At the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International, gas, oil and mining support contractors will see a wide assortment of equipment to enhance revenue and build efficiency.

Ask any regular attendee of the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International what keeps bringing them back and their list of highlights will include seeing the latest products and services in one gigantic location. With hundreds of vendors in Indianapolis this year, it'll be a challenge to see it all.

To make sure you don't miss out on any of the breakthrough industry offerings at the Indiana Convention Center, there's an interactive floor plan on the Expo website ( Whether you're a first-time visitor or longtime guest, we're certain the 33rd annual Expo will have all you need to build efficiency and profitability for your business.

Here's a look at some of the products and services you won't want to miss.

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Truck Accessories, Tanks

Air-Weigh Scales

The LoadMaxx on-board scale from Air-Weigh Scales provides weight information for drive suspension, steer suspension, lift axle, GVW and net payload. The on-screen menu enables setup and calibration. Weights are displayed on an in-cab display. An alarm warns drivers when they are reaching maximum legal weight. 888/459-3444;; Booth 2278.

Allied Tank Co.

The 4,000-gallon aluminum vacuum truck from Allied Tank Co. has a NVE Challenger 866 pump mounted on an International chassis. 800/355-1300;; Booths 5344, 5345.

Banjo Corp.

Full port stubby and manifold stubby valves from Banjo Corp. are available in 2- and 3-inch sizes. Features include stainless steel ball, handle and stem, padlock cable handle, 100 psi, FTFE ball seats, glass-filled polypropylene, FKM (Viton style) body seals and stainless steel bolts. 765/362-7367;; Booth 1325.

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Crescent Tank Mfg.

The all-in-one rectangular vacuum tank from Crescent Tank Mfg. features a low-profile design with low center of gravity for hauling portable restrooms, pipe and additional water tanks. Liquid waste is held inside the tank, along with a separate freshwater poly tank. The vacuum tank can be configured for volumes from 100 to 2,000 gallons. 585/657-4104;; Booths 1102, 1103.

Mid-State Tank Co.

Aluminum and stainless steel tanks from Mid-State Tank Co. are available in capacities up to 5,500 gallons. Features include 20-inch top manway, 20-inch rear manway, primary, three 5-inch sight eyes, pressure-relief valve, 4-inch inlet, 6-inch discharge and heavy-duty rear bumper. Tanks are DOT and ISO 9001-2008 registered. 800/722-8384;; Booths 6312, 6313, 6317.

Pelican Worldwide

The solid brass lever valve for vacuum trucks from Pelican Worldwide is available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. The easy-opening, lever-action slider valve is made of brass with threaded connections. 713/862-5557;; Booth 1112.

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Pik Rite

The 3,600-gallon vacuum tank from Pik Rite includes a 12-inch low-profile primary with stainless steel float ball and internal plumbing to frame-mounted secondary, oil catch muffler, 20-inch top manway, ladder, 20-inch rear manway with 6-inch discharge and 4-inch inlet with standpipe. Other features include aluminum hose trays, 2-inch by 6-inch tubular bumper, dual vacuum and pressure reliefs. 800/326-9763;; Booths 4217, 4220.

Satellite Industries

The MD1600 steel tank from Satellite Industries is made from 1/4-inch A 36 carbon steel and features an epoxy powder-coated water compartment complemented by stainless steel hose trays and dual stainless steel storage cabinets. The drop-down workstation provides access to service hose and cleaning supplies. Standard bolt-on hose trays provide easy repair and maintenance. 800/328-3332;; Booth 4034.

SVE Portable Roadway Systems

The TRAKMAT ground cover mat system from SVE Portable Roadway Systems, made from high-density polyethylene, is designed to move work vehicles across fields or sandy areas, prevent surface damage, or keep the vehicle from getting stuck. Custom colors available. Logo can be added for on-site advertising. 800/762-8267;; Booth 6334.

Pumps, Blowers


Valveless, self-priming rotary lobe pumps from Boerger are available in 17 models and six series with flow rates up to 5,000 gpm. The screw rotor delivers pulsation-free and smooth flow patterns and reversible flow. The DPL double-acting mechanical seal enables the pump to handle difficult, hazardous and most viscous materials. 612/435-7300;; Booths 2461, 2462.

BRUDON Air Vac/Kay International

The KAIV series blower from BRUDON Air Vac/KAY International delivers 27 inches Hg of continuous high vacuum for wet or dry truck-mounted applications. Five models offer airflow from 850 to 5,300 cfm. Features include air-injection cooling and low-pulsation tri-lobe impellers. 780/440-1634;; Booth 4344.

CEI Chandler Equipment Inc.

Jurop RV Series vacuum pumps and CEI Chandler Equipment Inc. packages operate at or near 73 dBA. The RV360 has a recommended input speed of 1,100-1,300 rpm with output of 360 cfm at free air and 332 cfm at 18 inches Hg. The RV520 has a recommended input speed of 1,100-1,300 rpm with output of 520 cfm at free air and 466 cfm at 18 inches Hg. 800/342-0887;; Booth 5171.

Champion Pump Co.

The 35-pound CPEH5 pump from Champion Pump Co. is designed for long pipe runs or high static heads. It can pump through the equivalent of 5,200 feet of 2-inch pipe (based on 5-inch static head) and handle 3/4-inch solids. Features include 115-volt PSC motor (230-volt optional) and 20-foot power cord (50-foot available). 800/659-4491;; Booth 2377.

Fruitland Mfg.

The Eliminator MK250 pump package from Fruitland Mfg., designed for the portable sanitation service industry, includes the RCF250 continuous-duty vacuum pump (180 cfm), secondary shutoff, oil-catch muffler, drive coupling, vacuum/pressure gauge, relief and drain valves. Hydraulic or gearbox drive available. The package is 26 inches wide and 23 inches tall. 800/663-9003;; Booth 6007.

GEA Houle

The XPulse twin-piston, positive displacement pump from GEA Houle features two hydraulically powered, alternate-moving pistons that enable the pump to maintain a constant transfer flow to main storage, digester, dewatering system or irrigation. 819/477-7444;; Booth 1078.

General Pump

The M Series line of pumps from General Pump is designed for liquids and muds typical of the drilling industry. Features include self-cleaning valves, abrasion-resistant packings and valves, high-heat dissipation and splash lubrication. An auxiliary PTO shaft is available. 888/474-5487;; Booth 3207.

Gorman-Rupp Co.

The Prime Aire Plus line of pumps from Gorman-Rupp Co. feature up to 8-inch flanged discharge sizes, flows up to 4,950 gpm and heads to 475 feet. Designed for clear liquids and large solids, pumps are coupled to the latest EPA Tier-compliant engines or energy-efficient electric motors. 419/755-1251;; Booth 1239.

Hydra-Tech Pumps

The S3SHR, 3-inch hydraulic drive submersible shredder pump (portable or fixed) from Hydra-Tech Pumps is designed to continuously rip and shear solids with 360-degree action. Features include open-vane shredder impeller with tungsten carbide cutting tip. Combined with HT11 to HT20 power units, the pump is capable of flow to 450 gpm. 570/645-3779;; Booth 1367.

Moro USA

Bolt & Go diesel-driven pump packages from Moro USA are self-contained vacuum systems for industrial duty vacuum trailers, trucks or stationary applications. Packages come fully assembled and include a 42 hp Duetz engine, 18-gallon fuel tank and battery. The package weighs 1,900 pounds and is 63 inches long and 36 inches wide. 800/383-6304;; Booth 3122.

Muncie Power Products

Optimum Series gear pumps with Opti-Grip Technology from Muncie Power Products have a 13-tooth gear design for reduced hydraulic pressure pulses and hydraulic noise. The series is available in three frame sizes with flow rates from 6 to 62 gpm at 1,000 rpm and pressure capabilities up to 4,350 psi. The bi-rotational pumps feature side and rear ports. 800/367-7867;; Booth 2010.


The PCT1500 12-volt pump system from PumpTec features 800 psi working pressure for knocking down grime without a scrub brush. The pump delivers 1.5 gpm flow and is fitted with a gun-activated pressure switch for longer motor life. The Derringer spray gun is included. 866/857-7078;; Booth 1003.

Rain for Rent

The Total Dynamic Head Calculator app for iOS devices from Rain for Rent is based on Hazen-Williams equations. Users enter the hydraulic parameters of their pumping system and the app returns TDH. It estimates both suction-side and discharge-side hydraulic losses, features NPSH estimation, and suggests combinations of standard pipe materials and pipe sizes. 800/742-7246;; Booth 1227.

Septic Services

The STA80AL Whirlwind pump from Septic Services has an integrated audible alarm and warning lights. It has an open flow rate of 2.9 cfm at 2.18 psi, weighs 16 pounds, measures 10 by 7 by 7 1/2 inches and can accommodate tanks up to 750 gpd, 80 liters/minute. 800/536-5564;; Booth 3118.

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Company

The HT trash pump from Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Company is designed to handle large solids and abrasive materials. Pumps can handle up to 3-inch solids and are available in 4-, 6- and 8-inch sizes with performance up to 2,600 gpm and 168 feet of head. 800/767-7310;; Booth 4014.

Westmoor Ltd.

The Conde ProVac industrial liquid waste pumping system from Westmoor Ltd. is designed for grease trap and other industrial pumping. Pumping 120 gpm, a switch starts the vacuum mode. Built-in exhaust deodorizer keeps odor at a minimum. A switch turns on the pressure mode for offloading. 800/367-0972;; Booth 5124.


IQ Series rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang eliminate 50 percent of the parts that make up a typical rotary lobe pump wet end. Features include an integrated flange design that enables a flange to be used in a 90-degree or gooseneck arrangement. The pump remains flooded to ensure a strong prime and extended dry run. 800/984-9400;; Booth 1048.

Cleaning Systems

GPM Pump and Truck Parts & Service

The Sewer Duck jetter from GPM Pump and Truck Parts & Service can be custom built to needed specifications. Options include Myers E80-25 and D65-20 pumps, choice of Cummins engines and cold weather systems. 630/543-7373;; Booth 2100.

Hammelmann Corp.

The XXL automatic tank cleaning head from Hammelmann Corp. is designed to remove hard scale buildup from large tanks and pipes. Using high pressure water, the nozzle arm rotates the cleaner around its vertical axis. The head can be operated with pressures up to 23,000 psi and flow rates of 150 gpm. 800/783-4935;; Booth 3109.

Hot Jet USA

The Hot Jet II hot-cold waterjetter from Hot Jet USA cleans lines from 2 to 12 inches in diameter. The steel deck trailer is engineered to haul a 330-gallon water tank. Features include General Pump Emperor Series (8.5 gpm at 3,600 psi) pump and Vanguard engine. The oil-fired system heats water to 110 to 140 degrees F. 800/213-3272;; Booth 5444.

Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters

The SJPE-1500 portable jetter from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters operates on 115-volt electricity and delivers 1.7 gpm at 1,500 psi. Features include 35-foot power cord, detachable hose reel and slide-in handle to accommodate loading and unloading. Designed for 2- to 4-inch pipes, the jetter has a steel roll cage chassis, triplex pump and Baldor motor. 800/771-1881;; Booth 6324.

USB - Sewer Equipment Corp.

The Turbo III flexible chain cutter from USB - Sewer Equipment Corp. features a teardrop-shaped skid made of temperate stainless steel. The chain retainer, driven by a high-performance turbine, removes roots, grease and mineral deposits from 10- to 20-inch sewer lines (up to 30 inches with extension kit). The guide skid can be adjusted in 1/16-inch increments. 866/408-2814;; Booth 5043.

Hoses, Reels


The Brawny reel upgrade from Coxreels is available for any hand crank and motorized 1125 Series hose reel. The upgrade features an option that strengthens the discs and drum. Reels are made from 10-gauge steel plates welded into each disc to keep them from bowing. The center drum is thickened and upgraded from 16-gauge to 14-gauge steel. 800/269-7335;; Booth 4122.

Hannay Reels

The HDD6200 series jetting hose reel from Hannay Reels has a heavy-duty swivel base, guide arm and operator handle for precise payout. Rotating ball bearings enable the swivel base to move freely in any mounting position. The reel handles high-pressure liquids through a single 3/4-inch to 1-inch I.D. hose. 877/467-3357;; Booth 5027.

Kuriyama of America

The Tigerflex Amphibian abrasion-resistant, polyurethane-lined suction hose from Kuriyama of America is designed for wet and dry applications. The hose features a static dissipative cover, Cold-Flex materials to remain flexible in subzero temperatures, and an oil-resistant liner. 847/755-0360;; Booth 3021.

Piranha Hose Products

The 1 1/2-inch, 2,500 psi sewer cleaning hose from Piranha Hose Products features a yellow, polyolefin tube, double layer of high-tensile synthetic braid reinforcement and abrasion-resistant orange cover. Temperate range is -40 to 150 degrees F. The Slither cover is available for tough sewer bends. 800/250-5132;; Booth 3017.

Reelcraft Industries

Series SD10000 low-profile, spring retractable hose reels from Reelcraft Industries are designed to hold up to 50 feet of 3/4- and 1-inch hose for air, water, oil, fuel and vacuum recovery. Features include external drive spring and bolted frame. The low profile is suited for mounting in truck cabinets and limited-space areas. 800/444-3134;; Booth 1373.


The 3/6 Blast-Pro flex lance from SPIR STAR has a 1/2-inch end fitting O.D. and 40,000 psi working pressure. It is available with 1/4-inch 28 and 3/8-inch 24 male nipple ends and can be used in 40,000 psi tube cleaning with the StoneAge Banshee BN13 nozzle. 800/890-7827;; Booth 2002.

Pipe Repair

Flow-Liner Systems Ltd.

The Multi-System trailer from Flow-Liner Systems Ltd. enables contractors to line 1/2- through 2-inch I.D. potable water services as well as 2- through 6-inch I.D. drains. The trailer also has a robotic cutting system for a finished installation. 800/348-0020;; Booth 4234.

Reed Manufacturing

DM2100 drilling machines from Reed Manufacturing can cut or drill through cast iron, ductile iron, C900 PVC and PE water mains while under pressure. The machines use Reed D series drill bits or hole cutters. A variety of kits are available for drilling 3/4- to 2-inch pipe. 800/666-3691;; Booth 1083.

Savatech Corp.

Large, multi-size pillow-shaped pneumatic blocking and bypass plugs for 24- to 120-inch-diameter pipes from Savatech Corp. are made from Kevlar-reinforced rubber. Plugs can be used in large round, oval or elliptical pipelines, (concrete, plastic and iron) and folded lengthwise and inserted through tight access points. 888/436-9778;; Booth 5453.

Sewer Seal Technologies

CureLight UV-curable resin from Sewer Seal Technologies is designed for use in underground structures, water and wastewater treatment plants. It also is available as a fiberglass and UV-curable resin composite patch that bonds to concrete, block and brick. It is hand-applied in the field and cures in seconds with a hand-held UV light. 513/253-8461; Booth 4348.


BW Technologies by Honeywell

GasAlertMax XT II monitors from BW Technologies by Honeywell detect H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles. Fully compatible with the MicroDock II automated test and calibration system, the unit features one-button operation and motorized pump for remote sampling and multi-sensory alarms, including visual, audible and vibrating. The pump inlet has a quick-connect for accessories. 888/749-8878;; Booth 4138.

Milwaukee Rubber Products

The GasAlertQuattro gas detector from Milwaukee Rubber Products detects and features one-button operation. The graphic LCD displays information icons, including bump test and calibration status for on-site auditing. IntelliFlash provides continuous visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance. The unit is fully compatible with BW Technologies by Honeywell's MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system. 800/325-3730;; Booth 3032.

PowerTrack International

The Safety Shroud from PowerTrack International is designed to add operator protection from hose- or end-fitting failure. Available in 6- and 10-foot lengths, the shroud has two layers of stainless steel braiding and red outer cover made from Nitrile rubber for oil and abrasion resistance. Adapters are available in 3/8- or 1/2-inch female NPT configurations. 800/365-1577;; Booth 1108.

US Jetting

Safety clothing and gloves from US Jetting offer protection up to 7,250 psi, including hose bursts or nozzles coming out of pipes. The waterproof gloves with Dyneema fiber have a rough, sand-patterned surface for a solid grip and inner glove for comfort. 800/538-8464;; Booths 5333, 5334.


Recommended Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment from WJTA - IMCA features a section on the operation of automated equipment and a color-coding scheme for pressure hoses and applicable working conditions. It also has revised information about goals, responsibilities, dealing with accidents, pre-service and operational checklists and procedures. 314/241-1445;; Booth 4200.

Inspection Systems

Aries Industries

The LETS (lateral evaluation television system) wheeled tractor from Aries Industries can inspect mainline sewers 36 inches in diameter and launch into and televise laterals 3 inches in diameter. Mainline video is viewed through a fixed-mounted camera on the crawler. Lateral video is produced by a pan-and-tilt push camera with self-cleaning wiper. 800/234-7205;; Booth 5158.


The combination CCTV/Electro Scan truck accessory from MTech automatically identifies and quantifies cracks, joints and service connection defects in sewer mains and laterals. Model ES-38 is designed for 3- to 8-inch-diameter sewer laterals and Model ES-620 for 6- to 20-inch sewer mains. 800/362-0240;; Booth 2215.


The SeeSnake Max rM200 camera system from RIDGID is made for inspection lines up to 200 feet long and 1.5 to 6 inches in diameter. Features include improved reel mechanics for easier passage through tight turns, compact camera and abrasion-resistant cable. The system is compatible with SeeSnake monitors, including CS10 and CS1000 digital recording machines. 800/769-7743;; Booth 1243.

Rothenberger USA

The Roscope 1000 video scope self-leveling color inspection camera from Rothenberger USA is designed for duct, drain and pipe inspection. The camera head keeps the picture upright and prevents loss of orientation. Features include zoom, scroll, picture and video recording and ergonomic shape for single-hand operation. 800/545-7698;; Booth 1321.

RS Technical Services

The TranSTAR II tractor and TrakSTAR II camera combination for video pipeline inspection from RS Technical Services has a pan-tilt-zoom camera for sanitary or storm lines 6 inches in diameter or larger and up to 3,000 feet long. The 14-inch-long tractor has dual 90-watt motors and can achieve speeds up to 70 feet per minute. 800/767-1974;; Booth 2431.


The mini13 pipe inspection system from RVI Pro features a 13 mm by 6 mm camera head with 15 meters of push/pull cable (30 meter cable and sonde transmitter available), integrated 3.5-inch LCD monitor with image capture and video recording and AC/DC operation contained in a shatter-proof housing with reel. 219/395-1963; Booth 6247.

Excavation, Debris Handling


The Mastervac 5327 DC (dump chute) vacuum truck from Cusco features a self-clean cyclone/baghouse filtration system. Designed to handle wet and dry materials, including heavy sludge and fly ash in hazardous and non-hazardous applications, the unit is equipped with pressurized air for offloading and vibration offloading assistance. 800/490-3541;; Booth 2062.

Ditch Witch

The FX50 vacuum excavation system from Ditch Witch delivers 49 hp and is available with a variety of tank sizes, trailer configurations, hydraulic booms, water heaters and hydraulic valve exercisers. The system comes with a choice of four spoils tanks (300 to 1,200 gallons) and four water tanks (80 to 500 gallons). 800/654-6481;; Booth 5216.


The HV Series of wet/dry hydroexcavators from GapVax feature various lift axle combinations, tri-drive and twin-steer chassis, debris bodies from 8 to 15 cubic yards, water tanks from 400 to 1,400 gallons, vacuum pumps from 3,500 to 6,600 cfm, water pumps from 2,000 to 5,800 psi, water heaters from 400,000 to 880,000 Btus and body pressurization off-load. 888/442-7829;; Booth 6004.

Guzzler Mfg.

The upgraded Classic industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Mfg. features enhanced operator ergonomics and improved air routing, filtration and maintenance. A longer body provides improved material separation. Enlarged bag house and cyclone cleanout access doors provide easier access. Transition to the dump tubes has been widened for more effective dumping. 800/627-3171;; Booth 8076.

Innovative Hydrovac Trucks

The IHT2512 Smart Truck hydrovac from Innovative Hydrovac Trucks features built-in interlocks with PLC and software to eliminate most operator-caused truck breakage. The truck has a 50-degree slope debris floor, full-width rear door and high-pressure wash system for offloading and cleaning. It can carry 2,500 gallons of freshwater and 12.5 yards of debris. 970/441-0148;; Booths 1320, 1324, 1422.


The 550 Hi cfm vacuum excavator from Ring-O-Matic has a 550-gallon spoils tank, 1,000-cfm displacement Gardner Denver blower, 6 gpm at 4,000 psi water pump, full-tilting tank, full-opening rear door and Cyclo-Jet pothole excavator gun. 800/544-2518;; Booths 5308, 5309.

Super Products

The Mud Dog 1200 hydroexcavator from Super Products has 12-cubic-yard debris capacity, and a 1,000-gallon water tank with pump rated at 14 gpm at 3,000 psi. Features include onboard boiler for breaking up frozen ground, positive displacement vacuum pump with air flow rated at 5,800 cfm at 28 inches Hg. The rear-mounted telescoping boom can reach 19 to 27 feet. 800/837-9711;; Booth 6238.

Supervac 2000

The 6400 hydroexcavator from Supervac 2000 has a 4,200-gallon debris tank, 6,400-cfm vacuum pump with 72 inches Hg. The unit features a 1,250-gallon water tank, two cyclones and cartridge filter, 6,000-psi water pump and 26-foot radius hydraulic boom. Other features include hydraulic door locks, insulated enclosure (less than 85 dBA) and 100-foot hose reel capacity. 866/839-5702;; Booth 6036.

Vacall Industries

The AllExcavate hydroexcavator from Vacall Industries delivers waterjetting pressure and vacuum forces for cleaning frac tanks, underground utility lines and dirt from drilling rigs and trucks. The 8-foot, 6-inch telescoping boom has a 180-degree radius, enabling the unit to perform multiple jobs without repositioning. Features include single-engine operation, aluminum water tanks and AllSmart Flow control system (wired or wireless). 800/382-8302;; Booth 5230.


The Power Flex telescoping boom from Vac-Con rotates 315 degrees, articulates 110 degrees and lifts 34 feet. Top-mounted on the debris tank, the boom telescopes 8 feet for a reach of 28.5 feet from the truck. The boom can be outfitted on combination sewer cleaners, industrial machines and the X-Cavator product line. 904/493-4969;; Booth 1190.


The AXIS laser-guided boring system from Vermeer is a pit-launched tool designed to install 10- to 14-inch pipe. The system consists of a power unit, rack, vacuum pump and vacuum tank, offers on-grade accuracy and can install up to 350 feet of steel, clay and HDPE or PVC pipe in one bore. 888/837-6337;; Booth 2417.


Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems

The ADS 30-yard (15-yard available), open-top, roll-off dewatering unit from Aqua-Zyne Disposal Systems can be filled with 22,000 to 25,000 gallons of wastewater treatment sludge, septic and/or grease trap waste at 1- to 2-percent solids in approximately two hours. Sludge volume is reduced up to 80 percent with 98-percent reduction in BOD, COD, FOG and TSS. 979/245-5656;; Booth 2091.

Bright Technologies

The 1.7 meter, trailer-mounted rental system belt press from Bright Technologies has a non-potable water belt wash booster pump, folding discharge conveyor with belt tracking, VFD-controlled rotary lobe sludge pump and liquid polymer activation system. Rental units are made for rapid setup, with folding conveyor and operator walkways. No special lifting equipment required. 800/253-0532;; Booths 4223, 4224.

In the Round Dewatering

The horizontal sludge dewatering system from In The Round Dewatering has a stainless steel drum with perforated plastic tile lining mounted on a roll-off frame for easy transport and unloading. The unit can process 18,000 to 25,000 gallons of sludge mixed with polymer. The rotating drum is driven by a 1/4 hp variable speed motor. 317/539-7304;; Booths 2360, 2361.

Prime Solution

The Rotary Fan Press from Prime Solution features continuous pressure differential technology to dewater sludge and slurries. Using slow rotational speed (less than 1 rpm), the unit offers semi-automated operation, self-cleaning, low maintenance, portability and minimal footprint. Few mechanical parts and slow rotation reduces noise and vibration and improves lifecycle. 269/694-6666;; Booth 2401.

Septic Components, Treatment Systems

Advanced Drainage Systems

The GEO-flow pipe leaching system from Advanced Drainage Systems provides advanced secondary treatment and final disposal of residential-strength septic tank effluent. The pipe component consists of a 10-inch single wall pipe encased in a symmetrical polypropylene grid wrapped in a 4-ounce geotextile fiber fabric. The three-component conduit is encased in a 6-inch layer of system sand. 800/821-6710;; Booth 6119.

Infiltrator Systems

The IM-1060 injection-molded tank from Infiltrator Systems features a two-piece design and working capacity of 1,094 gallons. Applications include onsite wastewater, rainwater harvesting and non-potable water storage. The unit is available with custom-fitted TW risers and lids. The tank can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of cover and pumped dry. 800/221-4436;; Booth 5242.

Netafim USA

Bioline polyethylene, low volume dripperline from Netafim USA is designed for use with onsite wastewater systems, ranging from domestic septic strength to secondary-treated effluent. The debris-resistant line is self-flushing and pressure-compensating. The drippers deliver a precise application rate into the soil over a broad pressure range and are impregnated with an antibacterial to prevent slime buildup. 888/638-2346;; Booth 2279.

Orenco Systems

The AdvanTex AX-RT advanced treatment system from Orenco Systems, designed for system repair and rehabilitation, can be installed following a functioning, watertight septic tank to produce re-use quality effluent. All interior components are pre-plumbed and adjusted. The unit's 4-in-1 design includes recirculation, treatment, disinfection and discharge in one system. Options include a UV disinfection unit. 800/348-9843;; Booth 4010.

Roth Global Plastics

The MultiTank from Roth Global Plastics can be used as a water cistern, rainwater or septic tank. Features include an inner layer of FDA-approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of polyethylene for improved stability and an outer layer of black and UV-stabilized polyethylene. The tank is CSA, NSF and IAPMO certified. 866/943-7256;; Booth 4124.

Portable Sanitation, Deodorizers

Comforts of Home Services

ADA-accessible restroom, shower and combination trailers from Comforts of Home Services feature standalone aluminum ramp system, hydraulic lowering system (20-foor trailer) and ADA lowering module (trailers longer than 20 feet). 630/906-8002;; Booths 5325, 5326, 5329.

JAG Mobile Solutions

Alternatively-powered mobile restrooms from JAG Mobile Solutions operate for up to 24 days, eliminating the need for power generators and storing systems. Applications include special events and remote locations. Restrooms are available with signature interior and 2013 JAG Interior Packages with floor plans from one to 20 stations. 800/815-2557;; Booth 4115.

OMI Industries

Ecosorb 505G natural odor eliminator from OMI Industries is designed to combat odors from fats, oil, grease and other long-chain fatty acids. The odor eliminator is non-hazardous and available in spray nozzle atomization systems and fans. Applications include liquid grease processing, rendering plants, wastewater treatment facilities and oil refineries. 800/662-6367;; Booth 5112.

Wells Cargo, UltraLav

The UltraLav ADA restroom from Wells Cargo, UltraLav meets or exceeds the permanent structure criteria specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Upgrade options include tan interior package and Dyson Airblade hand dryer. 877/301-3837;; Booths 5346, 5349, 5353.

Financing, Management Software


PortALogic logistics software suite by EleMech is designed to track trucks and data associated with transporting water and waste, enabling the user to maintain an accurate record of water and/or waste from the fill site to the dump site. The software interfaces to a range of stations, including readers for truck identification. 630/499-7080;; Booth 4340.

Trans Lease

An independent lease and finance company, Trans Lease covers the United States and Canada, and is dedicated to specific industry applications, such as industrial cleaning and excavation. 877/600-6423;; Booth 1440.

US Fleet Tracking

The AT-X5 Pro asset manager from US Fleet Tracking is a Web-based system that enables users to receive live updates of vehicle movements. The device provides 14 different reports, including start-stop, aggressive driving and mileage by state. It can monitor PTO functions such as pump run time and lift gates. 405/749-1105;; Booth 4330.

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