As GOMC wraps up an exciting first year of publication, we’re seeking your input to provide the most valuable magazine for support services contractors

It’s been an exciting year since COLE Publishing launched Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor. Every day we learn more about the dynamic markets we serve with this magazine, and hopefully we’ve been able to transform that time in the trenches into valuable editorial content for readers who support these vital mineral extraction and energy industries.

Time and again when talking to support services contractors, I get a strong feeling that there is a noble cause behind your challenging work … that being a sweeping effort to improve North America’s energy independence through exploration on U.S. and Canadian soil. Along with your customers, you believe in the idea of finding and tapping new sources of energy to boost availability and curb rising costs for consumers and the businesses that build our nations.

You get behind this growing effort by providing the tools and manpower necessary to reach previously unattainable stores of natural gas and oil. You truck in the excavation and communications equipment, and worker camp infrastructure to keep this job moving. And throughout these efforts, you are working with customers to perform this critical work with environmental sensitivity and sustainability in mind.

Moving forward, we will continue to highlight the work you do. And we will continue to solicit your help in making GOMC a better product. Your input is important to making sure we provide relevant information to an industry that is constantly changing and growing.

We rely on you to help present new technologies being used to support efforts at drill sites and mines. We want to hear how you attack challenges like getting equipment to remote work sites and providing living quarters and hardy meals to workers living at camps. We want to know what strategies you’re employing to transport water and wastewater to meet your customers’ demanding schedules.

Our editorial content, focusing on the stories of support services contractors in the field, is what sets GOMC apart from other industry publications. We know the guys and gals on the ground have a lot of information to share with the industry, and it’s our constant aim to bring their voices to forefront. With that in mind, here are several areas where we’d love to hear your input in 2012:



We never tire of learning about the best practices being used by contractors to get big jobs done on time and within budget. Whether your company is part of an international conglomerate or a husband and wife team working from a home office, we know you have good information and advice to offer about serving gas, oil and mining clients.

If you’re open to sharing your success story, we want to hear from you. Many contractors believe it’s their responsibility to help the industry move forward and adopt new technologies, build professionalism and improve marketing to clients. Helping others with advice and technical know how is one way of giving back to an industry that has provided financial security for you and your families. If that’s how you feel, drop me a line at and let us consider your company for a Contractor Profile story.




Every issue includes a Tech Perspectives story, where we delve into the details of a technology being used by support services contractors. To make sure these stories are as relevant as possible, we like the feedback of professionals working the tough-job front lines. Are we choosing topics that make a difference for you and your company? Are we asking the questions and getting the answers that help you make an informed decision on an equipment purchase? Is there a new technology you’d like us to explore in a Tech Perspectives feature? Let us know and we’ll do the homework for you.



Chances are you or your crew members spend all day rolling down the road in a work truck. It’s a mobile office, your biggest and most useful tool, one of the biggest business investments you’ll make. A great truck can land you paying work every day, while a poor performer can cost you thousands of dollars in downtime. We know you love a well-built, hardworking truck. Now is the chance to show off your top-performing machinery with the entire industry.

Do you want to give a shout out to the builder who provided your truck? Do you want to give an ‘attaboy to the driver who pampers your rig, making it last a long time and maintain its value? Do you want to show others how a clean, well-appointed service vehicle with outstanding graphics can attract customers like a magnet in a nail factory? If so, email us a snapshot of your favorite truck and tell us why you like it so much. We’ll share it in our Rockin’ the Rig feature.

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