Code and Non-Code Vacuum Tanks

Code and non-code vacuum tanks from Amthor International come standard with a 5/16-inch-thick side shell and floor, full head baffles and no external rings. Dumping tanks with or without full-opening rear doors are available, along with off-road construction options for various oilfield and mining applications. All pump models are available. Chassis and stock tanks are also available. 800/328-6633;

Dumping Vacuum Trailer

Vacuum trailers from Camex are built rugged for harsh work environments. In-cab controls make them safe and easy to operate, but also quick and more efficient on the job. The 188-barrel vacuum trailer features an 820 Hibon blower system, full-opening hydraulic rear door and five-stage hydraulic hoist. It also includes two vibrators, aluminum hose trays and a float gauge. 877/955-2770;

Vacuum Excavation System

The FX50 vacuum excavator system from Ditch Witch is designed for a range of tasks such as cleaning out sewers and valve boxes, horizontal directional drilling support, removing road construction debris, posthole digging and exposing utilities prior to underground construction. It can be customized, with choices of tank sizes, trailer configurations, and options such as hydraulic booms, water heaters and hydraulic valve exercisers. It comes with a choice of four spoils tank sizes (from 300- to 1,200-gallon capacity) and four water tank sizes (80 to 500 gallon), and can be configured with an optional reverse flow that allows for the offload of fluid spoils through a fully opening hydraulic tank door. 800/654-6481;

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Vacuum Truck

The HV55 HydroVax vacuum truck from GapVax is constructed of ASTM A572-Grade 50 steel, and has a 12 1/2-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options ranging from 400 to 1,400 gallons. Specs include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 5,250 CFM with 28 inches Hg. The tailgate opens fully with a field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders, and also has four fail-safe, individually adjustable locks that ensure a complete seal. Optional equipment includes a cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, a high rail package and stainless steel body. 888/442-7829;

Hazardous Liquid Waste Tanks

Stock and custom capacity 407/412 DOT Tanks for hazardous liquid waste from Imperial Industries are available in both 3,200- and 3,600-gallon capacities, with optional capacities available upon request. The tanks feature steel construction, with a full rear-opening door, three-stage hoist assembly, hydraulically driven system and a DOT-approved step bumper for safe and easy access to the rear-opening door. Options include an OSHA-approved hand rail/catwalk, vacuum pumps from Fruitland, Moro or NVE, and an NVE blower. 800/558-2945;

Skid-Mounted Vacuum

The Skid Vac from LMT is a skid-mounted vacuum unit that can be used for small spill cleanup at oil drilling sights. It features a 1,000-gallon, 1/4-inch mild steel vacuum tank with an NVE Challenger 866 (519 CFM). It's also equipped with a built-in access ladder, 20-inch top-mounted manway, 20-inch primary shutoff, 14-gallon secondary shutoff, 4-inch vertical oil catch muffler, and mechanical load level indicator. 800/545-0174;

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Aluminum Vacuum Trailer

The aluminum liquid vacuum trailer from MAC LTT, the liquid tank division of MAC Trailer can be custom-built to meet specifications. Standard features include a hot-dipped galvanized fifth-wheel coupler, bumper and suspension hangers; a heavy-duty, full-length extruded hose trough that completely encases wiring for the lights; a full-frame or optional frameless design; a full catwalk manway with safety handrail; a full aluminum subframe robust enough for oilfield service; a Hendrickson air ride suspension; and three full baffles. 330/474-3795;

Pushrod Camera

The P374 IS from Pearpoint/SPX is a pushrod video inspection camera system featuring color video that is ideal for controlled areas where hazardous gases or vapors have a high risk of ignition. This fully integrated system is easy to use and provides an effective reporting solution with video titling and video output features. It is compact, making it easy to transport and store. The surface equipment is IP55 rated, allowing for use in most weather conditions. 800/688-8094;

Inspection System

The CrossChek Inspection System from RIDGID provides underground visibility for the pneumatic boring process to help reduce undetected cross bores. Constructed with a streamlined stainless steel camera and carrier device, the system can be pulled back through freshly cut bore slots 1 3/4 to 3 inches in diameter. It is adaptable to existing equipment, and can be configured to meet a range of needs in a variety of environments. 800/769-7743;

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Pipeline Inspection System

The TranSTAR II tractor and TrakSTAR II camera combination for video pipeline inspection is capable of inspecting 6-inch-diameter and larger sanitary or storm lines up to 3,000 feet long. Equipped with dual 90-watt motors, the tractor can achieve speeds up to 70 feet per minute. It can inspect larger lines without the need for additional gear trains or transmissions. The clutch allows rapid freewheel retrieval once the inspection is complete. At 14 inches, it offers numerous options such as a rearview camera, manual and motorized elevator systems and multiple tire configurations. The camera features adjustable LED lighting with remote control settings, internal pressure and humidity sensors, 40:1 zoom and configuration for multi-conductor format. 800/767-1974;

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Liquid Transporter

The Durasucker from Super Products LLC is a DOT/ASME-approved liquid vacuum truck with a 3,200-gallon payload capacity designed for removing and transporting liquids, sludge and semi-solid waste. The unit's 72-inch carbon steel cargo tank has a maximum allowable working pressure of 35 psig internal and 15 psig external under full vacuum. It is certified to meet the U.S. DOT's specification for hauling hazardous materials on the highway. 800/837-9711;

Vacuum System

The FrackVac from Vector, now affiliated with Vac-Con, is a high-powered vacuum system mounted on a roll-off trailer platform for quick and easy mobilization. Instead of loading into the air-mover's body, spoils are loaded into readily available vacuum boxes that can be transported to the disposal site utilizing a standard roll-off trailer. Vacuuming can be performed at distances up to 600 feet, with productivity of up to 600 gallons of water per minute. 800/832-4010;


AllExcavate hydroexcavators from Vacall Industries deliver the water pressure and vacuum forces needed by the petroleum industry to safely expose underground pipelines; clean frac tanks, vessels and drilling rigs; and prepare surface areas for tie-in installation and repair. The excavator uses the chassis engine to provide power for vacuum and jetting — a feature that slashes fuel consumption, eliminates emissions from a second engine, and reduces costs and downtime for routine maintenance. The AllSmartFlow CANbus system allows operators to efficiently make operational adjustments while using a programmable LCD display that relates detailed information about engine performance, water flow and vacuum functions. 800/382-8302;

Industrial Vacuum Loader

The Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader from Vactor/Guzzler Manufacturing features a Vactor HXX hydroexcavation option that cleans and recovers solids and dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick sludge, combined with an easy-to-operate vacuum excavator that can also take on tough excavating jobs. The unit jets up to 20 gallons of water per minute at rates up to 2,500 psi. A 600-gallon dual water tank allows for 3.5 hours of continuous operation between refills. An external water level tube allows the operator to easily check the water level in the tanks. 800/627-3171;

Liquid Vacuum Tank

The Presvac 3,200-gallon, carbon steel, DOT 407/412-certified, full-open rear door, dump-type liquid vacuum tank from Vacuum Sales features a Presvac PV750 rotary vane vacuum pump. The unit comes standard on a Peterbilt model 348 cab and chassis, but can be mounted on any specified cab and chassis. Options include high airflow PD blowers, OSHA guard rails on walkways, multiple compartments, high water pressure washdown system, high dump design with retractable bumper, larger tank capacities and non-certified tanks. 800/547-7790;

Waste-Removal Vacuum Truck

The Liquid Ring Series vacuum truck from Cusco, a Wastequip Company, is ideal for the pickup and removal of hydrocarbon and contaminated waste streams. The unit features a separate stainless steel water tank and piping system for improved corrosion resistance, weight balance that allows more payload capacity, a non-dumping service fluid system and reduced service fluid requirement system. Protection is provided by a 200-micron liquid ring pump pre-filter. A high-temperature service fluid alarm system prevents overheating. It has an automated vacuum/pressurized changeover system that includes manual override and external high-capacity cyclonic filtration system with secondary shutoff. 877/468-9278;

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