The 811 Series of American National Standard Institute (ANSI) centrifugal pumps from Griswold Pump Co., a member of Dover Corp.'s Pump Solutions Group (PSG), feature a self-tightening, open-impeller design. This minimizes concentrated wear by balancing the hydraulic thrust load and reducing stuffing box pressure to maximize performance, simplify maintenance and extend pump life.

"You can adjust the impeller without opening the pump," says Gary Israel, business development manager for PSG-Americas – Energy – Oil and Gas. "That increases pump performance because you can adjust for wear of the impeller. It also reduces the cost of ownership because you can adjust it rather than throwing the impeller away."

The ANSI pumps are designed to move a diverse range of liquids, including produced saltwater and crude, as well as freshwater for well drilling stimulation. They also can be used for chemical blending. Other applications include use with LACT (lease asset custody transfer) units for measuring the quantity of produced crude, ensuring the accurate transfer of oil from tanker to storage tank, transferring product from producer to refiner, and truck loading and unloading at low temperature and low pressure.

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"This pump was really born in the oilfield, largely with input from the West Texas field," Israel says. "It's interchangeable with other ANSI pumps and adaptable to the oil and gas business."

Pump models range from 6- to 17-inch impeller sizes, deliver flow rates up to 4,000 gpm, and can operate in temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Casings are available in ductile iron, CDM4Cu, Alloy 20 or stainless steel. Options include choice of mechanical seal and stuffing boxes (standard, taper and big bore), FF or RF flanges, 150- or 300-pound flanges, close-couple motor adaptable and factory unitization with motors, base and coupling. 800/843-9222;

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