Dynapac CA-series single-drum vibratory rollers

CA-series (CA5000, CA5500, CA6000 and CA6500) single-drum vibratory rollers from Dynapac feature optimized drum amplitude (0.083 inch) for greater force, automatic bouncing control that measures feedback from the drum to eliminate over compacting and an easy-to-service cross-mounted design. Other features include the ECO mode fuel conservation system and Electronic Drive Control that provides a quick brake function and tilt indicator. The rollers offer static liner loads of 280 pounds per linear inch on the CA5000, 310 pli on the CA5500, 335 pli on the CA6000 and 365 pli on the CA6500. 800/732-6762; www.dynapac.us

Electro Static iPRO bearing protection ring

The AEGIS iPRO bearing protection ring from Electro Static Technology channels harmful electrical currents away from bearings to ground. High-current applications include protecting generators, turbines and medium-voltage motors. The maintenance-free ring is available in a range of sizes to accommodate generator/motor shafts up to 30 inches in diameter. 866/738-1857; www.est-aegis.com

Rig-A-Lite MAR2 LED lighting fixture

The MAR2 LED lighting fixture from Rig-A-Lite is designed for hazardous and severe environments. Featuring a copper-free extruded aluminum housing, the unit is suitable for land drilling rigs, oil and gas production, refineries, wastewater treatment plants and wherever hazardous gases might be present. Available with an 80-watt LED system tested at 90.1 lumens per watt in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths, the light offers 60,000 hours of maintenance-free production. 713/943-0340; www.rigalite.com

ABB Coriolis mass flowmeters

CoriolisMaster FCB330 and FCB350 compact Coriolis mass flowmeters from ABB's Measurement Products are designed for measuring gases and liquids. The meters measure flow (mass and volume with accuracies to 0.1 percent), density, concentration and temperature. The double-tube design has no moving parts and requires no special up or downstream piping. The meters support pipe sizes from DN15 to DN150 (0.5 to 6 inches). 800/752-0696; www.abb.com

Emissions Technology combustion catalyst system

The UltraBurn combustion catalyst system from Emissions Technology is
designed for off-road diesel engines in mining, oil and gas drilling and production. Available in six models, the system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. It features fiberglass enclosures from Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures to withstand harsh environments. 713/691-1211; www.ultraburnccs.com

RIDGID folding pipe stand

The VF-99 folding pipe stand from RIDGID is designed for joining pipes up to 12 inches in diameter and up to 2,500 pounds. The 24-pound stand has folding rectangular profile legs (27 inches in diameter open, 7 inches closed) and comes with an ergonomic V-handle that adjusts from 28 to 58 inches high and locking ring to hold the stand in place. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com

Petersen Multi-Flex plugging systems

Multi-Flex line stop plugging systems from Petersen Products are designed for insertion through a small hot tap into a larger pressurized pipeline. The 128 Series installs a plug downstream of the tap, allowing bypass through the hot tap or nozzle insertion point, enabling flow to continue and reduce the buildup of head pressure. The 129 Series installs directly below the hot tap or nozzle and can be made for much higher pressure than the 128 Series. Custom configurations are available. 800/926-1926; www.pipeplug.com

Newson Gale static grounding clamps

Bond-Rite static grounding clamps from Newson Gale are designed to establish and continuously verify safe and low-resistance static grounding and bonding in hazardous areas. The clamp's tungsten carbide teeth contact a metal surface to establish a connection to ground, even in the presence of insulating coatings, oxidation, corrosion or excessive contact resistance. A pulsating green LED indicator provides assurance that a bond to ground continues to exist. 732/961-7610; www.newson-gale.com

KROHNE OPTISONIC 6400 flowmeter

The OPTISONIC 6400 portable ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids from KROHNE measures flow velocity, current volumetric flow and a variety of diagnostic values. The flowmeter consists of a compact evaluation unit and one or two rails, each equipped with two ultrasonic sensors. Rails are available in a variety of sizes to
accommodate different tube diameters, from 1/2 to 160 inches. The flowmeter is powered by an integrated battery with 14-hour run time or line powered with supplied adapter. Readings are displayed on a color graphic LCD screen. 800/356-9464; www.us.krohne.com

VistaVU FieldCap software tool

The FieldCap Web-based software tool from VistaVu Solutions enables companies to collect data on the use of labor, equipment and materials and transmit data back to the office with any Web-enabled device. 281/820-7855; www.vistavusolutions.com

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