The latest compressors and generators offer reliable power to keep off-the-grid worker camps and the tools behind exploration and extraction work humming along profitably

It takes a lot of power to get the job done on a remote well site. And powering up a worker camp in an off-the-grid location and keeping

it running smoothly is a major and relentless challenge. Manufacturers offer a sampling of their latest compressors and generators

to make sure tools don’t stand idle and workers have comfortable surroundings to perform vital exploration and extraction work:

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QSK 60 natural gas reciprocating generators from Aggreko and manufactured by Cummins Inc. range from 65 to 1,300 kW. Featuring emission-control engine technology, the generators have sound attenuation for quiet operation and a containment base to reduce the risk of fluid leakage. The modular design, standardized for 20-foot ISO containers, allows for easy transportation and flexible installation. Lean-burn technology makes units U.S. Environmental Protection Agency compliant. Other features include V-16 natural gas engine with turbocharging and low temperature after-cooling and EPA-approved paint color to minimize contrast to surrounding landscape. 877/603-6021;


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The Electric Drilling Package from United Engines Corp. includes a MTU Detroit Diesel Series 4000 engine with sturdy base frame design, belt-driven 55-degree C two-circuit radiator, fully integrated dual-stage air filtration, local operating panel with Murphy multicolor display, fuel pre-filter system and integrated customer connection points (front end). The Tier 2 engine offers 12-volt 4000-G73, 3B Prime Power with 1,105 kW plus 10 percent overload capability at 1,200 rpm. The LS6601-01 MTU generator is rated at 1,225 kW, 1,750 kVA at 0.7 PF, 1,200 rpm, 600 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Features include 176-degree F temperature rise at 122-degrees F ambient temperature, space heaters, stator temperature sensors and bearing temperature sensors, Reich coupling, expanded metal coupling guard and coupling removal without disabling generator. The fabricated frame is made from 1/2-inch A572 steel plate and has covered, integrated battery compartments, four 1 1/2-inch thick lift brackets and bolt-on radiator mounts. 800/955-3321;



The AIR N ARC 300 all-in-one power system from Vanair, available with gas or diesel engines, combines a 40-cfm rotary screw compressor, 7-kW generator, 300-amp welder and battery booster in one compact system. The self-contained unit can be mounted on a side-pack or behind the cab of the truck. The control panel can be remotely mounted for user convenience. 800/526-8817;

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Designed for extended-duty distributed generation and combined heat and power applications, G3512E and G3520E generator sets from Caterpillar Inc. have been updated with enhancements to the engine and generator systems and include the new engine control system. The 50-Hz Cat G3512E gas generator features a 20 percent improvement in power density over the previous model with a new output rating of 1,200 ekW at 0.8 pf (1,211 ekW at 1.0 pf). Full-load electrical efficiency has improved to 42.3 percent. The enhanced 50-Hz Cat G3520E offers an up-rate to 2,022 ekW at 8.8 pf (2,043 ekW at 1.0 pf) with an increase in full-load efficiency to 42.6 percent, while the 60-Hz version provides 2,009 ekW at 0.8 pf (2,026 ekW at 1.0 pf) with a full-load electrical efficiency of 42.2 percent. The latest engine design improvements reduce average oil consumption by 57 percent and recommended oil change intervals from 1,000 to 2,000 hours. 800/321-7332;



Designed as an air starter for large machinery, 1/2- to 1 1/4-inch impact wrenches and other pneumatic tools, the Predatair hydraulic air compressor from VMAC features a remote digital LCD control unit that monitors hydraulic and compressor oil temperature, pressure, system hours and error logs. Built-in freeze protection and an over-temp safety switch help ensure system life. The unit delivers up to 40 or 60 cfm and up to 150 psi (9-14 gpm required for 40-cfm unit and 13-20 gpm required for 60-cfm unit). The unit weighs 150 pounds and measures 16.25 inches wide, 24 inches long and 18 inches tall. 800/738-8622;



The XRVO 1550 Open Unit compressor from Atlas Copco’s Portable Air Division delivers 1,550 cfm at 365 psi, while the XRXO 1400 delivers 1,400 cfm at 435 psi. The open unit design offers higher capacity and higher pressure for faster drilling and increased productivity. The FuelXpert system optimizes fuel consumption through its electronic engine control module that regulates speed and air intake, while Oiltronix technology electronically controls oil temperature, extending the life of air-ends, compressor components and oil separator. It also reduces or eliminates condensate in the oil system and prevents overheating. 800/227-9144;



The single-stage, oil-free screw compressor from Aerzen USA Corp. is made for applications requiring less than 50 psig or 26-inches Hg vacuum. The positive displacement unit adapts immediately without special controls to the pressure swings that occur in many systems, such as pneumatic conveying, fluidizing and drying. Flow control is achieved by adjusting the speed of the compressor (adjustable speed drives: VFD, turbine or combustion engine with speed control). A 4:1 turndown can be achieved in many cases, with the primary limitation being excessive discharge temperature as a result of a drop in volumetric efficiency. The air-cooled unit delivers flows at 30 psig up to 9,000 icfm and at 50 psig up to 5,000 icfm. 610/380-0244;



C1000 centrifugal air compressors from Ingersoll Rand have a 4,500- to 7,500-cfm capacity with a pressure range of 85 to 150 psig. The units feature easy access to components, transverse-mounted, water-in-tube coolers that can be cleaned in place from either side. Other features include constant discharge pressure for reduced energy consumption, oil-free air, backward leaning impellers, CMC controller, vertically split casing and rigid base plate requiring no special foundation. 704/655-4000;



Bi-lobe (MB Series) and tri-lobe (ZG Series) blower packages from Eurus Blower are rated for 15-psig pressure or 15-inches Hg vacuum and provide airflows up to 3,950 cfm. The blowers have integral-shaft ductile iron impellers, dial-splash lubrication, oversized cylindrical roller bearings, piston ring air seals, lip-type Viton seals, and low vibration and noise. Features include high-efficiency integrated intake filter/silencer with washable polyurethane filter media, combination base and heavy-duty integrated discharge silencer for smaller footprint, V-belt drive and vibration dampeners. Options include motors up to 200 hp, check valve, safety valve, flexible connector and sound enclosure. 630/221-8282;



Designed for the on-demand power requirements of field maintenance mechanics, the Power Center 110 from Goodall Mfg. combines 4,000 watts of AC power, 170 amps welding power and 16.3 cfm of air power. Units are engineered to reduce the amount of space needed to fit inside service vehicles by 50 percent. 800/328-7730;

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