Permanent and portable bulk storage and containment devices provide flexibility in the field and spill protection

Aero Tec Laboratories Inc.

Petro-Flex, Aqua-Flex and Chem-Flex pillow bladder flex-tanks from Aero Tec Laboratories Inc. are collapsible, rubberized containers that lay flat when empty. The reinforced tanks are made to hold fuels, chemicals, dielectric oil, gases, water, effluent and slurries. Designed to withstand environmental extremes, from scorching desert temperatures to arctic cold, capacities range from 25 to 100,000 gallons in both industrial and defense specifications. Features include drain fitting, vent/relief with standpipe, fill/discharge, access flange and loop handles. Other tank configurations and custom hardware and accessories are available. 800/526-5330;


Assmann Corp.

Semi-translucent cylindrical horizontal tanks from Assmann Corp. are made from molded, high-density crosslinked polyethylene or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene for corrosion and chemical resistance. Designed for storing various liquids, the tanks feature one-piece seamless molded construction and are UV stabilized for low temperature and impact resistance. Other features include molded-in gallon markers, access openings and molded-in ribs for skid mounting and tie-down banding. Capacities range from 25 to 2,500 USG. Tanks come in a natural white color with blue, yellow, green or black available. Steel cradles are required for all models. Free-standing horizontal tanks with molded-in legs that require no steel cradle are available in 55- to 500-gallon capacities. 888/357-3181;

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Brock Industrial Systems

Galvanized steel secondary containment units from Brock Industrial Systems are designed to protect the environment against leaks and spills from liquid storage tanks. The secondary containment systems are resistant to wind and water erosion. Originally developed for oil and natural gas fields, the systems can be used wherever economical containment is required. The bolt-together corrugated steel units provide long-term performance with virtually no maintenance. The modular system offers easy relocation and provides for an endless variety of shapes for expansion. The G-90 sidewalls have a minimum tensile strength of 65,000 psi and feature rolled flanges for structural strength and stability. Hat-shaped support posts bolt to the sidewalls and extend below grade for added reinforcement. Corners are die-formed to match sidewall corrugations for a snug fit. Seams have an alternating bolt pattern for a positive seal on square and rectangular configurations. The containment systems are available in three heights (22, 36 and 44 inches) and four shapes (round, square, rectangle and oblong). 574/658-5460;


Bucks Fabricating

Mini frac tanks from Bucks Fabricating are designed for storing and transporting hazardous and nonhazardous liquids, including oils, glycol, runoff water, diesel fuel, deicing fluid and other chemicals. The containers are sealed and watertight tested. Apertures and manways are built to customer specifications. Epoxy coating is available. 800/233-0867;


Caldwell Tanks Inc.

Liquid asphalt storage tanks from Caldwell Tanks Inc. feature a concrete slab foundation. The 9,000-ton, 96- by 40-foot API 650 welded steel tank has a multicolumn supported cone roof, specific gravity of 1.04 and design temperature of 350 degrees F. 502/964-3361;


Containment Solutions Inc.

Flowtite fiberglass tanks from Containment Solutions Inc. are made to store wastewater, graywater, rainwater, stormwater or potable drinking water. Filtering components added to systems can separate oil and other contaminants so collected water can be reused for landscaping and other applications. Tanks are mold resistant and have a non-air inhibited, fully cured inner surface. The high-glass laminate surface has a low coefficient of friction and natural resistance to the buildup of algae or other surface contamination. Tank sizes range from 600 to 60,000 gallons. 877/274-8265;


CST Storage

HydroTec epoxy-coated steel storage tanks and Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks from CST Storage, formerly Columbian TecTank and Engineered Storage Products, are designed for dry bulk and liquid storage, including petroleum, drilling fluids, frac fluids, water, fire protection and wastewater. BulkTec dry bulk tanks are made to store chemicals, aggregates, minerals and other dry materials in capacities up to 2 million cubic feet. The modular steel tanks can be quickly erected on site. CST Covers, formerly Temcor and Condservatek, offers aluminum domes, flat panel covers and other structures. 913/621-3700;


Den Hartog Industries

The Ace Roto-Mold secondary containment tank from Den Hartog Industries holds two standard 55-gallon barrels or drums. Hazardous spills are safely contained in the tank base, protecting the environment and saving on costly cleanups. The tank features double-wall construction for dual containment and added protection. Should the inner wall become compromised, the outer wall can still prevent chemical loss. Tanks meet EPA 40 CRF 264.175 guidelines for secondary containment. Manufactured from rotationally molded polyethylene with UV inhibitors, tanks nest for shipping and storage. Other features include molded-in chemical reservoirs inside the tank and forklift pockets for easy handling. Tanks can be used for indoor or outdoor stationary applications. Standard black helps to hide dirt and grime. 800/342-3408;


Fisher Tank Co.

The 150,000-barrel gasoline, ethanol and fuel oil storage tank from Fisher Tank Co. is made from API 650 welded steel. Features include ring wall foundation, multicolumn supported cone roof, internal floating roof, specific gravity of 1.0 and center-sloped bottom for complete drainage. The 150- by 48-foot terminal is shop primed and painted. A variety of plate material is available. Each vessel is custom engineered based on size, location and intended purpose. 803/359-4173;


Flo Trend Systems Inc.

The TPL Phase 3 oil/water separator from Flo Trend Systems Inc. is made of 1/4-inch A36 carbon steel plate and features structured polypropylene tubes that act as the coalescing media for oil droplets. The tubes are unitized in removable baskets within the separator vessel for easy cleaning. The separator includes sumps, baffles and weirs on the incoming fluid end to assist in removing and settling solids that may be present. Collected oil flows over a weir into a trough where it is directed out of the unit through a drainage port. Water flows over an adjustable weir and into a water collection compartment and out through a drainage port. Units are available in sizes from 5 gpm to over 1,000 gpm and can produce effluent with residual oil of less than 10 ppm. Separators can be equipped with pumpout systems, level controls, alarms, insulation, surge tanks and external oil storage compartments. 800/762-9893;


Granite Environmental Inc.

Aluminum angle berms for steel frac tanks from Granite Environmental Inc. use XR-5 liner material for the containment boundary. The material is tested to withstand contact with chemicals and other hazardous waste, including frac water and oil. The lightweight berm material is unfolded and placed where frac tanks will be located. Each berm comes with 2-inch by 3/8-inch 6061/T6 aluminum bars, inserted into the walls of the berm for upright support. The berm’s entrance wall can be placed so tanks can be backed in or driven onto the spill berm. Once the tank is in place, the remaining wall can be quickly rebuilt to form a complete containment barrier. Berms can be made in lengths from 8 to 15 feet and widths from 8 to 66 feet with a standard height of 1 foot. 888/703-9889;


Husky Portable Containment

Custom bladder or pillow tanks from Husky Portable Containment can be used for drinking water, graywater, rainwater collection, wastewater and fuel storage. Sizes range from 25 to 50,000 gallons. Materials include XR, PVC or urethane. Features include 0.75- to 6-inch PVC, aluminum, stainless steel or brass fittings. Other features include stainless steel hardware, access panels, maneuvering straps near the corners and every five feet down the sides, flame arrestors, double T-style and mushroom vents. All bladders are tagged, signed and dated with inspection labels. Storage bags included. Ground covers and sunscreens available. 800/260-9950;


Imperial Industries Inc.

Specialty bulk liquid storage tanks from Imperial Industries Inc. are 32.75 feet long, 4.5 feet in diameter and can hold 3,500 gallons. Optional designs for rail cars, flat beds or mobile ground storage are available. 800/558-2945;


MPC Containment

Fuel storage tanks from MPC Containment are made from high-performance synthetic coated fabric. The collapsible storage tanks have rounded corners to uniformly redistribute shell stress. Designed to perform in extreme temperatures, the fabric is compatible with a variety of engine fuels, such as diesel, jet fuel, AV-gas or fuel oil. Materials for gasoline are available. Tanks are available in custom diameters and heights as well as standard sizes. 800/621-0146;


Orenco Systems Inc.

Fiberglass watertight T-Max tanks from Orenco Systems Inc. are chemical resistant. Capacities range from 5,000 to 15,000 gallons. Tanks come in 14- to 42-foot lengths, are approximately 7.5 feet wide by 8.5 feet high and weigh between 4,000 and 12,000 pounds. Constructed with 4-inch-thick foam cells, tanks have an estimated R-25 (U.S.) or R-5 (International System of Units) insulation value to withstand temperatures from -60 degrees to 125 degrees F. Tanks are typically installed above grade, but can be buried to grade. Custom-built access equipment and railings are available, along with electrical control panels, pre-installed pump packages, antibuoyancy devices and custom colors. 800/348-9843;


Poly Processing Co.

The SAFE-Tank bulk storage system from Poly Processing Co. is a tank-within-a-tank that keeps contaminants from entering the interstitial area, providing secondary containment and protection against spills. The system provides 110 percent secondary containment and equalizes the liquid, allowing the chemical to be used until it is convenient to repair the tank. It also eliminates the cost and maintenance of secondary concrete containment, while minimizing the storage footprint by providing compact secondary containment. 800/523-9871;


SEI Industries Ltd.

FRAC Tank from SEI Industries Inc. is a pillow-style water storage container that is easy to set up and can be used immediately with almost no site preparation. The lightweight tank is 5 feet tall when filled. Fully collapsible, it and can be transported in a pickup truck. Standard tank capacities range from 12,000 to 50,000 gallons. Sizes range from 18 by 28 feet to 33 by 53 feet and weigh from 360 to 1,100 pounds. Custom sizes are available. Tanks are cold resistant to -58 degrees F. In less than an hour, using a manifold system, multiple tanks can be set up to provide required storage volume. Tanks are made from a high-strength, high abrasion-resistant material that is chemically resistant. Seams are radio-frequency welded. A removable ground sheet, which can be attached to the tank, is included to prevent the container from freezing to the ground. Features include safety orange color and multiple fill/drain ports with heavy-duty abrasion patches to protect the tank. 866/570-3473;


Snyder Industries Inc.

Captor tank systems from Snyder Industries Inc. feature a space-saving tank-in-a-tank design with primary tank and secondary outer containment tank with 115 to 120 percent capacity of the inner tank. Features include enclosed double-wall construction to prevent rainwater, snow and debris from collecting in the outer containment tank. Tanks are available in high-density linear polyethylene or cross-link polyethylene. Sizes range from 35 to 10,000 gallons. 402/467-5221;


Transcube USA

The TCT200 diesel fuel tank from Transcube USA, part of the XT line, has a 5,000-gallon capacity and can be legally transported when full. Features include a cylindrical inner tank designed to hold diesel fuel during transport. Internal baffles minimize fuel surge. An outer wall provides 110-percent secondary containment. Tanks are equipped with four feed and return connections (2-inch fill pipe with overfill prevention valve) to provide direct plumbing to engines, along with a fuel pump or auxiliary feed. All ports, pumps, fittings and connections are centrally located in a weatherproof control cabinet, housed inside the secondary containment area and secured with a three-point locking system. Built within ISO container dimensions, the TCT200 is UL and ULC approved for diesel fuel storage and certified to transport fuel by road, rail and sea under codes and regulations issued by the U.S. DOT, ASME, UN CFR49 part 178.274, IMDG, UIC, CSC and Transport Canada. 866/814-2470;


UltraTech International Inc.

The Ultra-Containment Berm from UltraTech International Inc. is available in four standard sizes, from 6 feet by 6 feet by 1 foot to 12 feet by 50 feet by 1 foot (4,488-gallon capacity). Custom sizes are available. Features include L-shaped aluminum brackets for sidewall support that slide into cutouts around the top of the berm for easy assembly. Made of 40 mil polyethylene, the berm meets SPCC and EPA container storage regulations 40 CFR 264.175. 800/764-9563;



The vacuum box from Wastequip offers up to 300 percent more volume than a typical 5-cubic-yard vacuum truck. Available in 20- and 25-yard capacities, boxes safely handle both hazardous and nonhazardous materials, including liquid waste, sludge, slurry and fly ash. Features include a single piece T-seal gasketed rear door with ratchet and chain-sealing mechanism. Containers are water-pressure tested against leakage to 27.5 inches of mercury. The body is made of 1/2-inch steel plate with single-piece floor and body and heavy-duty substructure with crossmembers on 12-inch centers. Dirt-shedding sidewall supports provide additional durability. 877/468-9278;

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