Ever-changing job sites require structures, systems and services that are easily moved or quickly constructed, yet provide worker safety and comfort.

Active Deployment Systems

Mobile laundry trailers from Active Deployment Systems are available in 4-washer and 4-dryer units up to trailers with 20 front-loading washers and 20 dryers. Trailers include interior folding tables and areas to hang clothes, HVAC and full interior and exterior lighting. 866/975-4201; www.activedeployment.com.


Center Rock Inc.

The Soaphouse from Center Rock Inc. measures 8 feet by 25 feet (custom sizes available) and weighs approximately 22,000 pounds. Powered by a 30 hp variable-speed drive motor, the unit is mounted on a self-draining oil field mud boat skid. Features include high volume load/mix pump, recessed interior/exterior fluorescent lighting, recessed inlet and discharge ports, gravity-fill port, soap and water replaceable holding tanks, two 5-gallon slug tanks, water-resistant electrical boxes (480-volt, three-phase supply), 480-volt heater and port for loading/unloading tanks. An oil injection system is available. 888/267-9004; www.centerrock.com.

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Comforts of Home Inc.

The tandem-axle 12-foot emergency shower and eyewash trailer from Comforts of Home Inc. features a 450-gallon internal waste tank, oversized structural beams, steel roof and wall beams, smooth aluminum exterior siding (multiple colors available) and one-piece seamless roof. Other features include plywood walls and flooring, marine-grade subfloor and chip-resistant undercoating. Safety features include battery-powered trailer runaway protection and keyed alike class III deadbolts. Options include Kubota 7,000-watt diesel generator and onboard 400-gallon freshwater tank with heater, eliminating the need for direct hookups. Additional options include spray-in rubberized floor and aluminum trim. Winterization, electric heaters and LPG heat are available for year-round use. 847/856-8002; www.cohsi.com.


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Office trailers from DACCO Inc. are available in floor plans ranging from 8-by-20-foot to 12-by-60-foot single-wide units, and 24-by-60-foot double-wide units. Trailers are fully insulated with VCT tile floors, paneled walls, horizontal sliding windows, lockable doors and OSHA-approved stairs. All units have heat and air conditioning (central heat and air conditioning available on 10-by-50 or larger units). New, used, single or multi-office trailers are available. 888/322-2648; www.daccotrailers.com.


Fibergrate Composite Structures Inc.

The modular fiberglass spill containment system from Fibergrate Composite Structures Inc. consists of large pans created from fiberglass reinforcement embedded in a corrosion-resistant resin covered with traffic bearing, slip-resistant molded grating. The uniform flat surface enables heavy mobile drilling rigs, frac and other equipment to set on and drive over. Multiple pans can be set up in various arrangements, depending on site size and layout. The inner pan flow system permits quick spill removal, while the slip-resistant surface helps ensure against falls. The containment system is movable and reusable. 800/527-4043; www.fibergrate.com.

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The emergency shower decontamination booth from HEMCO Corp. is made from one piece of molded seamless, chemical-resistant fiberglass. It comes equipped with pullrod activated shower and push-handle eye/face wash for quick rinsing. The shower booth has a lipped front edge to contain water and drain for plumbing connection. Showers are fully assembled and ready for installation to water and waste systems. Options include audio and visual alarms that alert other personnel of the injured worker, vinyl strip curtains, grab bars, handheld body wash and lights. 800/779-4362; www.hemcocorp.com.


JAG Mobile Solutions

The 18-foot emergency shower/break room from JAG Mobile Solutions has an external emergency shower-eyewash (internal available), internal standard shower and sink, break room with locker room benches. The trailer has 725-gallon graywater capacity and 600-gallon freshwater tank, twin 13,500 Btu air conditioners with heat strip, forced-air heat, on-demand propane water heat, waste tank heaters and heavy-duty sprayed watertight flooring. Mounted on two 7,000-pound torsion axles, the trailer’s winter package enables it to operate in any climate, while the industrial interior package enables it to withstand heavy abuse. Designed to meet ANSI requirements, other features include I-beam frame, over-sized axles and tires, galvanized belly skin, aluminum wall and roof frames and heavy-duty hitch. 800/815-2557; www.jagmobilesolutions.com.


Kentucky Tank Inc.

The Pro-Pumper 250 low-profile plastic holding tank from Kentucky Tank Inc. is designed for aboveground waste storage. The 16-inch-high by 46-inch-wide and 93.5-inch-long tank has a 250-gallon capacity. Features include seven 3-inch threaded inlets and 10-inch lid with stainless steel tether. Mold-in features include forklift legs for shipping, handle for pumping and positioning and interlocking sections for stacking. The tank is FDA approved for potable drinking water. It can be heated and is available in 16 colors. 888/459-8265; www.kentuckytank.com.


Knaack Field Station Job Site Storage

The Field Station (model 119-01) secure storage station from Knaack LLC functions as a job site office for foremen, superintendents, engineers and other construction managers. Security features include the WATCHMAN five-lock system, heavy-duty, vault-style hinges and locking storage hatch. Other features include 14-gauge steel bottom to eliminate forklift damage during transport, arc-welded seams, weather stripping and rain gutter, dual gas springs for smooth opening and powder-coat paint for corrosion resistance. 800/456-7865; www.knaack.com.


McKee Technologies Inc.

The Explorer Construction Site Comfort Station from McKee Technologies Inc. is designed for industrial use in remote and extreme locations. The unit features carbon steel construction, top crane lift hooks or bottom forklift skids for loading and transport. The washroom has stainless steel sinks, fiberglass-reinforced plastic interior wall panels and metal floors. Other features include 130-gallon waste and 90-gallon freshwater tank, utility closet with access to thermostats, water and electrical service. Wired for 110-volt service and compliance inspected, the unit has a continuously welded steel outer wall, insulation and climate control systems. 866/457-5425; www.explorertrailers.com.


Nextteq LLC

Gastec iPhone app from Nextteq LLC provides access to technical information for Gastec pumps and tubes, sampling accessories, first response/hazmat testing, water and soil analysis, respirator fit testing and other gas detection kits. Tubes can be sorted by chemical, tube number or tube name and data sheets accessed. A zoom feature provides easy viewing of tube drawings with concentration scales, performance charts with measuring ranges, required pump strokes, sample times and chemical interferences. Information on sampling, pump preparation, tube reading and performing a leak test are included in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting section. 877/312-2333; www.nextteq.com.



Real-time dispatching, GPS tracking, supplier/contract management and invoicing software from Operasoft is designed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. The MODIS terminal with optional onboard touchscreen enables drivers/operators to view job lists with comments/instructions that pop up at each location. Dispatchers can track progress in real time and view work completion for open/closed service calls. A portable printer for receipts is available. 888/986-7372; www.operasoft.ca.


PolyJohn Enterprises

The MiniFlush portable flushing toilet from PolyJohn Enterprises is made for mines, temporary offices, tool cribs or wherever a full-sized portable restroom can’t be placed. Measuring 23 inches wide and weighing 33 pounds, the toilet easily fits through narrow door openings. The toilet seat rises 21 1/2 inches high and is molded to the same seat dimensions as a household unit. Only two moving parts – a flapper valve and rubber-sealed foot pump – make the unit easy to clean and service. 800/292-1305; www.polyjohn.com.


RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Inc.

The AlarmAgent.com wireless, Web-based remote monitoring and reporting system from RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Inc. can be configured to provide centralized access to multiple WRTUs at once. Features include customizable settings with options for notifying a call list once without requiring an acknowledgement, and blasting an alert to everyone on the contact list at the same time. Data can be stored for up to one year. 800/722-6999; www.racoman.com.


Rich Specialty Trailers

The towable Safety Shower Trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers has a 300-gallon onboard freshwater tank with additional 100-gallon tank available. Water can be kept warm for an immediate shower drench. City water and sewer connections are available. Features include tandem axles, large waste holding tank and low amp draw lighting. Standard and custom floor plans are available, including large shower and restroom trailers. 260/593-2279; www.richrestrooms.com.


Ritam Technologies LP

Summit Rental Profit Builder software from Ritam Technologies LP provides asset tracking, route management, customer billing, automatic emailing and optional credit card features. Its ERIT (electronic routing and inventory tracking) technology does not require GIS connections and can be operated underground and in confined areas. It is moisture, chemical and radiant tolerant. The system utilizes stainless steel, uniquely serial numbered ID tags for each asset. The data collector captures serial numbers and time/date stamps each scan. 800/662-8471; www.ritam.com.

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