The TSi 150 Series of sonic drill rigs from Terra Sonic International feature a sonic oscillator utilizing 150 hp to generate 50,000 pounds of oscillating force.

The mechanical oscillation causes the drill pipe to extend and contract very rapidly, says Nate Stabler, Terra Sonic sales manager. “Even though it rotates slowly, it’s the oscillation, the elongation and contraction of the drill pipe that actually does the drilling. We’re transferring energy from a sonic drill head down the drill pipe to a drill bit with sonic resonance.”

The TSi 150 sonic rig has a drilling depth capability of 700 feet with 6-inch casing in unconsolidated geologic formations, Stabler says. “Even though it can drill through a granite boulder, it’s not designed for drilling through hundreds of feet of bedrock.”

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Maximum casing diameter is 12 inches and maximum casing length is 10 feet. Drill feed rates range from 0 to 135 fpm. The rig has a pullback force of 22,000 pounds and down force of 15,000 pounds. Unlike standard rotary rigs, sonic drill rigs do not require high pullback forces because they resonate on the way back out of the borehole, Stabler says.

“The TSi 150 retrieves perfect core samples and generates less drilling fluid waste,” Stabler says. “In-situ core samples can be taken that tell the geologist exactly what is in the formation. That’s really what’s driving sonic drilling interest,” he says. “It can drill dry where there’s no mud, air or water used.”

Featuring simplified hydraulics and low maintenance, the rigs can be skid mounted (Model TSi 150S), used with crawlers (Model TSi 150C) or mounted on a variety of truck chassis, (Model TSi 150T) sleds, floats and barges. Custom support vehicles are available.

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Used for mineral exploration, environmental studies, geothermal wells and in geotechnical construction, the rigs have full rotational drilling capacity with 87-degree head tilt. The TSi 150s are available with short stroke masts (22 feet long with 14.5 feet of head travel) and long stroke masts (32 feet long with 24.5 feet of head travel). Both mast versions enable drilling angles anywhere between vertical and 45 degrees, and incorporate an integrated hose management system within a tubular frame, utilizing a drive system that operates the feed frame with half the chain length and rollers of conventional drill rig drive methods.

The company offers a sonic head maintenance remanufactured exchange program. 740/374-6608;

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