Wraparound diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) heaters from Powerblanket LLC offer temperature control for IBC (intermediate bulk container) totes, pumps and dispensing units. Utilizing radiant GreenHeat technology, the blanket enables equipment to be safely and consistently warmed without compromising the chemical integrity of the DEF, which begins to break down at approximately 30 degrees F and freezes when it drops below 12 degrees F.

GreenHeat technology distributes heat to the entire blanket surface, providing a uniform barrier that protects DEF from freezing or gelling, while maintaining maximum pumpability. The blanket also shields DEF from damaging UV rays, protecting the fluid even when cold weather is not a concern.

“With our technology there are no hot spots. When you’re dealing with chemicals, it’s important not to overheat them,” says Brad Terry, Powerblanket LLC president and chief operating officer.

Terry says the idea for the Powerblanket came from DEF manufacturers, who sought a way to keep pumps, gaskets, handles and pumping systems at an optimal temperature for proper operation, as well as maintaining the temperature of the urea-based DEF without overheating it.

Producers tried submersible heaters, but found it resulted in localized boiling around the heating element, which ruined the DEF. By applying heat externally to a DEF container, Powerblanket eliminates the potential for contamination, localized boiling and purity failures.

Terry says the concept of GreenHeat technology originated with a concrete contractor who was looking for a way to work during the winter and an electrical engineer in Salt Lake City. Together they collaborated with the University of Utah on developing a heat-spreading system.

Weighing 100 pounds, the heating blanket can be installed or removed by one person in about 10 minutes. Standard blankets are rated to -10 degrees F, while Arctic versions are rated to -40 degrees F.

Certified to UL, CSA and ETL safety standards, the blankets are available for 275- and 330-gallon tote sizes. Custom sizes are available. The TH275D 275-gallon wrap measures 217 1/2 inches long and 49 1/4 inches tall, while the TH330D 330-gallon wrap measures 217 1/2 inches long and 55 3/4 inches tall. Both size wraps include 69 1/4-inch-long and 40 1/2-inch-wide tops, a universal HDPE pump housing, two extended pump rack brackets and a preset digital thermostat (120 VAC).

The company also offers DEF drum, bucket and pail heaters, as well as the Hot Box bulk storage enclosure. Engine and automotive warmers are available. 801/506-0198; www.powerblanket.com.

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