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Asahi Crack-Resistant Polyethylene Pipe

Chem Proline from Asahi/America Inc. is a crack-resistant piping system designed for harsh liquid chemical applications and made from PE resin (PE100-RC). The complete system includes pipe, fittings, valves, leak detection, injection quills and chemical feed skids. The pipe has a 50-year life expectancy, uses no glues, has minimal thread connections, is UV resistant, and can be installed above or below ground using socket, butt or electrofusion joining methods. The pipe’s pH capability ranges from 1 to 14 with pressure up to 150 psi and temperature to 140 degrees F. It is available in sizes up to 4 inches in diameter with single- or double-wall configurations. It is suited for water treatment and chemical process applications. 800/343-3618; www.asahi-america.com.


AEGIS Voltage Test Kit

The shaft voltage test kit from AEGIS enables users to measure and document damaging VFD-induced voltages, eliminating possible bearing damage and equipment downtime. The kit includes replaceable probe tip with conductive microfibers that ensure continuous contact with a rotating motor shaft. 866/738-1857; www.est-aegis.com.

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Rockwell Automation PowerFlex AC Drives

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives from Rockwell Automation have an extended power range of 900 kW/1,300 hp and 600/690 volt ratings. The common DC bus option enables users to connect drives to a common DC bus configuration, which acts as a common energy source feeding energy from a generating load to a motoring load. Features include embedded Ethernet port and five option slots. Option modules include I/O, feedback, safety, additional communications and auxiliary power supply. 414/382-2000; www.ab.com/drives/powerflex/755.


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Sensorex pH/ORP Sensor

The flat-surface, self-cleaning S656CD pH/ORP electrode from Sensorex combined with the CPVC S675 insertion assembly enables pH measurements to be made in pressurized tanks and mainlines. The electrode features HT gels and reduced breakage potential, with four protective pads to reduce pH glass breakage. Its flat surface measuring glass design reduces coating and buildup in turbulent flows to extend electrode life and reduce maintenance. 714/895-4344; www.sensorex.com.


Fluid Dynamics dynaJET Dry Polymer System

The dynaJET dry polymer system from Fluid Dynamics is made for oil-and-gas recovery. It uses a negative-pressure pneumatic conveyance system to transport and dispense the dry polymer prior to wetting for reduced mix and hydration times, higher polymer performance and lower chemical costs. Spray nozzles wet each polymer particle as it passes through the wetting head to the mix/age tank. 888/363-7886; www.dynablend.com.

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Sierra Instruments Thermal Mass Flowmeter

The Chlorine-Track 760S thermal mass flowmeter from Sierra Instruments is designed to measure solution for chlorine injection processes. Made of Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF), the meter is corrosion and chemical resistant at both ambient and elevated temperatures. PVDF also is abrasion and flame resistant. The meter has a flow range up to 300 scfm in a 4-inch body. Features include digital display with instantaneous and totalized flow and digital Modbus RTU option for PLC/DAQ integration and analog 4-20 mA output. 800/866-0200; www.sierrainstruments.com.


Allmand Maxi-Heat Portable Heater

Maxi-Heat MH-1000 heater trailers from Allmand Bros. Inc. feature three molded poly fuel tanks, including one 50-gallon engine supply tank and two 100-gallon heater supply tanks. The trailer meets the fuel capacity limits of Transport Canada regulation CGSB 43.146, eliminating the need for subsequent tank certification. Twin heater units produce up to 1,010,000 Btus and can be operated independently, depending on heating requirements. Power is provided by a standard 1,800 rpm liquid-cooled Isuzu 3CD or optional CAT C1.5 diesel engine with regulated generator. 800/562-1373; www.allmand.com.


OPW VISI-FLO Flow Indicators

VISI-FLO 1400 (standard) and 1500 (high pressure) Series sight flow indicators from OPW Engineered Systems provide a visual means of verifying flow rates and direction while monitoring color and clarity in fluid lines. Both models are available in threaded or flanged configurations and tested at 150 percent of the rated pressure to ensure reliability. Features include maintenance-free design, dimensional interchangeability, full vacuum service rating, adequate horizontal and vertical range and four indicator types: propeller, bi-directional flapper, bi-directional plain and drip tube. 800/547-9393; www.opw-es.com.


Atlas Copco Waterwell Rig

The single-engine Series III T2W waterwell drill rig from Atlas Copco for rotary and down-the-hole drilling is designed for both air and mud applications and comes with an onboard 900/350 air compressor. The rig features a 12-rod capacity in the carousel at 3.5 inches with swing-in/swing-out back load capability for single-person operation. A rod box, mounted to the rig, carries an additional 12 rods at 3.5 inches. Total depth capacity is 480 feet. A 15,000-pound winch with two-part line is available. 800/732-6762; www.atlascopco.us.


Endress+Hauser CNGmass Flowmeters

CNGmass Coriolis flowmeters from Endress+Hauser are approved by NTEP in the U.S. for custody transfer of compressed natural gas and for fueling vehicles with CNG. Available in three sizes from 3/8 to 1 inch, the device measures mass flow up to 330 pounds per minute at fluid temperatures up to 257 degrees F and pressures to 5,080 psi. The flowmeter carries approvals for use in hazardous areas from UL, ATEX, FM, cCSAus and NEPSI. 888/363-7377; www.us.endress.com.


WPT Hydraulic Pump Drives

Hydraulic pump drives from WPT Power Corp. are available for indirect or auxiliary drives and suitable for off-highway and mobile equipment. Drives mount between the engine and power takeoff for multiple live or clutched pumps. The self-contained drive requires no external lubrication or pumps. Internal heat exchangers can be added where required. PTO clutches are available. Drives are available in four sizes with maximum torque capacities from 413 ft-lbs. through 4,650 ft-lbs. and operating speeds from 2,100 to 3,000 rpm. All units mount to standard SAE housings and provide up to eight pump mounting faces. 940/761-1971; www.wptpower.com.


McElroy Side-Bend Tester

The guided side-bend tester from McElroy enables an operator to perform a bend-back test on polyethylene pipes with 1 to 7 inches of wall thickness. The testing method places the entire wall thickness into tension, giving assurance to the ductility of joints. No external power is required. Saw, planer and calipers are needed to complete testing. 918/836-8611; www.mcelroy.com/fusion.


Metso Online Measurement Technology

Low Solids Measurement online technology from Metso enables treatment plants to measure media in difficult applications, including centrifuge centrate. Based on LED and laser technology, the system has the ability to keep measurement optics clean for continued accurate readings. It also can control polymer usage to improve throughput and centrifuge function. The device can be connected to the process and measure continuous sample flow through the system by utilizing an integrated centrifugal pump. Light sources measure absorption, scattering and depolarization. www.metso.com.


General Monitors Carbon Dioxide Detector

The Model IR700 infrared carbon dioxide point detector from General Monitors provides complete control room status, control capability for monitoring at the ppm level and does not require routine calibration. Features include a fail-safe design, heated optics to eliminate condensation, a dirty optics indicator and microprocessor-based technology to continuously monitor CO2 at a range of 0-5,000 ppm. 866/686-0741; www.generalmonitors.com.


Kaeser Aluminum SmartPipe

The aluminum SmartPipe from Kaeser Compressors Inc. is designed for dry, wet or lubricated compressed air and inert gases. Made from engineered alloys and polymers, the pipe (available in 1/2- to 6-inch diameters) will not rust and has a smooth interior for increased flow. The pipe is completely removable, reusable and can be modified to accommodate changing needs. It integrates with existing steel or copper systems and requires no threading, welding or brazing. 877/596-7138; www.kaeser.com/smartpipe.


Subsurface Supply Industrial Vacuum System

The IVAC PV500 sand, sump, rock, slurry and water handling industrial vacuum system from Subsurface Supply Inc. is capable of moving materials in industrial and environmental cleanups. The skid-mounted unit weighs 1,800 pounds, is 72 inches long, 36 inches wide and 74 inches high. The system delivers up to 100 psi, 500 cfm and 25 inches Hg. Discharge pressure is fully adjustable (1-100 psi). It has a vertical vacuum lift up to 150 feet, vertical discharge up to 500 feet and horizontal vacuum of 500 feet, horizontal discharge up to 10,000 feet. The control panel can be powered by a 12-volt DC or an intrinsically SAFE option is available for hazardous environments. 605/838-8384; www.subsurfacesupply.com.

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