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Gamajet Introduces Tank Cleaner

The PowerFlex tank cleaning machine from Gamajet Cleaning Systems has a standard operating range of 50-100 psi and 20-80 gpm. At a distance of 10 feet, operating at 30 gpm, the system produces nearly 10 pounds of force and can maintain 8-15 pounds of force. Features include a sanitary design, FDA-compliant materials, self-cleaning and draining capabilities, and high-polish, sanitary finish. 877/426-2538; www.gamajet.com.


Oldham Introduces Gas Detection Transmitter

The OLCT 200 fixed gas detection transmitter from Oldham is designed for use with multiple gas detection technologies, including electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared and photoionization detection sensors. The unit can simultaneously display two different gases. It can be configured for two-wire and three-wire 4-20 mA analog output, Modbus RTU digital output, HART communication and wireless communication. Optional onboard programmable relays can be configured with either a painted aluminum or stainless steel explosion-proof housing or a cold-climate heater. 800/338-3287; www.oldhamgas.com.

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Newson Gale Introduces Cable Reel

The VESM02 cable reel from Newson Gale Inc. is designed to provide secure static ground protection for difficult field applications, such as tanker trucks and mobile tanks or drums. The self-retracting reels are housed in durable, lightweight steel with powder-coated finish, suitable for use outdoors or indoors, per NEMA 4/IP56/ingress protection. The reel has 50 feet of Cen-Stat Static-Dissipative Hytrel protected cable with adjustable stop ball. 732/961-7610; www.newson-gale.com.


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Devcon Offers Abrasion Protection

DFense Blok wearing compound from ITW Devcon is an alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy compound that, when used with DFense Blok Surface Wetting Agent, increases drop impact strength. It can be used in the repair, rebuilding and protection of pipe elbows, scrubbers, ash handling systems, cyclones, fan blades, pump boxes, float cells, screw conveyors, augers and other abrasion applications. Available in 30-pound pails, the product is mixed 2:1 and has a working time of 25 minutes at room temperature. A nonsagging compound, it can be applied by trowel at a thickness of 3/4 inch on vertical surfaces and 1/2 inch on overhead surfaces. It achieves functional cure in four to five hours and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F. 800/933-8266; www.devcon.com.


Reelcraft Introduces Retractable Hose Reels

Diesel emission fluid (DEF) dispensing spring retractable hose reels from Reelcraft are designed to aid in the dispensing of DEF for late model diesel engines. Internal fluid path parts are made from 304L grade stainless steel and feature Viton O-rings. Goodyear DEF dispensing hose and adjustable bumper are included. 260/248-8188; www.reelcraft.com.

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Bilco Offers Floor Access Door

Type J-AL aluminum access doors from The Bilco Co. are available with stainless steel hardware for enhanced corrosion resistance. Available in single- or double-leaf design and reinforced for 300 psf or H2O loading conditions, the door provides access to underground areas, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, commercial and institutional buildings and public utilities. The channel frame design and built-in drain coupling allow the door to be used in applications where water penetrating into the opening is a concern. 203/934-6363; www.bilco.com.


OPW Offers Disconnect Couplers

Dry disconnect products from OPW Fluid Transfer Group are designed to provide optimum safety and environmental protection. API adapters and couplers, manifold systems, rail manholes, bottom outlet valves and emergency vents and valves ensure safe and efficient loading, transport and unloading of shale oil. 513/696-1790; www.opwshaleoil.com.


New Pig Introduces Drum Containment Bag

The drum containment bag from New Pig Corp. provides secondary containment and an easy way to hoist containers on and off a truck. Features include 6,000-pound capacity lifting straps, UN-rated for Packing Group II solids, puncture-resistant, PVC-coated shell that clips shut, abrasion-resistant bottom and removable poly liner to contain leaks. 800/468-4647; www.newpig.com.


Ruhrpumpen Introduces Low-Flow Pump

A low-flow version of the CPP-21, the model CPP-L end-suction low-flow centrifugal pump from Ruhrpumpen complies with ANSI B73.1 standard and can be used to replace existing equipment without piping or base changes. Features include radial vane impellers for hydraulic control. 800/334-2553; www.ruhrpumpen.com.


Blackmer Introduces Compressor Line

NG Series natural gas vapor recovery compressors from Blackmer are designed to handle wellhead operation in continuous duty or remote, unmanned locations. The single-stage, oil-free reciprocating compressors are constructed with two sets of piston rod seals between the crosshead guide and cylinder area that form the distance piece, which provides leakage control and helps prevent oil contamination. Connections are provided for purging, pressurizing or venting as needed. Other features include ductile iron head and cylinder, O-ring gaskets throughout, flow rates to 600 mscfd, 50-hp maximum energy usage and maximum working pressure of 350 psia. 616/241-1611; www.blackmer.com.

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