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Kano Offers Rust-Dissolving Penetrating Oil

Kroil rust-dissolving penetrating oil from Kano Laboratories loosens frozen metal parts seized due to corrosion or compression. 800/311-3374; www.kanolabs.com.


Stertil-Koni Offers Wireless Mobile Lift

The Earthlift wireless mobile column lift from Stertil-Koni has an 18,000-pound load capacity and comes with 14-inch pickup forks. The lift is designed to provide a 10-inch clearance between the column and the vehicle. The battery-operated lift has no connecting cable or wires. Features include a variable-speed controller, graphical user interface and self-regenerating power supply. 800/336-6637; www.stertil-koni.com.

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Dialight Introduces LED Area Light

The 70-watt SafeSite LED area light from Dialight is Class I and II, Div. 1 certified. Approved for use in hazardous locations, the light is designed to replace up to 150-watt HID fixtures. The light delivers 79 lumens per watt. Available in both cool white and neutral white models, applications include safety for oil and gas terminals and surface mining. 732/919-3119; www.dialight.com.


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Dust Control Introduces Long-Throw Evaporator

The DBE-1000 long-throw evaporator from Dust Control Technology is designed to dissipate excess water in large areas. The unit features Teflon spiral nozzles for efficient droplet dispersal, minimal fouling and clogging. It can launch mist up to 200 feet and achieve evaporation rates up to 75 percent, with averages of 25 to 65 percent. Standard configuration includes a 25-hp motor wired for three-phase, 480-volt, 60-cycle service or three-phase, 400-volt, 50-cycle power. The stainless steel manifold is designed for a flow rate of 66 gpm and water pressure of 100 psi. 800/707-2204; www.driboss.com.


Myers Seth Offers Trash Pump

The DP-150 6-inch Dry Prime Series, vacuum-assisted trash pump from Myers Seth Pump Inc. delivers fully automatic dry priming to 28 feet, moderate heads to 145 feet and maximum flows to 1,850 gpm. Designed for pumping out neutralized sludges, cleaning cesspools, septic tanks and force mains, the pump can handle up to 3-inch solids. Features include maximum operation time of 40 hours at 1,800 rpm, 65-gallon fuel capacity, 42.3-hp diesel engine and maximum operating temperature of 212 degrees F. The pump measures 78.5 inches tall, 72 inches wide, 129.5 inches long and weighs 2,595 pounds. Options include Bauer fittings, engine auto-start, locking battery bar, skid version and hose rack. 904/389-6114; www.myersseth.com.

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Denso Introduces Tank Base Protection System

The tank base protection system from Denso provides a cost-effective repair for outer tank bases and chimes. Featuring a series of tapes and coatings, the hand-applied system seals gaps to protect the tank base against further corrosion. 888/821-2300; www.densona.com.


RIDGID Expands Chain Vise Line

Model 460-12, capable of gripping pipe from 1/8 to 12 inches in diameter, is the latest addition to RIDGID’s line of portable TRISTAND chain vises. Designed to hold PVC, steel and copper pipe, the vise features an integrated ground lug that provides a conductive surface to connect the weld ground, and a jack screw to help stabilize the unit during use. Both are self-hooking for pipe up to 4 inches in diameter. The 71-pound vise, with leg chain and tool tray, folds for storage or transport. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


TRU-Vu Introduces Sunlight Readable Monitor

SRM-10.4 Series 10.4-inch sunlight readable LCD monitors from TRU-Vu Monitors Inc. are designed to produce clear, sharp images, even with direct, bright sunlight on the face of the screen. The monitor features High-Bright LED backlights that produce 1,000 nits of brilliant white light, without the excess heat of older CCFL backlights. The monitors are available with VGA, S-Video, Composite Video inputs, BNC loop-through output and optional touch screen. 847/259-2344; www.tru-vumonitors.com.


McElroy Releases Anniversary Fusion Machine

The Pit Bull 26 pipe fusion machine from McElroy, introduced to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company’s Pit Bull line, is designed to fuse pipe from 2-inch IPS to 6-inch DIPS and comes with 2-inch IPS inserts. 918/836-8611; www.mcelroy.com/fusion.


Rig-A-Lite Introduces Emergency Lighting

The HLEL series of emergency lighting fixtures from Rig-A-Lite feature a fiberglass-reinforced gray polyester housing for use in hazardous indoor environments, including oil and gas production. The lights are available with tungsten or halogen PAR 36 lamp heads in multiple wattages with an optional shatter-resistant shield. 713/943-0340; www.rigalite.com.


Grote Offers LED Clearance/Marker Lamps

Penny-sized MicroNova Dot LED clearance/marker lamps from Grote Industries are designed to resist dimming as they age. The P2- and PC-rated lamps are available in red, amber and white. No mounting fasteners are required. Lamps are available in 12-volt, 24-volt and ECE-rated models. 800/628-0809; www.grote.com.


Patterson Offers Pump Leveling Device

The laser large coordinate measuring device from Patterson Pump Co. is designed for the installation and final alignment of heavy-duty centrifugal pumps, pump basins, discharge heads, motor stands and gear stands. The laser tracking device enables technicians to lock in coordinate positions on the baseplate with the centerline of the piping to ensure level positioning. 706/886-2101; www.pattersonpumps.com.

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