Tank truck manufacturers provide the power and capacity to load and carry the most demanding oil field sludge, mining slurries and semisolid materials

When it comes to sucking up slurry, excavating around pipelines or carrying corrosive cargo, you need a tank and pump combination to safely and efficiently get the job done. Here’s a look at some of the many options available, from lightweight and corrosion-resistant tanks to the most powerful pumps, blowers, hydroexcavating units, hydraulic hoists and time-saving accessories.


Advance Pump & Equipment Inc.

The Advance Industrial line of vacuum tanks from Advance Pump & Equipment Inc. are available in aluminum or stainless steel and feature NVE 4310 blowers (850 cfm and 27 inches Hg). Other features include combination front-mounted hoist cylinder, vibrator and full-opening rear door with rubberized wing-nut closures. The truck has lightweight, polished aluminum hose trays for greater payload capacity, stainless steel tray supports, heavy-duty rear bumper with steps, stainless steel splash pan and tow hook, LED sealed lighting system, rear halogen work lights with “on in reverse” wiring, internal primary pipe for a clean look, full-length bed liner and in-cab stainless steel control console. 877/557-7867; www.advancepump.com.

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Advanced Tank Systems Inc.

The 60-barrel (2,500 gallons), one-compartment Matador vacuum tank truck from Advanced Tank Systems Inc. is built on an International Model 440, 33,000-pound GVW chassis with 4400 automatic transmission. The tank features 5/16-inch shell and heads and is epoxy coated on the inside for longer life. It has 20-inch manways top and rear, 4-inch inlet and 6-inch discharge in the rear with rear and front passenger-side riser pipes. Other features include Betts slider valves, Masport HXL 400 water-cooled pump system with deodorizer, full-length aluminum hose troughs on each side of the tank, hot-shift PTO and LED lights with two work lights in the rear. 410/752-5411; www.advancedtanksystems.com.


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Allied Tank Co.

The VT Series of vacuum tank trucks from Allied Tank Co. are available in aluminum or stainless steel with aluminum hose trays and cabinetry. Sizes range from 35 barrels (1,500 gallons) to 130 barrels (5,500 gallons) in straight trucks and trailers up to 165 barrels (7,000 gallons). Allied’s 130-barrel truck with Kenworth tri-axle chassis has a 78,000 GVW. A variety of Masport pumps or NVE blowers are available. Features include water-resistant, heated custom-sized cabinets, onboard washdown and pressure washer systems. The trucks offer full-opening rear, hydraulic lift systems or roll-off assemblies. Multiple compartment or external supply tanks, radio-based remote control packages and additional suction or pressure ports are available. Additional features include SeeLevel external digital tank volume readout and Airweigh system to calculate weight on the axles. 800/355-1300; www.alliedtank.com.


Bosserman Aviation Equipment Inc.

Vacuum tank trucks from Bosserman Aviation Equipment Inc. have proximity switches for interlocking cabinets, valves, gates or doors that indicate if an item is in use. Pressure transducers installed at the pump or blower indicate how much pressure or vacuum is on the system when the vacuum truck is in use. Ultrasonic level systems provide a mechanical-device-free look at tank levels regardless of the liquid or solid being hauled. Data logging devices, GPS tracking, automated text messaging or data transmission enable the home office to view operator status. 419/396-6256; www.bossermanaviationequip.com.

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Crescent Tank Mfg.

The rectangular vacuum tank from Crescent Tank Mfg. features a low-profile design for a lower center of gravity, freeing up bed space for hauling pipe, welding equipment, additional water tanks or other equipment. Liquid waste is held in the rectangular tank with freshwater in a separate poly tank. The vacuum tank can be configured for any combination of waste and water or recovery oil with volumes from 2 to 48 barrels (100 to 2,000 gallons). 585/657-4104; www.crescent-tank.com.


Dragon Products

The Super Lightweight non-code 130-barrel (5,460 gallons) vacuum tanker from Dragon Products is designed for maximum capacity with less chance of being overweight when carrying non-hazardous oil field fluids and materials. Weighing in at 14,620 pounds, the tanker is nearly 4,000 pounds lighter than the company’s comparable Super Duty steel tanker. Weight savings is achieved through the unit’s 3/16-inch shell. Aluminum hose pads on both sides shed additional pounds, while overall integrity is maintained through the use of 1/4-inch heads, 1/4-inch baffles, full-length padded frame and eight 3/8- by 2 1/2-inch external rolled stiffener rings. The tanker has two manways on top and one on the rear head – all 21-inch domed style with plated swing bolts and wing nuts. The unit has a ball-type primary shutoff in the front manway and ball-type 12-gallon secondary with drain on the front driver’s side. Other features include 2-inch sight glasses in the front and rear head and three-point or four-spring suspension with eight Hutch 9700 low arch leaf springs and 22,500-pound axles. Air-ride suspension is available. 800/231-8198; www.dragonproductsltd.com.


GapVax Inc.

The HV56 Series hydroexcavator from GapVax Inc. is a multipurpose vacuum system designed for wet and dry use. The unit has a 15-cubic-yard debris body made from 1/4-inch ASTM A572 Grade 50 Exten steel. The positive displacement blower is rated at 5,300 cfm at 28 inches Hg. Water tank sizes range from 350 to 1,200 gallons with a water pressure rating of 1,000 to 4,000 psi and waterjet flow of 3 to 40 gpm. The fully opening tailgate is field adjustable with Sure Seal to prevent leakage. Easy access cleanouts with field-adjustable components and 25-foot boom are standard. Options include auger unloading system, sludge pump, liquid level load indicator, Hi-Rail system, water heater, extra toolboxes and additional work lights. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.


Heritage Truck Equipment

The 110-barrel (4,620 gallons) steel vacuum tank from Heritage Truck Equipment features 1/4-inch SA-36 walls, 5/16-inch flanged and dished heads, three interior reinforced baffles with crawl hole, full-length formed double leg sills with 2-inch no-slip grooved rubber cushion, industrial-coated steel trays with hose tie-downs and polished steel trim. Other features include industrial-coated tank carriage and lower sides, rear-mounted dual oversize hose hangers, Fruitland RCF500 vacuum pump Eliminator package with integrated filter, 12-inch low-profile primary shutoff with 3-inch hose connection and 10-gallon secondary moisture trap with 3-inch hose connection. The tank also has top- and rear-access manways, heavy-duty rear bumper with storage compartments, center pull ring and cable straps, stainless steel tray-mounted toolbox, epoxy interior tank coating, heated vale collars, dual rear center and front side 4-inch load/discharge valves, 4-inch inspection port on top, three 5-inch rear sight glasses, 1-inch front-mounted sight glass, SeeLevel tank volume indicator, tank access ladders on both sides and multicolor strobe light package. 330/699-4491; www.heritagetruck.com.


KeeVac Industries Inc.

The Oil Field Unit 4,200-gallon vacuum truck with aluminum tank from KeeVac Industries Inc. features a .26-inch 5454-H32 aluminum alloy shell. The head is .3558-inch 5454 aluminum alloy flanged and AMSE dished. The tank has three baffles and two 20-inch manways. Other features include 4-inch inlet, 6-inch dump and 400-cfm (vacuum/pressure) NVE 866 vacuum pump with primary shutoff. The tank is mounted on a 2011 Freightliner chassis with 450-hp engine, 10-speed transmission, 20,000-pound front axle and 44,000-pound rear axle (including differential lock). The truck has heated valves, pusher axle, LED lighting and heavy-duty rear bumper. 866/789-9440; www.keevac.com.


Ledwell & Son

The Hurricane 900 tractor-mounted, liquid-cooled unit from Ledwell & Son is designed to vacuum heavy sludges and semisolids for an extended period of time. The 130-barrel (5,460 gallons) transport trailer features quick-dump off-loading capability with hydraulically operated, full-opening rear door. Other features include front tank hoist and door-mounted, full-length auger. Both the Hurricane 900 and transport trailer can be certified to ASME/DOT 412 specifications. 903/838-6531; www.ledwell.com.


Marsh Industrial

Septic service and DOT hazardous truck and trailer-mounted units from Marsh Industrial feature carbon, stainless steel and aluminum tanks. All tank seams are welded inside and out with an automatic exterior weld for a smooth look. Lighting packages are sealed to resist corrosion. Baffles are mounted on stress-relief pads. Other features include hydraulic hoist with full-opening rear door, heavy-duty stay bolts and safety prop. A complete line of PTO or hydraulically driven vacuum pumps and high-capacity blowers are available, along with a variety of jetters and pressure washers. 800/952-1537; www.marshind.com.


Pik Rite Inc.

Vacuum tanks and trailers from Pik Rite Inc. (28-131 barrels; 1,000-5,500 gallons) feature 12-inch, low-profile primary shutoff with stainless steel float ball, internal piping from primary to secondary trap, 20-inch top manway, 20-inch rear manway with 6-inch discharge valve and camlock fittings, secondary shutoff with stainless steel float ball and frame-mounted final filter and cleanable oil catch muffler. Other features include vacuum and pressure relief valves, 4-inch liquid-filled vacuum/pressure gauge, four 5-inch sight glasses, 4-inch removable intake with valve and camlock fittings, sample port with 3/4-inch ball valve, LED light package, full-length hose trays, hose hooks and backup alarm. Units also have heated valve jackets, toolboxes and heavy-duty bumpers. 800/326-9763; www.pikrite.com.


Presvac Systems Ltd.

Power Vac truck or trailer-mounted units from Presvac Systems Ltd. are designed to collect, transport and dump a range of hazardous liquids, sludges or slurries. Features include tri-lobe blowers with airflow capacities of 500 to 1,600 cfm available with acoustically attenuating enclosure. All blowers are capable of 27 inches Hg vacuum (367 inches or 30.6 feet of water column) and able to run for extended periods to draw materials for horizontal distances and vertical pulls with the aid of injected air. Blowers are driven by either belt or piston-style hydraulic pump and motor combination to minimize heat generation. Hydraulic-drive systems have soft stop to eliminate shock loading. The units are available in carbon or stainless steel and are designed to meet ASME pressure standards with a maximum internal pressure retention of 35 psi. Aluminum units are available for non-hazardous materials. Tank sizes range from 12 to 190 barrels (500-8,000 gallons) with tipping hoist system. Options include manual and six-way hydraulically powered loading booms, top manway with ladder, walkway and safety enclosure, sampling or dip port, high-pressure washdown with 70-gallon water tank, heated valves and hydraulically powered transfer pumps. 800/387-7763; www.presvac.com.


Rush Refuse Systems

The 2011-2012 Model 388 Peterbilt vacuum truck from Rush Refuse Systems with 110-barrel (4,700 gallons) Pik Rite Inc. tank features a Cummins ISX 15 500-hp engine, 1,850 ft-lb of torque, engine brake, 18-speed transmission, 20,000-pound front axle and 46,000-pound rear axle. Other features include full-locking rear differential, Bendix automatic traction control, 20,000-pound steerable pusher, aluminum wheels, cab air suspension, dual 24-inch exhaust stacks, dual stainless steel 13-inch air cleaners, polished stainless steel front bumper with heavy-duty tow eye, CD player and four Hadley air horns. The carbon-steel tank has an epoxy-coated interior, Jurop LC-420 vacuum pump (424 cfm), 20-inch top and rear manways, polished aluminum hose trays, LED lights, heated valves, sample port, aluminum toolbox, butterfly valves and camlocks, overflow port, four sight glasses and heavy-duty rear bumper. 877/661-4511; www.rushrefusesystems.com.


Satellite Industries Inc.

High tensile-steel vacuum tanks from Satellite Industries Inc. are abrasion resistant and designed for off-road applications. Available in 38- to 143-barrel (1,600-6,000 gallons) models, options include hoists and full-opening rear doors. Pump options range from rotary vane vacuum pumps to high vacuum blowers. Storage options are available in aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. 800/328-3332; www.satelliteindustries.com.



The Eliminator 5500 biosolids applicator from Stahly has a 450-hp engine and Allison automatic or manual transmission mounted on a Navistar high-flotation chassis. The interior of the 131-barrel (5,500 gallons), 78-inch diameter, 5/16-inch carbon steel tank and its components are coated with Tinemac corrosion treatment. Other features include a NVE Challenger model 65, 375-cfm pump with 8 psi and 3-inch secondary. Options include diesel flush pump kit, 5-inch sight glasses and stainless steel float-ball level indicators, 12-inch tank primary with stainless steel ball and seat, two 25-inch manways with greaseable turn-wheels, full-welded 6- to 80-inch Schedule 80 plumbing, 6-inch air-operated knife valves and 6-inch backup valves. The unit has an optional rear spray deflector or injection toolbar with or without monitoring capabilities and/or variable-rate GPS controller. 800/678-2459; www.stahly.com.


Super Products LLC

The Supersucker vacuum truck from Super Products LLC offers high-power airflow to convey solids, liquids, sludges and slurries through suction lines up to 8 inches in diameter. Measuring 35 feet long, 12 feet high and 8 feet wide, the unit features positive displacement vacuum pumps with ductile iron impellers and high temperature seals for airflow from 5,000 to 6,000 cfm and 0-28 inches Hg. Single-mode filtration enables the loading of wet or dry material with no changeover required. The reverse air pulsation system continuously cleans the 60 snap-ring type, acrylic-coated filter bags. Offering 18-cubic-yard payload capacity, the unit features 1/4-inch steel construction throughout the body and filter chambers. Other features include a telescopic, double-acting cylinder with 51-degree dump angle. The body, baghouses and separator chamber hydraulically raise together. 800/837-9711; www.superproductscorp.com.


Supervac 2000

The SVHT6400 hydroexcavator from Supervac 2000 has a 3,000-gallon (71 barrel), carbon-steel debris tank, ASME/DOT 407-412 positive-displacement blower (6,400-cfm at 27 inches Hg), double-insulated polypropylene 1,250-gallon water tank, two cyclones and 6,500-cfm cartridge filter, 6,000-psi, 10-gpm water pump, 525,000 Btu 12-volt boiler, and 26-foot radius hydraulic boom. Other features include hydraulic door locks, insulated enclosure (less than 85 dba), recirculation water pump and 100-foot hydraulic hose reel. 866/839-5702; www.supervac2000.com.


Thompson Tank Inc.

The Model WT-SS/MS-5000-80000, 119-barrel (5,000 gallons) semi-trailer-mounted vacuum pressure unit from Thompson Tank Inc. is ASME/DOT 407-412 certified and stamped for 50 psi internal and full vacuum psi external MAWP (maximum allowable working pressure). Designed for handling flammable and corrosive waste, liquid and semisolids, the unit has primary and secondary float shutoff valves, centrifugal separator scrubber and vacuum-pressure regulator that prevents material from entering the vacuum-pressure pump assembly. All wetted parts are made of 316-ELC stainless steel with the tank wall made from 1/4-inch plate stainless steel. Other features include Thompson VC-565-M4R pump package driven by a Deutz D-914-L03 air-cooled diesel engine with Funk clutch reduction gear, made to continuously operate at 50 psi without overheating. Inlet and discharge assemblies are located at the rear, approximately 36 inches above ground level for easier hose assembly. Side-mounted catwalks designed for interior washout are available with OSHA-type safety rails and toe plates with rear access. 800/421-7545; www.thompsontank.com.


Truck Works Inc.

Aluminum, steel and stainless steel vacuum tanks from Truck Works Inc. are available in 24- to 119-barrel (1,000-5,000 gallons) capacities. Tanks include flanged and dished ASME-style heads and baffles. Tanks can be mounted on a truck chassis or skids for roll-off units. Roll-off tank sizes range up to 143 barrels (6,000 gallons). Pumps include engine-driven, air-cooled units or gasoline-powered vacuum systems. 602/233-3713; www.truckworksinc.com.


Wastequip Cusco

The Cusco Hydro-Trencher from Wastequip Cusco is designed for hydroexcavating around oil and gas pipelines, installing fiber optic cables, repairing utility lines or excavating in remote areas with limited access. The trencher uses hydroboring and vacuum to remove liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste. Features include cyclonic filtration technology, airflow ratings of 3,500 to 5,500 cfm and 28 inches Hg. The unit has a wash pump capable of 18 gpm at 3,000 psi and high-pressure waterjetting. Tank volume ranges from 71 to 83 barrels (3,000 to 3,500 gallons). Options include high-pressure wash system, stainless steel tank, heated valves, enclosed hot water burner system and storage cabinets/stand-up lockers. 800/490-3541; www.wastequip-cusco.com/products/liquid-waste-equipment/hydro-trencher-series.html.

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