When it comes to moving slurry, recirculating drilling fluids or handling high heads, there’s a pump with the power and precision to get the job done

Downtime is not an option in the gas, oil and mining sectors. Whether your next job is dewatering mines, recirculating fluids or transferring sludge and slurry, here’s an assortment of equipment designed to keep you pumping.



The 6-inch, autoprime Primax CP150i pump set from AllightPrimax can handle up to 3-inch solids. Available in 316 stainless steel, 500 Bn high chrome steel and CD4MCu stainless steel, applications range from seawater transfer to the recirculation of fluids containing drill cuttings. The compressor priming system enables the pump to prime from a dry state with suction lifts up to 30 feet. The pump can be driven by diesel engines, hydraulic or electric motors. 703/519-4218; www.allightprimax.com.

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Hydraulic submersible pumps from BakerCorp are designed for high-suction lift applications, including dewatering mines, quarries and gravel pits. Ranging from four to eight inches and able to handle solids up to 7 inches in diameter, the pumps have an operating speed of up to 2,200 rpm and flow range up to 4,500 gpm. Features include unattended operation, rugged construction, variable speed and no electrical requirements. Biodegradable hydraulic oil minimizes environmental concerns. Safety features include high water temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns on diesel engines, as well as hydraulic system overpressure protection. 800/225-3712; www.bakercorp.com.


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Cat Pumps

Triethylene glycol (TEG) dehydration pumps from CAT PUMPS are designed to remove water from natural gas. Pumps can be electric/engine-driven, reducing hazardous air pollutants and lowering regulatory costs. Features include continuous-duty performance delivering 3.6 to 25 gpm at pressures from 100 to 2,500 psi and temperatures up to 240 degrees F. Options include brass or stainless steel manifold construction. 763/780-5440; www.catpumps.com.


Chandler Equipment

Jurop RV Series vacuum pumps and CEI packages from Chandler Equipment are designed for industrial and energy applications. Both the RV360 and RV520 are available in multiple drive configurations, including either gearbox, hydraulic or belt drive. The pumps operate at 73 dBA and 18 inches Hg. Both pumps have a recommended input speed of 1,100 to 1,300 rpm. The RV360 has an output of 360 cfm at free air and 332 cfm at 18 inches Hg. The RV520 has an output of 520 cfm at free air and 466 cfm at 18 inches Hg. 800/342-0887; www.chandlerequipment.com.

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Fluid Metering Inc.

The PDS-100 valveless pump, available in single- and dual-head configurations, from Fluid Metering Inc. uses a single ceramic piston that eliminates the need for check valves. The unit is designed to pump acids and solvents used in the leaching process as well as sulfuric acid used for selective extraction of metal from ore and minerals. The pump’s internal components are both chemically inert and wear-resistant. Dimensionally stable ceramic components maintain drift-free accuracy of better than 1 percent. Flow rates can be varied mechanically by changing piston displacement or electronically by varying pump speed. 800/223-3388; www.fmipump.com.


Fruitland Tool & Manufacturing

The Model ELIM-ASM Eliminator pump package from Fruitland Tool & Manufacturing features the low-oil-consumption RCF-500LUF vacuum pump with automated oiling system, vane gauging ports, steel lines, antishock design, three primary cooling phases and integral air-intake filter for both vacuum and pressure. Other features include a heavy-duty mounting bracket, gearbox, coupler, oil-catch muffler, pressure and vacuum relief and field-serviceable secondary shutoff. 800/663-9003; www.fruitland-mfg.com.


GIW Industries

The GIW high-volume froth (HVF) pump from GIW Industries is designed to work with slurry processes that use froth to help separate materials. The pump’s de-aeration system features a vented impeller and airlock venting to prevent airlock from the buildup of air bubbles at the pump entrance. Small holes in the center of the impeller allow air bubbles to pass through to a separate port. The port vents air up and out of the pump to normal atmospheric pressure. Any liquid that passes through the port is returned to the process tank. 888/832-4449; www.giwindustries.com.


Godwin Pumps

The HS150HH Heidra pump from Godwin Pumps features cast chromium steel impellers for pumping slurries and sludges. The hydraulic submersible pump has dry-run capabilities and can pass solids up to 1 3/8 inches in diameter. A semi-recessed impeller for sewage and up to 5-inch solids handling is available. Other features include pump bearings independent of hydraulic motor and a double mechanical seal design. The high-head pump has a 6-inch submersible hydraulic side-discharging pump and diesel-driven power pack. The variable-speed diesel engine enables the pump to deliver up to 1,450 gpm and 280 feet of total dynamic head. 856/467-3636; www.godwinpumps.com.


Gorman-Rupp Pumps

The Prime Aire Plus priming-assisted pump from Gorman-Rupp Pumps is configured for Tier IV engines and EISA electric motors. Available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch models, it can deliver up to 4,950 gpm, heads to 475 feet and handle up to 3-inch solids. Designed for both clear liquids and liquids containing large solids, features include externally adjustable running clearances on solids-handling models, integral seal oil chamber, ductile iron body and impeller, two lip seals and atmospheric vent for bearing protection, oil-lubricated bearings, fuel level monitoring system and the ability to fit other pumping installations. 419/755-1011; www.grpumps.com.


GPM Industries Inc.

Verderflex hose pumps from GPM Industries Inc. are designed to handle abrasive slurries or sheer sensitive materials. Only the hose comes in contact with the pump media. With no other component subject to abrasion, there are no mechanical seals to flush, maintain or replace. The hose consists of a thick, resilient inner soft rubber core and harder outer covering with nylon-braided reinforcement that can withstand up to 230 psi. The inner core acts to cushion any abrasive solids trapped during compression and reduce wear. All pumps are self-priming and can run dry. Sizes range up to 350 gpm. 888/476-7867; www.gpmind.com.


Griffin Pump & Equipment Inc.

Hydraulic submersible pumps from Griffin Pump & Equipment Inc. are available in axial flow and trash-handling models. Pumps range from four to 24 inches and can deliver up to 20,000 gpm and heads to 140 feet. The impellers handle up to 3-inch solids. Applications include open pumping, sumping, dewatering construction excavations and flood control. 866/770-8100; www.griffinpump.com.


Hammelmann Corp.

The horizontal mounting HDP 250 L pump from Hammelmann Corp. is built primarily for the deep mining industry. The five-plunger pump is particularly suitable for mineshaft hydraulic support systems. Features include stainless steel pump head, cross head piston bellows seal, choice of application-specific seal assemblies, solid ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers, bronze or stainless steel suction chamber, crankshaft supported by three bearings with twin helical speed-reducing gears, and pressurized oil lubrication system with oil cooler/filter. The pump has an operating pressure range of 1,000 to 43,500 psig, flow rate from 8.5 to 200 gpm and power rating of 335 hp. 800/783-4935; www.hammelmann.com.


JWC Environmental

The Macho Monster Model 70000 two-shafted grinder from JWC Environmental features an extra-large cutting chamber for processing high-volume solids in heavy-duty industrial dry-grinding applications. The unit has two rows of 10-inch diameter, 7/8-inch thick cutters for grabbing large debris and 4-inch diameter hex shaft. The grinder produces 20,000 pounds of cutting force at peak loads. Custom-designed cutters are available. The grinder’s slow-speed, high-torque design can be configured with 25-hp to 50-hp motor mounted on corresponding 87:1 to 43:1 gear reducers. 800/331-2277; www.jwce.com.



Portable packaged pump sets from Kifco are supplied on galvanized skids for prolonged exposure to the elements. John Deere power units are available in 49 to 250 hp. Standard mount packages include the Berkeley B2.5JQBM with John Deere 4045TF285 that delivers from 150 gpm at 100 psi to 600 gpm at 120 psi and the Berkeley B4EXQBLS with John Deere 6068HF285 that delivers from 300 gpm at 100 psi to 1,200 gpm at 150 psi. Pump sets include fuel injection with governor, water and oil pump with oil cooler, 12-volt starter, alternator and instrument gauge. The trailer upgrade option includes 100-gallon fuel cell kit, single axle with implement tires, crank jack on tongue, two-pin stabilizer legs in rear and adjustable height tow hitch in pin or pintle style. The 100-gallon fuel kit also can be added to the skid-mount version. The kit includes dual 50-gallon polycarb tanks with Kelch cap. Other options include oil sight gauge and engine canopy. Custom generator sets are available. 800/452-7017; www.kifco.com.


Larox Flowsys Inc.

The LPP series of pumps from Larox Flowsys Inc. are made for heavy industrial use, including the handling of abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing materials. Only the hose comes in contact with the medium. Pumps are designed to compress the hose once per 360-degree operating cycle, eliminating 80 percent of the heat and friction and requiring less glycerin to operate. The nonfriction based, eccentric rolling design enables the pump to run at high rpms without damage to the hose or casing. Other features include no gland water or packing, full vacuum capacity, no backward flow and in-pipe connection. 410/636-2250; www.larox.us.


LobePro Rotary Pumps

The SM68 positive displacement rotary pump from LobePro Rotary Pumps is made for sludge, mud and slurries. Rated for up to 408 gpm, it has a working pressure of 100 psi, maximum pressure of 120 psi and maximum speed of 600 rpm. It can handle up to 1/8-inch spherical hard solids and 1 1/2-inch spherical compressible solids. Weighing 260 pounds, features include ANSI 4-inch flange connection and 1.65-inch shaft diameter. 888/997-7867; www.lobepro.com.


Masport Inc.

The 400-cfm HXL400WV liquid-cooled rotary vane pump from Masport Inc. is design for heat stability and reliability. Part of the Plug & Play System line, the pump offers 25 inches of continuous Hg. Features include laser-cut 3/8-inch base, right-angle 1:1 gearbox, SureFlex coupling, horizontal scrubber, vacuum and pressure relief, inlet filter with 50-mesh stainless element and compound vacuum/pressure gauge. 800/228-4510; www.masportpump.com.


Moro Inc.

Water-, fan- and air-cooled pumps from Moro Inc. are recommended for heavy-duty, continuous use in industrial applications. The pumps feature Kevlar vanes with visual inspection ports in the casing. They are designed to handle liquids, sewage, sludge, oil and pastes containing solids up to approximately 1 inch in diameter. Other features include high-quality Viton oil seals and low rotating speed for added life and high-quality bearings for low maintenance. Pumps have 29-psi positive pressure capacity, full liquid cooling system with forced circulation and external recirculating system. Models available according to needed air flow and tank size. 800/383-6304; www.morousa.com.


Moyno Inc.

The 2000 HS progressive cavity pump from Moyno Inc. is made to handle viscous and abrasive slurry, slush and mud transfer in oil, gas and mining applications. Features include twin-screw feeder for 100-percent pump cavity fill rate, self-cleaning augers and wide-sweep pump inlet to reduce friction loss. 877/486-6966; www.moyno.com.


Moving Water Industries

Rotoflo self-priming, valveless positive displacement pumps from Moving Water Industries are made for construction dewatering. The pumps, designed for on-site repairs with no special tools, have no air-/water-handling chamber with floats, compressors or vacuum pumps to operate or maintain. Features include bolt-together design that allows the skid to be converted into a full-DOT or off-road trailer. Accessories include swing joints, header pipe, well points and jetting equipment. 954/426-1500; www.mwipumps.com.


MTH Pumps

The MTH DC10, 12-volt, Leeson motor-driven, severe wash-down centrifugal pump from MTH Pumps features cast stainless steel parts and dry-run mechanical seal. It can continuously pump at a maximum pressure of 40 psi with a maximum capacity of 25 gpm. 630/552-4115; www.mthpumps.com.


National Pump and Compressor Ltd.

The Pioneer PP108S17 10-inch by 8-inch pump from National Pump and Compressor Ltd. features the quick priming Ultraprime positive displacement vacuum system that evacuates 50 cubic feet of air per minute, while preventing material spillage from the priming process. Applications range from long distance water transfer to chemical recirculation and fire pump systems. The pump can pull suction lifts up to 28 feet at sea level and deliver 7,000 gpm at up to 76 percent efficiency. The diesel-driven trash pumps are capable of running dry indefinitely by using oil to keep the mechanical seal cool. Bearings are oil lubricated for easier service. Other features include sight glasses for oil levels in the bearing housing, vacuum pump and seal oil. 888/840-5886; www.npcrents.com.


National Vacuum Equipment

The heavy-duty 607 SV Challenger vacuum pump from National Vacuum Equipment is made for extended operation in severe conditions. Features include side-mounted, four-way valve for easy access, integrated filter to keep debris out of the pump, slotted end plates for crash protection, vane wear inspection port, diesel flush port, exhaust gas temperature gauge, four-point oiling system and remote mount oil reservoir. The pump is available in a fully assembled hydraulic drive setup ready for trailer mounting. 800/253-5500; www.natvac.com.


Penn Valley Pump Co. Inc.

The Double Disc pump from Penn Valley Pump Co. Inc. is made to handle a variety of viscous and abrasive sludges and slurries on feed and transfer applications. The self-priming pump handles up to 2-inch solids and delivers flow rates up to 1,400 gpm, as well as high suction lifts. The pump’s trunnion seal design eliminates packing glands and mechanical seals for leak-free installation and sealed-for-life bearings. The pump can run dry and does not rely on close tolerances within the pumping chamber to generate flow. The repair-in-place hinged housing allows servicing without disturbing the piping. Trial purchase and rebuild-exchange programs as well as portable and trailer mounts and custom configurations are available. 215/343-8750; www.pennvalleypump.com.


Polylok Inc.

The 1/3-hp PL-200SP sump pump from Polylok Inc. has a 1 1/2-inch female threaded discharge, built-in check valve and detachable multistage hose adapter. The 155-volt pump has a maximum head of 27 feet and maximum flow of 42 gpm. Features include clog-proof propeller capable of passing 1/2-inch solids. The air-filled, oil-free 3,450-rpm capacitor-start motor is dynamically balanced with a stainless steel shaft and has a 5.4-amp rating. Thermal sensors in the stator turn the pump off in the event of overheating and automatically switch the pump on after it has cooled. Other features include three lip seals separated and lubricated by a grease chamber, built-in automatic level control with two-position manual/automatic switch and easily removable float cover for cleaning. The integrated switch allows for continuous operation in transportable applications. The bottom screen has bayonet-style clamping that allows for removal by hand should impeller inspection be needed. The pump is UL and CSA listed. 877/765-9565; www.polylok.com.


Rain for Rent

The XH 100 4-inch pump from Rain for Rent is designed to produce extra high discharge heads for mining and dewatering projects. Made of 316 stainless steel or chromium steel, the pump can handle up to 7/8-inch solids, flows to 1,250 gpm and deliver heads up to 605 feet. The pump is mounted on galvanized skids or trailers to protect against rust and corrosion, and has a nearly maintenance-free surface. 800/742-7246; www.rainforrent.com.



Progressive cavity pumps from seepex are designed for pumping catalyst slurries, closed drain liquids, condensate, corrosion inhibitor, crude oil, drilling mud, water and refinery wastewater. Able to handle up to 2-inch solids, features include low shear, self-priming and no gas locking, low NPSH requirements and stable flow. 937/864-7150; www.seepex.com.


Smith & Loveless Inc.

Above-grade wastewater pump stations from Smith & Loveless Inc. include vertical, non-clog pumps, controls, piping and valves installed on a steel platform. Pump sizes range from 4- to 12-inch piping, 1.5 to 300 hp and capacities up to 50,000 gpm with total dynamic head to 500 feet. Options include custom enclosures with climate-controlled work space for northern regions. Skid-mounted stations can be designed for pre-existing, customer-supplied structures. 800/898-9122; www.smithandloveless.com.


Thompson Pump

JSC Series Enviroprime solids handling pumps from Thompson Pump range in size from three to 18 inches. Featuring cast-iron construction with the ability to dry-prime and reprime automatically, the pumps are designed for flows to 11,000 gpm, heads to 660 feet and up to 255 psi. The end-suction centrifugal pumps can handle up to 4-inch solids and be coupled to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier-compliant engines or electric motors. The compressor-assisted dry-priming system prevents blow-by from discharging onto the ground. Options include the Silent Knight sound attenuated canopy that enables pumps to operate at 70 dBA or lower. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com.


Vertiflo Pump Company

The Series 1100 industrial vertical cantilever vortex pump from Vertiflo Pump Company is made for handling water, corrosive chemicals and hazardous liquids. Applications include fines and slurry, solids pumping and sump drainage, flood control and process drainage to meet EPA and manufacturing requirements. Available in cast iron, 316 stainless steel and alloy 20 and 27 percent chrome iron, the pump delivers heads to 170 feet, operates in temperatures to 400 degrees F and pumps up to 1,600 gpm. Features include semi-open impeller with external adjustment, shafts to 5 inches in diameter and NEMA C face motor. 513/530-0888; www.vertiflopump.com.

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