airflow and quiet operation. It fills a need for highway transportation of larger payloads.

The truck offers high power with innovative vacuum and filtration technology in an operator-friendly package that is conservatively priced. The liquid ring pump makes it safe to use in pumping hydrocarbons. The unit’s light weight allows for larger payloads. A standard remote control allows operation away from the control cabinet. 228/832-0992;



Masport unveiled the VK650 fan-cooled vacuum pressure pump. The unit features automatic oil at all working levels and end-thrust protection to prevent rotor-to-endcover contact. The integrated oil tank holds up to one gallon of oil. Other features include an integral valve that allows the pump to operate in vacuum and pressure mode, posi-lock handle for secure positioning, integrated inlet filter and steel filter for longer life. The pump delivers up to 23 inches continuous vacuum or 27 inches of intermittent vacuum. It has heavy-duty bearings, flushing port and a vane inspection port. 800/228-4510;



The 225 Series high-pressure waterjetting systems from NLB Corp. are built around the company’s Model 225 convertible pump with quick-change, inline fluid end design and fewer parts for increased efficiency and simpler maintenance. A simple conversion kit allows it to operate at pressures between 8,000 to 40,000 psi. Internal gearing eliminates pulleys and belts, substantially reducing the pump’s overall footprint. The forged steel crankshaft is mounted in heavy-duty bearings. Drive pinion output shafts on both sides allow for opposite-hand drive. The trailered unit comes with four-wheel electronic brakes, full DOT lighting package, and heavy-duty axles. All operating controls, including the pressure compensating bypass valve and pressure gauge with snubber, are mounted on a separate accessory manifold for additional protection. Power ratings range from 200 to 300 hp. 248/624-5555;



Nuhn Industries Ltd. introduced its Magnum 400 and Magnum 600 oil-injection, rotary vane vacuum pumps. The 400-cfm pump has a maximum vacuum of 28 inches Hg, 3-inch outlet, automatic oil-injection pump and operating speed of 750 to 1,150 rpm. The pump has five carbon fiber vanes, measures 23 inches tall, 29.5 inches long and 17 inches wide. The 600-cfm pump has a 4-inch outlet and an operating speed of 850 to 1,150 rpm. The pump measures 27.5 inches tall, 34.375 inches long and 29.75 inches wide. 877/837-7323;



The PFT-PCH/3000 transmission from OMSI Transmissions is designed for trucks from 26 to 42 tons and offers torque-mechanical drive of 30,000 Nm, torque-hydrostatic drive of 9,200 Nm, and power-pump output of 380 kW. The transmission has multiple outputs available, including a creep drive for high-rail vehicle applications. The reduction box has a mounting flange for a hydraulic motor that connects to a pump operated by the diesel engine or from the transmission, permitting the conversion, in a working load at low speed, of the vehicle’s traction from mechanical to hydrostatic. A wide range of ratios up to 14.6 allows very low speed and the opportunity to use a small-displacement hydro motor or electric motor, keeping a high-output torque during hydrostatic drive. 330/405-7300;



The Piccadilly Poly from Piccadilly Concepts is designed to resemble an English phone booth, with windowpane graphics on the front panel and 2- by 4-foot flat areas on all sides for additional graphics or advertising, and 6- by 24-inch logo panels on each side. The unit comes in a red exterior or custom colors on orders of 100 units. The majority of the unit is blow-molded, with a thermoformed roof and rotomolded skid. The unit features an oversized mirror, hover handle, door latch, four hinges embedded in the door jamb, a corner shelf, a 65-gallon holding tank and extruded corner pieces that give the interior a finished appearance. The restroom is 44 by 48 inches and weighs 195 pounds. A channel was molded into the upper panel to allow contractors to run standard rope lighting around the inside of the roof. 630/779-2696;



The HandStand hand-wash station from PolyJohn Enterprises Corp. now comes with a larger sink basin and a higher sink tap for specific special event applications such as near food vending operations where utensils are washed. The HandStand model retains its 17-gallon freshwater, 20-gallon graywater capacities, foot pump, soap and towel dispensers and integrated wheels and handle for easier transport. It also features an integrated drain hose to easily release graywater into floor drains. 800/292-1305;



The Hand Wet-Wipe Station from PolyPortables Inc. provides dual wet-wipe rolls that are antibacterial, non-alcoholic and provide washing as well as hand-sanitizing to clean hands. The base of the unit houses a waste container and storage compartment for up to six rolls of hand wipes. The unit is designed for school gymnasiums, special events and emergency relief. The side panels allow for slide-in advertising cards. The unit weighs 42 pounds when filled with wipe rolls. 800/241-7951;



Ravens Sales & Service, a division of Kruz Inc., displayed its dewatering trough and door for on-site dewatering. Adaptable to existing equipment, a kit or custom installation is available. The system features three 4-inch discharge fittings, replaceable filter media in stainless steel assembly and sliding stainless metering door. 574/772-6673;



The 512 model restroom trailer from Rich Restrooms is designed for heavy-duty use at construction and industrial sites. The 12-foot trailer has a rugged fiberglass exterior and full winter package. The interior of men’s and women’s rooms – each with one stool (and a waterless urinal on the men’s side) – features diamond plate wainscoting, stainless steel sinks, wall heaters, insulated waste tank, full thermal wrap around the exterior and roof, interior access to the mechanical room and onboard freshwater tank. The trailer features a new hitch that swings up and secures to the front of the trailer to lower freight costs, provide easier access to the 3-inch dump valve and eliminate a tripping hazard. 260/593-2279;



Satellite Industries Inc. has rebranded its Safe T Fresh line of odor-control products and introduced three new formulations of Quick Tabs restroom tank deodorizers. The new product uses triple molecular technology, including a perfume technology, a multibiocides system and an odor-neutralizing complex for optimal control. The tabs come in three formulas – regular, event and extreme – so customers can choose the strength they need for any situation. The tabs are designed to provide good effervescence, dissolve rapidly in water or brine, give an instant blast of fresh floral fragrance, and last for a typical seven-day service cycle. The product comes in 48 tabs per bag, 240 tabs per case. 800/328-3332;



SludgeNET Dewatering Systems Inc. displayed its 40-foot, aluminum tandem dewatering trailer, capable of processing up to 60,000 gallons of sludge, depending on percentage of solids. One trailer typically can process between 35,000 and 40,000 gallons of sludge, or the equivalent of five to six liquid tankers. The unit features a flowmeter and custom-designed sludge pump and polymer system that can fill a trailer at the rate of 100 to 400 gpm. Hoses hook directly to the digester and pump sludge through the meter into the top of the trailer. Water drains out the trailer through hoses and into the lift station. Sludge can be hauled directly to the landfill. Multiple trailers can be connected to dewater larger plants. 281/426-5494;



To adapt to new laws controlling wastewater runoff from portable restrooms, TSF Co. Inc. introduces a restroom containment tray. The tray is constructed of 3/16-inch-thick rotomolded polyethylene for durability and is designed for a universal fit with all standard restrooms. The tray comes in black or safety orange colors. 812/985-2630;



Grundowinch hydrostatic constant-tension winches from TT Technologies are designed for variable conditions in below-grade work. All models have protective cable storage and are available with an air-cooled diesel or gasoline engine and an adjustable boom system. These portable units are suited for applications including pipe bursting, sliplining, pipe pulling, underground cable pulling and swage lining. Constant tension means any cable slack is immediately sensed and quickly taken up automatically. Permanent documentation of the pull is available in an optional chart recorder that prints out a copy of the job’s tensions. Firm anchoring is achieved with prop legs in front and extended angled legs with cutting feet in the rear. Stow-away wheel chocks are included. 630/851-8200;



The AllJetVac combination sewer cleaner from Vacall uses a three-stage fan system for high vacuum performance and reliability at reduced cost. The vacuum and jetting system lets users cost-effectively open clogged sewer lines and remove debris. The AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system lets operators make precise adjustments in boom movement. Units are available with 6- to 12-cubic-yard debris tanks and 1,000- to 1,500-gallon water tanks. The 8-foot 6-inch extending boom has 320-degree rotation. Blower and water pump choices include an 85-gpm/2,000-psi water pump with 30-minute run-dry guarantee. 330/339-2211;



To freshen the environment around waste vacuum trucks, Walex Products Co. introduces the Vacu-Fresh pump exhaust deodorizer system. The aluminum box is threaded onto the vacuum tank pump system and the unit is charged with a gallon of Vacu-Fresh deodorizer through the topside fill port. The chamber contains bioballs that aid in the exhaust filtration before the exhaust is emitted. A charge fights malodor for up to a month, at which point the deodorizer is drained and replaced. 800/338-3155;



The model 1604LNi high airflow rotary vane Wallenstein pump from Elmira Machine Industries Inc., runs at 1,000 rpm and pulls 28 inches, 800 cfm at 15 inches Hg. The pump runs quietly and stays cool with a dual cooling feature incorporating a coolant-circulating system that draws heat away from the pump and an air injection feature that sends a blast of cold air inside the pump housing. In winter, the chiller can be routed to the heater core in the cab to prevent cold starting. The pump was displayed on a Vacutrux Envirotrux with a 4,300-gallon tank, full-open rear door and a boom system. 800/801-6663;

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