Support trucks, trailers, vacuum tanks and debris-handling units keep the supply lines open and product flowing in all types of weather and terrain. Here are a few products to consider when you need to keep the goods and materials moving.

Vacuum Tanks

Century Tank & Trailer

The 144-barrel (6,048-gallon), 11,000-pound stainless steel vacuum tank from Century Tank & Trailer is engineered for transporting fresh and production water. The optional Arctic Vac system ensures cold weather operation. 320/351-8265.

Heritage Truck Equipment

The HTE 110-barrel (4,620-gallon) steel vacuum tank from Heritage Truck Equipment has 1/4-inch SA-36 steel walls with 5/16-inch flanged and dished heads, three reinforced baffles with crawl hole and full-length double-leg sills with 2-inch, no-slip grooved rubber cushion. Features include industrial-coated steel trays with hose tie downs, industrial-coated tank carriage and rear-mounted dual oversized hose hangers. The tank has a Fruitland RCF500 vacuum pump Eliminator package with integrated filter, 12-inch, low-profile primary shutoff with 3-inch hose connection and 10-gallon secondary moisture trap with 3-inch hose connection. Other features include top and rear manways, heavy-duty oil field bumpers with storage compartments, stainless steel tray-mounted toolbox, epoxy-coated interior, heated valve collars, dual rear-center 4-inch load/discharge bronze level valve and dual front-side 4-inch load/discharge level valves. There's a 4-inch inspection port at the top of the tank, three rear 5-inch sight glasses, 1-inch front-mounted sight tube, SeeLevel Annihilator tank volume indicator, tank access ladders and strobe light package. 330/699-4491;

Mid-State Tank Co.

The 1,500-gallon, two-compartment stainless steel portable restroom service truck (1,100-gallon waste/400-gallon freshwater) from Mid-State Tank Co. is mounted on a 2011 Ford F-750 chassis. The unit has a 20-inch top manway with primary, hose supports, storage cabinets, work station on both sides, restroom carrier, work lights, sight eyes for the waste compartment and sight gauge for the water compartment. Other tanks and options are available. 800/722-8384;

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Southwest Products Corp.

The M & M portable restroom truck from Southwest Products Corp. has a "hot dog" style, spring-mounted tank that optimizes weight distribution to prevent overall wear. Features include a 700-gallon waste A-36 steel tank and 400-gallon 304 stainless steel freshwater tank, primary and secondary shutoffs, custom restroom carrier, pressure and vacuum relief valves. Other features include drop tray on the driver's side, 2-inch bucket fill, 30-foot Tiger Tail hose with wand, retractable hose reel with 50-foot hose, Masport HXL 4V vacuum pump and water pump. Options include extra hose reels and compartments, chemical tanks and work stations. 602/269-3581;

Pik Rite

The 130-barrel (5,460-gallon) vacuum tank trailer from Pik Rite is engineered with trailer- or tractor-mounted pump system. Features include hose trays, full-length polished aluminum with Superliner bedliner, 10 psi internal and 22 external inches Hg, 1/4-inch shell, two 1/4-inch flat-flanged and dished stiffener baffles with rolled internal angles, 16 1/2-inch by 7-inch brakes with spring parking (ABS both axles), two-speed, heavy-duty, high-capacity lift landing legs, polished aluminum toolbox on driver's side, two 4-inch male camlock outlet with butterfly valves at rear with wedge sump, 1 1/2-inch vacuum relief, 2-inch pressure relief at top of barrel and 2-inch blow-down line on driver's side rear. Other features include three 20-inch domed top manways and one on rear head, ball-type primary in front manway and ball-type, 12-gallon secondary on driver's side front with drain, DOT lights, 2-inch sight tubes in front and rear head, 1 1/2-inch polycarbonate sight tube in rear head with cleanout tees and 2-inch top and bottom ball valves. 800/326-9763;


Crysteel Manufacturing

The Deuce two-way dump body from Crysteel Manufacturing combines rear dumping and side dumping in one body, enabling operators to dump to the rear for typical applications, as well as to the side for hard-to-reach places. Available in 9- and 11-foot lengths in high tensile and stainless steel, the body features a Lo-Boy double-acting, 11-ton capacity hoist. Other features include quick-drop tailgate, dump-thru driver's side or passenger's side gate with a fold on the opposite side and integrated tarp brackets. 800/533-0494;

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The SL medium duty dump body from DuraClass features two vertical side braces, smooth radius corners and high tensile 45,000-psi steel (additional ultra high-tensile, abrasion-resistant and stainless steel options available). An interlaced understructure supports the body floor on a grid of 8-gauge crossmembers laced to form longmembers. The weight-saving design adds floor support while minimizing washboarding. 800/255-4345;

Eclipse Wireline

The combination slickline/E-line truck from Eclipse Wireline can hold up to three wireline sizes at one time, with additional room for storing downhole tools, lube stacks and blowout preventers. The truck can accommodate an E-line and a split slickline drum. The split drum winch with hydraulic lift handles 25,000 feet of 0.108-inch/0.125-inch slickline and 30,000 feet of 5/16-inch electric line cable (7/32-inch split drum available). The winch system can handle up to 1,600 fpm for slickline and 5 to 1,300 fpm electric line drum speed. The van body is 270 inches long and 101 inches wide and features aluminum Snap-Lock construction with solid doors. The unit has a PTO-driven closed-loop hydraulic system and open-loop auxiliary hydraulic system. Other features include Mako measuring head and winchman's panel by Benchmark Wireline and a 15 kW hydraulic-driven generator. 435/713-0200;

Freightliner Trucks

The Coronado SD chassis from Freightliner Trucks, a division of Daimler Trucks North America, is available with a variety of engines, 122-inch BBC set-back front axle or set-forward axle rated at 12,000 to 20,000 pounds, rear axle rated up to 70,000 pounds, ergonomic wraparound dash and 1,900-square-inch radiator. The chassis has a non-corrosive aluminum cab with Henrob rivets used throughout and coach joints at cab roof and sidewall connections. Adhesives bond the cab's substructure to distribute forces and decrease fatigue. Other features include single- and double-channel frame rails for tensile strength up to 120,000 psi and RBM ratio up to 5 million inch-pounds per rail. 503/745-8000;

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Five Star International

The 2012 International 5900i water tanker from Five Star International has a 500 hp MaxxForce 15 engine, 18-speed transmission, Hendrickson suspension, aluminum wheels and 4,800-gallon (110-barrel) steel tank from J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers. 800/735-9400;

Hunter Truck Sales & Service

Peterbilt models 367 and 388 from Hunter Truck Sales & Service feature full double frame, 500 to 600 hp engines, 1,850-ft-lbs of torque and 18-speed Fuller transmissions. Complete winch and truck packages for frac tank and rig moving include 20,000-pound steer axles, 46,000-pound rear axles, Bransen HP 75,000-pound hydraulic winches, two-speed motors, inside and outside winch controls, full tail roller and modular full and half fender options. 866/401-4335;

Rugby Manufacturing

The Wildcat Rancher HD dump body from Rugby Manufacturing has a 3/16-inch steel tread plate floor, 12-gauge smooth steel rear apron, reinforced hitch plate and 12-gauge skirting below the body for durability. Designed for demanding jobsites and difficult working conditions, the heavy-duty body is 96 inches wide and available in 9-foot, 3-inch and 11-foot, 3-inch lengths. Features include tool boxes (24 by 18 by 18 inches) on each side of the body (12- by 16- by 18-inch rear tool box available). Also available are 8-inch side sections that utilize the outside stake pockets. 701/776-5722;

Debris Handling


The Hydro-Trencher hydroexcavating unit from Cusco is designed for excavating around fragile oil and gas pipelines, installing fiber optic cables, repairing utility lines or excavating in remote areas. The unit features directional hydro boring and vacuum removal of waste materials, including liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste. Other features include cyclonic filtration, airflow ratings of 3,500 to 5,500 cfm generating 28 inches Hg, as well as a wash pump capable of 18 gpm at 3,000 psi and high-pressure waterjetting. Tank volume is 3,000 to 3,500 USG. Options include high-pressure wash system, stainless steel tank, heated valves, enclosed hot water burner system, storage cabinets/standup lockers and a range of configurations to meet unique applications. 800/490-3541;


The HV57 High Dump debris body from GapVax can offload into a standard roll-off container. The unit features a 72-inch dump height in the fully raised position with the body down, 61-inch dump height in the fully raised position with the body dumped and 22-inch rearward travel (no need to move the truck with the body elevated). The dump body is available on GapVax industrial vacuum loaders as well as hydrovax models that include a 5,300 cfm, 28 inch Hg vacuum pump and 15- or 17-cubic-yard debris body. 888/442-7829;

Guzzler Manufacturing

The CL industrial vacuum loader with Vactor HXX hydroexcavation option from Guzzler Manufacturing handles standard wet/dry industrial cleaning, potholing, excavation and oil and gas field support. The hydroexcavation option cleans and recovers solids and dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick sludge. The unit delivers up to 20 gpm of water at up to 2,500 psi, depending on pump selection, pressure adjustment and nozzle tip configuration. The 600-gallon dual water tank allows for 3.5 hours of continuous operation. An external water tube allows the operator to check levels. The truck is equipped with a 1/2-inch by 50-foot hose reel rated at 3,000 psi and 8-inch vacuum tube package. Cold weather options are available individually or as a complete package. 800/627-3171;

Hi-Vac Corporation

The Aquatech F-Series combination jetting and vacuum unit from Hi-Vac Corporation features a cylindrical top, front-loading debris tank engineered for use with a positive displacement blower, telescopic, top-loading, self-supporting boom with 180-degree hydraulic boom rotation and flexible joint protector to prevent kinks, splits and tears. The internal air vac valve enables the operator to develop maximum vacuum in the debris tank as well as stop vacuum at the boom inlet for safety. The single engine power system offers fuel savings, lower maintenance costs and reduced noise levels. 800/752-2400;

Jetstream of Houston

The 3000 Series UNx bareshaft waterjetting pump from Jetstream of Houston, a division of Federal Signal Corp., is designed for a variety of applications, including testing the strength and integrity of drill and production pipe, casing or tubing in oil fields and pipe yards. The pump is capable of up to 150 hp (112 kW) power input. UNx fluid ends are engineered for pressure conversions (5,000 to 40,000 psi) in the field to fully utilize available power for applications requiring higher flow or pressure. 800/231-8192;

Supervac 2000

The SVCT 4000 combination unit from Supervac 2000 has a 3,800 scfm, 27 inches Hg vacuum pump and 65 gpm at 2,000 psi water pump. Features include 2,400 USG, carbon steel debris tank, hydraulic dump, full-opening rear door and hydraulic door lock. The 1,500-gallon, carbon steel water tank is part of the main debris tank. Other features include positive displacement, rotary-lobe displacement blower producing 3,800 cfm (free air) and 2,800 cfm at 27 inches Hg with silencer mounted to reduce vibration and noise, cyclone type secondary and cartridge tertiary filtration stages, Myers Pump 2,000 psi model D65-20 triplex pump, hose reel with 500 feet of 1-inch diameter (2,500 psi working pressure and 6,250 psi burst pressure) hose mounted on the front bumper. The top-mounted, hydraulically-powered 25-foot boom has 210-degree rotation and is capable of lifting 700 pounds fully extended. It has an 8-inch-diameter suction hose and aluminum extension pipe, auxiliary hose reel with 50 feet of 1/2-inch-diameter hose capacity, winter circulation system, level indicator, low water alarm, nozzles, handgun and accessories. 866/839-5702;


The AllExcavate hydroexcavator from Vacall offers a combination of vacuum and jetting to safely and efficiently clean frac tanks and vessels, expose underground utility lines and infrastructure and remove mud and dirt from drilling rigs and trucks. Designed by Gradall Industries, the 8-foot, 6-inch telescoping boom at the rear of the chassis has a 310-degree radius for convenience and productivity. The single-engine design offers fuel savings, eliminates emissions and reduces downtime for routine maintenance. The unit features the AllSmartFlow CANbus system with controls inside a protective cabinet that enables operators to make precise adjustments while using the programmable color LCD screen that displays engine performance, water flow and vacuum functions. A fully proportional pendant, wired or wireless, provides control away from the chassis. Features include double-cyclone, multi-stage vacuum filtration system designed to reduce maintenance and extend life. As material is deposited into the debris body, air continues to move through a dual-cyclone separator where material particles and moisture are removed. Filtered air then passes through the blower, silencer and exhaust. 800/382-8302;


J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers

DynaHauler PVT 130-barrel (5,460-gallon) trailers from J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers are engineered for the demands of oil and gas fields. Features include full-penetration submerged arc welds, Cor-Ten suspension subframe, 1/4-inch heads, shell, anti-surge baffles, Fruitland RCF 500 vacuum pump, LED lighting, three manways, cold-weather sump, SP6 shot blast and Sherwin-Williams Genesis acrylic polyurethane paint. The cold-weather sump utilizes liquid surge to prevent valves from freezing. Options include electric valve heaters for added protection in cold weather, full-length catwalk, aluminum hose trays, interior tank liner, toolboxes and onboard scales. 800/777-2671;


Chemical stake or tote beds from Ledwell are designed to service and maintain mobile storage tanks on drilling locations, providing motor oil, methanol and antifreeze, along with other fluids for production and maintenance. Tote beds are built according to needs and are available with Blackmer pumps, Hannay hose reels, Veeder-Root flowmeters and Maxilift cranes. 888/533-9355;

Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters

The TRS-2500 trailer package pressure washer from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters is designed for cleaning heavy construction and mining equipment where water supply is not always available. The hot pressure washer produces up to 200 degree F hot water to cut through grease, oil and dirt (steam capability standard). Built to UL safety standards, the pressure washer has a high-density, 200-gallon polyethylene water tank, produces 4.7 gpm at 3,500 psi hot water, electric start and generator (battery installed). Other features include high-pressure and low-pressure hose reels, two saddle boxes and rock guard, cool bypass that circulates water back through the tank for extended run times and 39-inch tongues with swing-away hinge for easy storage. 800/771-1881;

TWI Oilfield Fabrication

Flare trailers from TWI Oilfield Fabrication are available in both stationary and portable designs in 20-, 40- and 60-foot lengths (custom lengths and designs available). Trailers feature precise axle placement for optimum load distribution and easy towing. A variety of ignition systems are available. Trailers are mmcfd rated and wind load certified up to 90 mph. 970/625-1844;

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