Data Management Platform

FlowWorks has added integration of GIS information to its data management platform that monitors rainfall, climate, groundwater, pump stations and more. Users view parameters stored in their GIS systems alongside data from monitoring sites and SCADA systems. As a result, engineers and managers access all monitoring data without having to change screens or terminals, or dig around in old files on a secure Web platform. It accepts data from all manufacturers' instruments, rain gauges, climate stations and data systems. It also collects data directly from SCADA systems, USGS and NOAA environmental stations and GIS platforms. 206/859-6999;

Business Management Program

FoundOPS tracks all client information and service history, and creates service schedules. Users dispatch their team by dragging and dropping jobs, or let the program's routing algorithm figure out the most efficient routes. The program can wirelessly send job information and updates to field technicians' smartphones or tablets. Technicians can also get turn-by-turn directions to the site, access client information, and record a service report. Meanwhile, business owners can track their progress and GPS location. Once the job is completed, an invoice is automatically created in the company's QuickBooks account, with all billing information already filled in. The system is securely hosted in Microsoft's Cloud, meaning that all users need is a Mac or PC with Internet access. 765/688-0006;

Input/Output Expansion

Wireless Input/Output (I/O) expansion systems from FreeWave Technologies allow users to monitor and control plunger lift. Wireless I/O radios transmit varying data to producers' offices, allowing them to monitor casing, tubing, intermediate and surface pressure. Depending on how many points are needed, it may be beneficial to look for a provider who offers multiple I/O points, also known as I/O expansion. This ability helps increase the overall health of oil production systems by offering producers real-time data analyzed for multiple pressure readings. 281/799-8643;

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Lease Management Software

The landAMPS program from geoAMPS is designed to meet the needs of fast-paced lease acquisitions and management of drill schedules. The program allows access to mineral rights information through a centralized system, and manages lease checks, environmental studies, mineral title research, depth severances, legal processes and ownership changes. It automates recurring and non-recurring payment obligations, including royalty payments. The program includes optional mobile, detached and GIS mapping platforms, allowing workers in the field to review maps and data, and input and receive information through mobile devices. The detached platform provides continued access even when an Internet connection is lost or unreliable. The GIS option offers a geospatial view of the project area and dashboard-like capability to monitor projects and assets through color-coded maps and layers. 614/389-4871;

Fleet Tracking Solution

Fleet Tracking Solution software from GPS Insight allows companies to easily track crews, heavy equipment and other valuable assets. With real-time monitoring, management can see all fleet activity and easily dispatch vehicles. Crews are kept safe by monitoring driving habits and hours worked, as well as quick emergency response. The program integrates with software systems used to enhance the efficiency of day-to-day operations. It is also Web-based and can be accessed from any mobile device. 866/477-4321;

Telemetry System

In-Situ Inc.'s TROLL Link Telemetry System offers secure access to remote site data. The Web-access system transmits real-time data either via GSM/GPRS networks or the Iridium satellite network. It can be remotely configured, allowing users to stay informed with real-time alarm notifications via SMS, email or phone. Users can conduct event sampling and automatically increase data logging during an event and provide access to real-time data for large user groups. 800/446-7488;

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Fleet Management Software

Manageit from Ituran USA is designed for fleet managing and dispatchers, and contains instant and accurate GPS fleet tracking, personalized reporting, recovery services, geofencing technology, real-time notifications via email/SMS, landmark report, Driver ID capabilities, and PTO alerts, along with other features. The software provides customers with constant live recovery assistance for both emergency and technical support. 866/543-5433;

Fleet Tracking Platform

The NexTraq fleet tracking platform and its applications – Fleet Dispatch, Fleet Metrics and Fleet Mobile – enable businesses to automate and streamline fleet operations. The platform optimizes routes and automates dispatching and scheduling functions. The platform's GIS map overlay feature allows customers to use a local Web map service and overlay GIS maps onto existing NexTraq fleet management maps. With industry-specific overlays such as underground sewer pipes or electric lines, the platform can show precisely where vehicles are in relation to roads. Additionally, fleet managers can see their GIS data points with their vehicles' locations in one view. 800/358-6178;

Industrial Hotspot Radios

RadioLinx industrial hotspot radios from ProSoft Technology provide powerful and secure wireless Ethernet communications, and are suited for demanding, long-range (up to 15+ miles) SCADA and other Ethernet applications in tough environments. They are user-configurable as a master, repeater and remote radio, and are quickly and easily configured using included graphical ControlScape software. An OPC server software is also included, and allows users to monitor radio network health with any OPC client-based HMI software. 661/716-5100;

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Mobile Satellite Trailer

The Mobile Satellite Trailer from Skycasters is capable of providing Wi-Fi, VoIP and RoIP. The 14-foot trailer can be used for deploying a wireless network, video surveillance and cellular backhaul, while the unit's configuration is ideal for SCADA, allowing the user to remotely control systems from central command and monitor industrial processes, pipeline operations or any PLC-based systems. Additionally, the setup features an auto-pointing satellite system, scalable electronics, an integrated Wi-Fi antenna system, and VPN options for secure data connections. The chassis withstands the toughest conditions, is corrosion-resistant and features an independent suspension with 14-inch steel wheels. It comes with a removable, weather-resistant front electronics box featuring advanced ventilation. The rear utility box contains a removable Honda EU1000i gas generator, a 10-foot ground wire and tool kit. 800/268-8653;

Fleet Management Platform

The Fleet 10 cloud-based location intelligence platform from Telogis is for companies requiring dynamic routing, real-time work order management, navigation, telematics and mobile integration services. Features include a driver scorecard designed to improve safety, a supervisor app for smartphones and tablets, fuel monitoring technology, and integration with other enterprise systems. Users can generate reports on a variety of driver behaviors. 866/835-6447;

GPS Tracking Device

US Fleet Tracking's AT-X5 live GPS tracking device is compact, discreet and easy to install. The device features turn-by-turn monitoring of mobile assets, weather overlay and traffic features, and the ability to create and edit up to 20 different logs while in the field. Options include devices with one input (AT-X5i) or one output (AT-X5o) available, and they are compatible with every mobile platform. 405/749-1105;

Complete Operational Software

Evolution software from WennSoft delivers asset management, maintenance agreements, simple and segmented work orders, field service, advanced dispatching and scheduling, mobile solutions for field technicians, quotes, purchasing and invoicing, and includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It can operate as a stand-alone solution, or be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products or other business application software and services. It provides information to track all tools, equipment and assets. 888/936-6763;

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