The right kind of pump for the job can help you finish the most challenging project quicker, safer and with less cost

Arimitsu of North America

The Model 3624 pump from Arimitsu of North America is designed for high-pressure applications, including waterjetting, sewer cleaning and underground tank cleaning, as well as the cleaning and removal of paint, rust, algae, mold and graffiti. The pump delivers 24 gpm and 2,400 psi. Inlet pressure ranges from 0 to 70 psi. It has a 1 1/2-inch NPT inlet and 1-inch NPT outlet. The triplex plunger pump holds 5.3 quarts of oil, has a maximum liquid temperature of 160 degrees F and weighs 125 pounds. Other features include a 1.57-inch shaft with a shaft location on both sides. 763/205-8341;



Hydraulic submersible pumps from BakerCorp are made for jobs demanding high-suction lift, including dewatering mines, quarries and gravel pits. Ranging in size from 4 to 8 inches, the pumps can handle up to 7-inch solids. Pumps have an operating speed of up to 2,200 rpm and flow range up to 4,500 gpm. With no need for priming or electrical source, pumps can run unattended in remote locations. Biodegradable oil minimizes environmental considerations. Safety features include high water temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns on diesel engines as well as hydraulic system overpressure protection. 800/225-3712;

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Bredel Hose Pumps

The SPX100D pump from Bredel Hose Pumps uses no valve, seals or rotors in the product stream. Designed for challenging sludge applications, the pump can run dry and handle high grit or air entrained sludge as well as scum, thickener underflow, belt press or centrifuge feed. Delivering up to 400 gpm and discharge pressure up to 232 psi, the pump features a self-loading design. It offers operating speeds up to 30 rpm for continuous use and up to 38 rpm for intermittent use. Materials are fully contained within the hose element and don’t come in contact with the pump’s moving parts. No drive realignment or offsite rebuilding is required. 800/282-8823;


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The 60-gallon Sump Shark sump cleaner from CECOR Inc. is designed for cleaning machine tool sumps in shops with limited space. The pump’s vertical design enables it to squeeze through crowded aisles and around corners. The pump’s air-operated venturi generates suction to 26 inches Hg or 350 inches water and a pumping rate of 70 gpm. It can remove fluid, chips and sludge, while the filter catches metal chips, fines and sludge. Other features include pump-in/pump-out capability, automatic overfill protection and valved discharge ports. 800/356-9042;


Chandler Equipment Inc.

Jurop RV-Series vacuum pumps and Chandler Equipment Inc. packages are designed for industrial and energy applications. Both the Rv360 and Rv520 are available in multiple drive configurations, including either gearbox, hydraulic or belt drive. The pumps operate at or near 73 dBA while producing 18 inches Hg. The Rv360 has a recommended input speed of 1,100-1,300 rpm with an output of 360 cfm at free air and 332 cfm at 18 inches Hg. The Rv520 has a recommended input speed of 1,100-1,300 rpm with an output of 520 cfm at free air and 466 cfm at 18 inches Hg. 800/342-0887;

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Commercial Truck Equipment Co.

The 6-inch VGP-6000 and 7 1/4-inch VGP-7250 series pumps from Commercial Truck Equipment Co. have nitrided gears and induction-hardened shafts. Other features include herringbone gear design for superior flow rates, higher suction and increased longevity. Tight tolerances provide greater vacuum for light liquids, while zero clearance between shafts and gears provide reduced noise and vibration. The V-gear design allows continuous flow with reduced turbulence. Preliminary dynamic seals protect the main dynamic seals by stopping heavy particles. 780/468-5151;


Flowrox Inc.

Peristaltic LPP-M pumps from Flowrox Inc. are made for pumping diverse slurries and metering a range of media. Flow rate is not affected by variation of the discharge pressure. Positive displacement of the tube bore with zero slip provides the same output volume on every cycle. Pumps feature occluding and guide rollers in the rotor. The self-priming pump has no valves to clog, offers dry-run capability and is equipped with Tube Failure Detection. 410/636-2250;


Fluid Metering Inc.

The PDS-100 valveless ceramic pump from Fluid Metering Inc. is made for drift-free chemical metering in pilot plants, test stands and modular lab systems in mining extraction applications, as well as for dispensing surfactants used in dust suppression equipment. Other applications include pumping acids and solvents used in hydrometallurgy during the leaching process as well as solvent extraction. The valveless pumps feature sapphire-hard ceramic internal components that are both chemically inert and wear resistant. Flow rates can be varied both mechanically and by changing piston displacement. 800/223-3388;


Forum Energy Technologies

The Mud Hog centrifugal pump from Forum Energy Technologies features 2 1/2-inch 1045 carbon steel shafts with optional Reverse Rotation Prevention system that protects against accidentally damaging the fluid end components. Shafts for 1 7/8- and 1 1/8-inch pumps are offered in stainless steel. Except for the 3-by-2-by-13 and the 4-by-3-by-13 models, all impellers for the pumps have a semi-open design that ensures an efficient increase in the kinetic energy of fluid as it passes through the front vanes. 713/351-7900;


Fruitland Tool & Mfg.

The RCF500 commercial and continuous dry vacuum pump from Fruitland Tool & Mfg. features an automated oiling system with all steel lines, pump oil level sight gauge, vane gauging ports, anti-shock design, three primary cooling phases and integral air intake filter designed to work on both vacuum and pressure. 800/663-9003;



The SV-10 skid-mounted WetVac from GapVax continuously offloads liquids while vacuuming. The non-stop pump has a 50 hp diesel engine with control package, Roots-type vacuum pump rated at 920 cfm, 15 inches Hg, exhaust silencer and 45-gallon fuel tank. The pump-off system can transfer fluids from the 200-gallon receiver tank while vacuuming. Created to aid in oil spill recovery, the pump can be used for waterblaster recovery, hydroexcavation and catch basin applications. 888/442-7829;


GIW Industries

The HVF high volume froth pump from GIW Industries provides continuous operation without shutdown or operator intervention and can be retrofit into any existing froth application. The deaeration system includes a vented impeller and airlock venting that help eliminate sump overflow due to pump airlock, allowing water use to be restricted. The 12-by-16 model delivers 16-inch suction and 12-inch discharge, while the 8-by-12 model delivers 12-inch suction and 8-inch discharge. All suctions and discharges are ANSI equivalent. Designed for air-entrained slurries, the pump can be used in phosphate mining, hard rock mining and oil sands. 888/832-4449;



Prime Aire Plus priming-assisted pumps from Gorman Rupp are available with up to 8-inch flanged discharges, flows to 4,950 gpm and heads to 475 feet. The pumps are suitable for clear liquids as well as liquids with large solids. All pump models can be coupled to the latest EPA Tier-compliant engines or electric motors. Features include externally adjustable running clearances, integral seal oil chamber, ductile iron body and impeller, two lip seals and atmospheric vent for bearing protection and fuel level monitoring system on Interim Tier 4 engine-driven models. 419/755-1011;



The WMP-20X 2-inch, multipurpose centrifugal self-priming pump from Honda is designed to handle various industrial chemicals as well as clear water applications. It features EPDM seals for chemical resistance, reinforced thermoplastic pump housing and impeller and full frame protection with vibration-dampening nuts. Other features include 220 gpm capacity and 163cc Honda engine. 770/497-6400;


Hydra-Tech Pumps

Variable volume piston hydraulic pumps from Hydra-Tech Pumps deliver flows to 28 gpm at pressures up to 3,000 psi. The electric motor-based hydraulic power unit features NEMA-rated explosion-proof components rated for Class 1 and 2 and Groups D, F and G. NEMAA7 ULC control panels are available with softstart and/or a combination starter. Other features include float switch or transducer control. Frames can be manufactured with or without drip pans in a variety of lifting and tie-down configurations. 570/645-3779;


JWC Environmental

The Macho Monster model 70000 two-shafted grinder from JWC Environmental features an extra-long cutting chamber for shredding high volumes of solids. Primarily designed for use in automatic, hopper-fed configurations, the grinder has two rows of 10-inch-diameter, 7/8-inch-thick cutters. Available with 25 hp to 50 hp motors mounted on corresponding 87:1 to 43:1 gear reducers, the grinder has a 4-inch-diameter hex shaft and produces 20,000 pounds of cutting force at peak loads. 800/331-2277;


Master Pumps & Power

The MPX 12-by-12 water and slurry pump from Master Pumps & Power delivers between 3,500 and 6,500 gpm. Made for mixing water with sands, additives and other solutes, the impeller is designed for abrasives and features high chrome alloy construction. Wear plates also are made from chrome alloy, while the case is made of ductile iron. The pump produces up to 85 feet of head and approximately 38 psi. 800/410-0045;


Megator Corp.

The Pumps 2000 American dual diaphragm Ebony Series pump from Megator Corp., originally designed for harsh mining conditions (slurries), has a Noryl body with corrosive-resistant internals for handling acids and other hazardous liquids. Features include long-life diaphragm and self-cleaning valve, low air consumption, lube-free and stall-free motor, low weight and anti-icing. A 2-inch pump can handle up to 0.71-inch solids and has a suction lift rated to 19 feet dry and 31 feet wet. The low-noise, conductive plastic (FRASplas) pump is safe for explosive environments and certified to ATEX M1. 412/963-9200;


Milton Roy Co.

Milroyal Series metering pumps from the Milton Roy Co. feature Multiplex Flexibility for greater capacity or for pacing multiple pumps from one motor for chemical blending. The modular unit can accept different pump heads, including high performance diaphragm, metallic diaphragms, packer plunger and critical service diaphragms. Capacities range from 0.08 gph to 2,080 gph per head and pressures up to 20,000 psi. 215/441-0800;


Moro USA Inc.

The PM100T industrial-duty dual fan-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA Inc. is designed for tough industrial conditions. Capable of 29 psi and a continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg, the pump has a flow rate of 460 cfm. It can pump nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances. Features include industrial-duty bearings, Viton seals and 1,500 rpm rotating speed. Other features include integrated check valve, changeover valve and oiling system and 4-inch hose connections. The pump is available in pre-assembled packages, complete with stand, secondary, oil catch and drive, gearbox, hydraulic, pulley or engine drive. 800/383-6304;


MTH Pumps

Close-coupled and pedestal-mounted regenerative turbine pumps from MTH Pumps are designed for low flow (2 to 40 gpm) clean fluid applications involving moderate to high pressures (heads to 700 feet). 630/552-4115;



The Challenger 4310 positive displacement blower from NVE delivers airflow up to 931 cfm and continuous-duty operation at full vacuum. Maintenance free and environmentally friendly, the blower offers quiet operation (with Pro Pak). 800/253-5500;



Zabel HH high head effluent pumps from Polylok are made for pumping filtered effluent. Features include thermoplastic discharge and noncorrosive motor brackets, 300-volt 10-foot SJOW jacketed cord with stripped leads and 1 1/4-inch FNPT discharge. Noryl staging allows close tolerances for increased performance, while a stainless steel up-thrust washer prevents excessive wear. Powered by a Franklin submersible motor, the pump has a built-in check valve and lightning protection. Model PL-TE 10 delivers heads up to 260 feet, model PL-TE-20 delivers heads to 155 feet and model PL-TE-30 delivers heads to 110 feet. All pumps handle up to 1/8-inch solids. 877/765-9565;


Pumptec Inc.

The PTC1500, 1,000 psi, 12-volt washdown pump from Pumptec Inc. delivers flows up to 1.5 gpm. The spray gun pattern can be adjusted from a jet stream to loosen stubborn dirt to fan spray for rinsing away debris. The gun also has a low-pressure setting for injector chemical draw and high-pressure for rinse. The washer is enclosed in an aluminum cabinet that mounts on most trucks. 763/433-0303;


R&M Energy Systems

The Moyno HTD350 high-temperature downhole pump from R&M Energy Systems features an elastomeric stator mechanically secured to the stator tube for temperature and chemical resistance. The pump can handle temperatures to 350 degrees F and is compatible with steam injection applications without removing the stator from the well. 936/890-1064;



The SCE-M magnetic drive system and axial thrust balancing pump from Ruhrpumpen features an overhung, single-stage, radially split, end suction, centrifugal process. The pump has a centerline-mounted casing, intermediate housing and single suction. No seals are required. The maintenance-free pump is API 685 compliant. 800/334-2553;


Sattler Pump Solutions

The Brine Pump series pumps from Giant Industries and distributed by Sattler Pump Solutions feature nickel aluminum bronze suction and discharge manifold, duplex stainless steel suction and pressure valves, integrated water and cooled gear end and forged hardened steel crankshaft with polished bronze connecting rods. The pumps are available in four models with flow rates from 57 gpm at 3,800 psi to 105 gpm at 2,050 psi. 877/728-6224;



The REDA HPS horizontal high-pressure, multistage centrifugal surface pump from Schlumberger is designed as a long-term, low-maintenance alternative to slip case or reciprocating pumps. Applications include water injection and disposal, NGL and crude pipeline, amine booster, CO2 and mine dewatering. The system can handle produced solids, deliver up to 2,500 hp with volume capacity of 1,750 gpm. Assembled with either a single or tandem mechanical seal, it can be modified or upgraded as needed. 281/285-1300;



The progressive cavity multiphase pumping system from seepex can handle high 99 percent gas fractions and slugs. It does not emulsify or degrade the liquid and gaseous phases during transportation. Able to handle a high gas-to-liquid ratio and sand content, the pump system does not require parts and machining tolerances. It can handle flow rates below 150,000 equivalent barrels of oil and gas per day, as well as differential pressures up to 450 psi or higher with suitable mechanical seals. 937/864-7150;


SPX Flow Technology

Cherry-Burrell Universal 5000 Series industrial rotary positive displacement pumps from SPX Flow Technology handle settled slurries, while imparting low shear forces to the pumped product. The run-dry pumps, made of 316 stainless steel, can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F. 800/252-5200;



Diesel trash pumps from Subaru can move high volumes of trash water without clogging. Powered by a 6.8 hp, air-cooled, 4-cycle Hatz diesel engine, the PTD310T features a 3-inch discharge port and capacity of 317 gpm. The PTD410T has a 9.9 hp Hatz 1B40 engine, 4-inch discharge port and delivers up to 449 gpm. Both models are self-priming and come with an engine toolkit, two-piece hose coupling and three-piece hose band. A strainer prevents oversized debris from entering the hose. 800/277-6246;


Thompson Pump

Dry-run JSC Enviroprime centrifugal portable pumps from Thompson Pump feature automatic priming, are diesel powered and can handle up to 4-inch solids. Applications include hydraulic fracking, open pit mining, industrial plant turnarounds and bypass projects. Pumps range from 4 through 18 inches with maximum flows of 11,000 gpm and maximum discharge heads up to 660 feet. The eco-friendly system is designed to prevent blow-by leakage on the ground through the venturi opening. 800/767-7310;



The Wallenstein LN liquid normalized vacuum pump from Vacutrux is designed for cold-weather applications. The pumps connect to the chassis coolant system or independent radiator for pre-startup warming or idling and operational cooling. A fluid line from the coolant system or secondary radiator connects to the inlet and outlet ports to reduce temperatures for all-day pumping without overheating. Pumps are available in six sizes with airflows up to 1,000 cfm at 15 inches Hg. All pumps have quick-access endplates for internal inspection and no bearings to pull. Vacuum is up to 28 inches Hg. 800/801-6663;


Vertiflo Pump Co.

The Series 1100 industrial cantilever vortex pump from Vertiflo Pump Co. is made for difficult industrial service in water, corrosive chemicals and hazardous liquids. Applications include fines and slurry, solids pumping and sump drainage, flood control and process drainage to meet EPA and manufacturing requirements. The pump delivers heads to 170 feet, pump lengths to 6 feet, up to 1,600 gpm and handles temperatures to 400 degrees F. Features include semi-open impeller with external adjustment, shafts to 5 inches in diameter and NEMA C face motor. 513/530-0888;


White Star Pump Co.

The Quatro mud/slurry pump from White Star Pump Co. features high-pressure and high-low capabilities. Available in 750 hp to 2,450 hp models, the pump delivers 8,000 psi and 2,400 gpm at constant operation. 281/357-4999;


Xylem Dewatering Solutions Inc.

The Dri-Prime NC150 from Godwin, a Xylem Inc. brand, delivers up to 1,767 gpm with discharge heads up to 195 feet. Features include automatic priming system that primes and re-primes from dry to 28 feet, as well as Flygt N-technology for non-clog performance. Other features include Hard-Iron (60 HRC) impeller and insert ring, dry-running, high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with highly abrasion-resistant silicon carbide faces, and close-coupled centrifugal pump mounted to a diesel engine or electric motor. The pump can be customized with highway trailer, skid-mounted or quiet enclosure. A Dri-Prime backup system is available. 856/467-3636;

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