Keeping equipment clean, production flowing and workers safe in remote locations requires high-pressure cleaning and protective devices.

Pumps, blowers

A.R. North America

The Annovi Reverberi RTP30.60 wet end triplex plunger pump from A.R. North America delivers up to 7.9 gpm and 8,700 psi. Designed to pump water as well as liquids of similar viscosity, features include hardened, heat-treated SST plungers with long-life coating and forged brass manifolds for better flow and no porosity. Other features include a triple-stage sealing system and newly designed valves. The drive end has a vibration-resistant, cast iron crankcase, forged crankshaft, bronze connecting rods, oversized taper roller bearings and dual-lip plunger rod oil seals. Multiple mounting holes offer a retrofit for many Cat, Prarissoil and Giant pump models. 800/893-4235;


The VTB.XL series of air-injected, positive displacement blowers from Hibon, a division of Ingersoll Rand, provide 900 to 7,000 cfm with maximum vacuum greater than 28 inches Hg, achieved via an air injection system that allows cooling air to enter the blower at the exhaust. Cool air reduces the rate of thermal expansion of the lobes at higher vacuum to control the clearances between the lobes and housing. Location of the cooling air near the exhaust of the blower ensures the air will exit through the exhaust and not escape into the inlet. The design eliminates water cooling, heat exchangers, oil consumption and effluent. Other features include improved sealing and oil capacity for increased performance and lower maintenance. 888/704-4266;

NLB Corp.

The 605 Series of waterjet pumps from NLB Corp. offers engines up to 600 hp. The triplex plunger pumps can be converted to any of eight operating pressures, from 4,000 psi to 40,000 psi. Flows range from 20 to 200 gpm. The diesel-powered units are available with three engine options: 475, 525 or 600 hp. 800/441-5059;

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Jetters, Jet-Vacs, pressure washers, safety apparel

Amazing Machinery

Designed to clean 2- to 6-inch lines, the portable jetter from Amazing Machinery has a Honda GX390 commercial quality overhead valve, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with low oil automatic shutdown. The J/E4040HG-AM delivers 4,000 psi and 4 gpm. The unit is pressure adjustable and includes the Aqua Pulse feature. The hand-carry hose reel enables users to jet inside while the machine runs safely outside. The aircraft aluminum cart and jetter reel stand have a lifetime warranty. Accessories include 150 feet of 1/4-inch Dyna-Flex jetter hose, three nozzles, 50 feet of lead hose, ball valve and washdown kit. 800/504-7435;

FNA Group

The Simpson Water Shotgun WSJ8030 waterjetter from the FNA Group delivers 3,000 psi at 8 gpm through 250 feet of Armor Hose. The jetter is powered by a Honda GX630 commercial series V-twin electric-start engine. Features include a frame-mounted hose reel or carted version with foot control activation system, roll-cage design and high-capacity float tank. A portable 6-gallon fuel tank and four jetter nozzles come standard. 847/348-1500;


The HV56 hydroexcavator from GapVax is designed for most wet/dry vacuum projects. It has a 15-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options ranging from 350 to 1,200 gallons. Features include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 3,500 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The tailgate is fully opening with a field adjustable hinge and dual cylinders. It also has four hydraulically powered locks for a complete seal. Options include cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, high rail package, washdown system, stainless steel body and high dump system. 888/442-7829;

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The rotating hose device (RHD) from Hammelmann is designed to meet the high-flow and high-pressure requirements of most pipe and line cleaning applications. The rotary cleaner features maintenance-free high-pressure packing and is rated to 105 gpm and 21,000 psi. The large interior bore of the rotary input shaft eliminates pressure loss, while the low-consumption pneumatic motor enables the operator to rotate up to 1-inch I.D. high-pressure hose without bulky power packs or large rotating hose reels. A heavy-duty adjustable hose feeder assembly, available in steel or aluminum, controls the direction and feed rate of the hose. A variety of cutting heads and nozzles are available. 800/783-4935;

Hi-Vac Corp.

The O'Brien 704030-SC trailer jetter from Hi-Vac Corp. delivers high pressure without loss of flow. Measuring 235 inches long, 84 inches wide and 66 inches high, the jetter weighs 4,200 pounds. Features include the 190-degree swivel reel for easy manhole access, 700-gallon water capacity, 40 gpm at 3,000 psi triplex pump, 85 hp, water-cooled diesel engine and 17-gallon fuel capacity. The jetter has 400 feet of 3/4-inch high-impact thermoplastic hose with 750-foot, 3/4-inch hose reel capacity. Other features include 3/4-inch penetrator and flusher nozzles, 20-foot contrasting color leader hose, tool tray, and 2-inch PVC fill pipe system with 2 1/2-inch hydrant hose connection. 800/752-2400;

Jenny Products

Steam Jenny belt-drive cold pressure washers from Jenny Products are powered by 9 or 13 hp Honda GX Series engines and feature a triplex ceramic plunger pump. Pressures range from 3,000 to 4,000 psi with flow from 3 to 4 gpm. Designed for heavy use, the washers feature a pulley system that turns the pump slower than units coupled to the engine crankshaft for extended service life. The belt also absorbs engine vibration, enabling the pump to be located farther from engine heat. 814/445-3400;

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Jetstream of Houston

The X-Series mobile waterblast unit from Jetstream of Houston is designed for pipe and heat exchanger cleaning in refineries and for drilling pipe, platform and storage tank cleaning in oilfields. The unit has a greaseless spread bearing PTO, integrated filter and water tank system for extended component life and increased operating time. Other features include the UNx fluid end system for fast conversion between 5,000 and 40,000 psi operating pressures. 800/231-8192;

Pressure Lift

The Power Booster from Pressure Lift, available in 3-, 4- and 6-inch models, provides vertical lift and long-hose capability, while shortening project time and cutting maintenance cost in pumping applications. Powered by compressed air or water, the booster handles a range of viscous liquids, from water to drilling mud and heavy municipal sludge. Made of aluminum, units are reversible, allowing for slurry suspension, potholing or breaking up crusty sludge. 972/355-0550;

Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters

The TRS-6000 pressure washer trailer from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters features a double-axle design rated up to 6,000 pounds and has a 330-gallon polyethylene water tank. Paired with a 200-degree F hot-water, 3,500 psi pressure washer, the unit cleans heavy greases, oil and dirt (steam capability is standard) and is built to UL-1776 safety standards. Features include gasoline or diesel engine and 2- by 3-inch structural tubing with powder coat finish. Hose reel kits, toolbox, 24- or 45-gallon fuel tank and utility rack are available. 800/771-1881;

Sioux Corp.

The SCR advanced temperature control for EN-Series, all-electric pressure washers and steam cleaners from Sioux Corp. adjusts outlet water temperature, extends the life of critical components and reduces maintenance costs. The SCR can control outlet temperature by ±1 degree F. It is controlled by a solid-state device. A digital readout display module shows the set and actual outlet water temperature. Up and down keys adjust the settings. 888/763-8833;

Stutes Enterprise Systems

The Stingray AFL tube bundle cleaner from Stutes Enterprise Systems features a compact, lightweight design that sets up in minutes and bolts to existing exchanger flanges. The unit accepts most flex lances, regardless of length or size, for all 10,000-, 20,000- and 40,000-pound pressure requirements. It also can be used to clean single pipes. The remote, automated flex lance positioned with remote dump system allows operators to be up to 25 feet away from high-pressure waterblasting. 866/362-9332;

The Soil Surgeon Inc.

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool from The Soil Surgeon Inc. is designed to fit any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescopic 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power with truck controls. Features include 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles fabricated to the tube to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six jets boring outward bring the tube down. Bumpers on the bottom protect the jets and lines the tool might contact. 949/363-1401;

US Jetting

Safety clothing from US Jetting, designed to protect jetter operators, is rated to resist a rotary or flat jet up to 7,500 psi and straight gun jet up to 3,000 psi. The clothing features Dyneema material that is stronger than Aramid or Kevlar and is available as jackets, trousers or complete suits. Gloves will soon be available. 800/538-8464;

Vacall Industries

The AllExcavate hydroexcavator from Vacall Industries can clean frac tanks and vessels, expose underground utility lines and infrastructure and remove mud and dirt from drilling rigs and trucks. Designed and built by Gradall Industries Inc., the hydroexcavator has an 8-foot, 6-inch telescoping boom at the rear of the chassis and reaches in a 310-degree radius. The single-engine design reduces fuel consumption, eliminates emissions and reduces downtime for maintenance. Features include the AllSmartFlow CANbus system with controls inside a protective cabinet. The control enables operators to make precise adjustments while using a programmable color LCD display that relates information about engine performance, water flow and vacuum functions. A fully proportional pendant, wired or wireless, provides control away from the chassis. Other features include double-cyclone filtration and multi-stage vacuum filtration system. 800/382-8302;

Containment systems, cleanup Consolidated Fabricators Corp.

Emergency response equipment containers or ERB from Consolidated Fabricators Corp. are available in three models: stationary, ready to go and mobile. The containers enable personnel to quickly respond to hazardous waste, natural disaster or medical emergencies. Packages are available with a range of equipment and materials or can be custom built. 800/635-8335;

Husky Portable Containment

The oil containment boom from Husky Portable Containment has a high-tensile-strength top cable with heavy-duty ballast chain and strong connection point, enabling it to be towed and spread quickly in emergency response situations. The 18-inch, V6 boom is designed for moderate to choppy waters in lakes, rivers, bays and coastal areas. The 24-inch, V8 high-performance barrier is made for slightly choppy to rough waters in large lakes, rivers, coastal areas and ocean environments. The 36-inch V12 boom is designed for open waters and ocean environments. The boom is made from heavy-duty PVC with aluminum extrusion connectors, stainless steel hardware and anchor pins. 800/260-9950;


The BermPac UV- and chemical-resistant spill berm from PacTec can be fitted with bracketed, popup or drive-thru sidewalls. Options include protective ground cover and/or track guard. The berm can be used as a wash pad and as portable secondary containment for roll-off containers, frac tanks, tanker trucks, drum storage, portable pumps and emergency response vehicles. 800/272-2832;

SEI Industries

Secondary containment berms from SEI Industries' Environmental Products Group are designed to prevent fuel or chemical spills. The Insta-Berm (L-Rod) has L-shaped rods that fold down to allow entry into the containment area by a vehicle while the Insta-Berm (Frame) is supported by an aluminum frame that is assembled with one tool. The Ride-Side Berm contains materials during the refueling of vehicles or as secondary containment for tanker vehicles. The berm has a collapsible wall for vehicle access. Tank Trays are designed for rail car containment. Options include Drip Defender all-purpose spill pad and Mini-Berm for transferring material from one small container to another. It also can be used a part of a small-scale decontamination wash station. 855/734-8265;

Super Products

The Durasucker liquid vacuum truck from Super Products is DOT/ASME approved for use in industrial and environmental cleanups. Featuring a 3,200-gallon payload capacity, the unit is designed for removing and transporting liquids, sludge and semi-solid waste. The 72-inch carbon steel cargo tank has a maximum working pressure of 35 psig internal and 15 psig external (full vacuum). The cargo tank is ASME-certified and meets DOT412 specification for hauling hazardous materials on the highway. 800/837-9711;

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