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Fluid Metering Offers Duplex Pumps

STH and STQ Ratio: Matic duplex pumps from Fluid Metering Inc. feature two valveless pump heads direct coupled to a single variable-speed drive. The displacement of each pump head is independently adjustable. A variety of pump head sizes can be used in combination to achieve dispensing ratios from 1:1 up to 500:1. Typically, each pump head is calibrated at the factory, locked in place and will not require recalibration in the field. Models are available that can be adjusted in the field for applications that require frequent changes in mixing ratios or dispensing volumes. 800/223-3388; www.fmipump.com.


Transcube Offers High-Capacity Diesel Tanks

The XT line of high-capacity diesel fuel tanks from Transcube include the TCT100 (2,450 gallons) and TCT200 (5,000 gallons). Each unit features a cylindrical inner tank with internal baffles. The inner tank is enclosed within an outer wall for 110-percent secondary containment. Built within ISO container dimensions, the tanks are UL and ULC approved and certified to transport fuel by road, rail and sea. Each tank is equipped with four feed and return connections to provide direct plumbing to engines, along with a fuel pump or auxiliary equipment feed. 866/814-2470; www.transcube.net/us.

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Atlas Introduces Multipurpose Hammer

The multipurpose COP 20 down-the-hole hammer from Atlas Copco Secoroc is designed for 2.75-inch to 3.5-inch-diameter holes in different ground conditions. Operating at 100 to 174 psi, the hammer features valved air regulation and lighter piston for improved penetration rates. Other features include check valve and spring combination for protection from external water and cutting. The hammer uses a six-splined BR2 bit shank. 800/732-6762; www.atlascopco.com.


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Newson Gale Offers Area Grounding System

The Earth-Rite TELLUS II hazardous area static grounding system from Newson Gale Inc. provides constantly verified static ground monitoring for drums, IBCs and other mobile or portable equipment during hazardous area operations. The system is suitable for use in the handling, transporting or mixing of combustible products, liquid or dry. A green flashing LED confirms a positive connection to ground and provides a pair of output contacts for interlock with pumps, valves or other control or alarm devices. 732/961-7610; www.newson-gale.com.


Larson Introduces LED with Magnet Mount

The Magnalight LED 10W-6R-HT light from Larson Electronics LLC features a combined handle and magnetic mounting system. The light produces 5,400 lumens and is capable of throwing a light beam over 600 feet, yet uses half the electrical power of a comparable incandescent lamp. Designed for rugged use, the light can run on any voltage from 9 to 50 VDC. 800/369-6671; www.magnalight.com.

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Ditch Witch Offers Downhole Tools

TriHawk downhole tools from Ditch Witch feature the TriHawk HD housing for directional drilling efficiency, including a square-drive spline that enables operators to quickly change tooling as conditions require. Also featured is a boltless, pinned-lid system for easy removal of tracking electronics. Available in four sizes, the housing is compatible with Ditch Witch and Vermeer drills. Four TriHawk bits are available for use with the housing. 800/654-6481; www.ditchwitch.com.


Blackmer Offers Chemical Processing Pumps

GX Series sliding vane pumps from Blackmer are designed to handle a variety of noncorrosive solvents and industrial liquids used in the chemical-processing industry. Available in four models with flow rates ranging from 40 to 528 gpm, the pumps are equipped with integral head-mounted gear-reduction drives that feature oil-lubricated, hardened helical gears. The self-priming, dry-run pumps have high suction-lift capabilities for clearing lines and removing product from storage tanks, vessels, railcars and transport tankers. 616/241-1611; www.blackmer.com.


Patriot Offers Solar-Powered Generators

The 5,000-watt, 3000 Series, three-solar panel trailer generator from Patriot Solar Group combines the utility of a mobile trailer with the benefits of solar power. The lightweight, towable trailer provides power anywhere, day or night. Measuring 116 inches by 37 inches by 62 inches, the trailer delivers up to 120 VAC and 12 VDC. Available in five colors, the trailer is made from 3- by 2-inch angle iron with 1/2-inch plywood floor. It has a 3,200-pound spring axle for a 2,500-pound carrying capacity. The unit features 2-inch Class II coupling, 13-inch wheels and tires. 517/629-9292; www.patriotsolargroup.com.


CECOR Offers Combination Sumpcleaner, Dispenser

The Sumpcleaner/Dispenser combination system from CECOR features dual tanks with pumpout, pump-in capability. The Sumpcleaner has an intake filtering system that cleans dirty machine tool fluid and sends it to the holding tank, which empties through the discharge port. The dispenser tank holds clean coolant that can be filled using the onboard pump or through the fill hatch. Coolant is pumped out through the tank dispensing hose. 800/356-9042; www.cecor.net.


Pro-Act Introduces Solids Reducer

Pumper’s Helper solids reducer from Pro-Act Biotech Inc. reduces solids accumulation and odor in storage tanks, enabling pumpers and haulers to more easily dispose of waste. The product further increases the nutrient value of treated waste and lowers the sulfur content of brown oil in waste, making it saleable to biodiesel companies. 800/772-3775; www.proactbiotech.com.

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