KROHNE Tantalum mass flowmeter

The Tantalum straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter from KROHNE, a version of the Optimass 7300, measures highly aggressive or corrosive fluids that require glass-lined piping or glass-lined process vessels. Tantalum has a chemical resistance similar to glass and is typically used with chemicals such as hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric acids, or bromine and chlorine. The meter intelligently tunes itself, independent of external forces and fluid density. 800/356-9464;

Graphic Products pipe marking guide

The free DuraLabel wastewater treatment pipe marking guide from Graphic Products provides a standard color-coding system to identify pipe contents. 888/326-9244;

Warren Rupp Sandpiper pump support app

The Sandpiper mobile app from Warren Rupp enables users to locate information related to a specific pump using My Pump Details by scanning the QR code on the pump tag. Users also can view the spare parts installation video and service manual for a specific pump. Additional features include the ability to review chemical compatibility and watch service and training videos. 419/522-0988;

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NK Technologies DC current sensors 

DS1 DC current sensors from NK Technologies feature a compact and non-adjustable one-piece design for detection of low DC current levels. The sensors can be powered by 10-28 volts and use the same circuit as the one being controlled, or a separate source of voltage that uses the same ground. The contact closes the output when current drops to 0.75 amps and opens when there is no current. The contact can control a DC load up to one amp and 30 VDC. 800/959-4014;

Coxreels air, clean fluid transfer reels

The Pure Flow Series reels from Coxreels are designed for air and clean fluid transfer. Available in spring rewind, hand crank and motorized retraction models, the reels have non-corrosive air and fluid paths machined from high-quality stainless steel, full-flow swivel and Nitrile, non-toxic, food-grade seals. 800/269-7335;

Vermeer pneumatic hole hammer

The Hole Hammer pneumatic piercing tool from Vermeer can operate in a range of soil conditions and applications. The moving-head design provides full striking force of the piston to the head of the tool. Residual energy generated helps the tool body travel through the compacted bore path. A mechanical reset for the head assembly ensures each blow compacts soil in front of the tool for increased production and accuracy. The ribbed body provides additional tool grip in loose soils. The piercing tool is available in 2-, 2 1/2- and 3-inch sizes. 888/837-6337;

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Hammond polycarbonate enclosures

The PCJ Series of Polycarbonate enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing Co. are designed for installations where NEMA 4X (IP66) environmental sealing for dust and water is required. The screw-down cover versions meet NEMA 6P sealing requirements. Sizes range from 5.93 by 6.16 by 4.91 inches to 13.94 by 12.16 by 10.82 inches. The basic enclosure is available in 80 different configurations. 519/822-2960;

Blue-Siren open channel flow monitor

The FlowSiren open channel flow monitor from Blue-Siren is a wireless, low power, multi-sensor that measures and provides a view of any flow condition. Using four, D-size lithium batteries, power management enables the monitor to collect and transmit data for more than a year. The monitor uses IP68 connectors and is fully submersible. The monitor is encapsulated in an impact-proof enclosure and can handle harsh environments. Data is automatically uploaded to a designated server or the Blue Live hosting platform. 321/242-0300;

Channellock 30-inch adjustable wrench

The 830 30-inch adjustable wrench from Channellock is forged from chrome vanadium steel for durability and features up to 3 inches of jaw capacity. The 12-pound wrench has a 1.5-inch-thick and 6.3-inch-wide reinforcement joint. 800/724-3018;

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SOR electronic pressure switch

The 805QS electronic pressure switch from SOR, designed for hazardous locations and where space is limited, offers supplemental continuous output (4-20mA or 1-5VDC). Switch set points and supplemental continuous output zero and span points are field-adjustable via the optional calibration kit. 800/676-6794;

Xylem water removal, flood control app

A mobile app of the Xylem Dewatering Handbook from Xylem provides users with access to dewatering, water removal and flood control pump product information from the company’s Flygt and Godwin brands. The app is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

Griswold 811 Series centrifugal pumps 

The 811 Series of ANSI centrifugal pumps from Griswold Pump Co. are designed for leased asset custody transfer in oil and natural gas production. LACT units automatically measure, sample and transfer oil from a lease location to the oilfield and pipeline for transfer to a terminal or end-user. The 811 Series features an open-impeller design that minimizes concentrated wear by balancing the hydraulic thrust load and reducing stuffing box pressure to maximize performance and simplify maintenance. Pumps are available with flow rates up to 4,000 gpm and the ability to operate in temperatures to 500 degrees F. 800/843-9222;

HammerHead 34-inch pneumatic hammer 

The 34-inch pneumatic pipe-ramming hammer from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment can install casing 48 inches to 180 inches in diameter in drainage culvert and washover applications. It also can be used for pipe assist or pipe extraction, guided pilot bore ramming and horizontal directional drilling. 800/331-6653;

Neptune chemical injection pump 

The Solar D Series chemical injection pump from the Neptune Chemical Pump Co. can be used to feed production chemicals into remote oil and gas wells where electrical power is often unavailable. Features include maximum chemical containment, precise and consistent chemical injection rates at pressures up to 1,200 psi, and reduced downtime. Dosing rates range from 0 to 45 gpd. Pumps use seal-less diaphragm technology that eliminates chemical leaks while offering a wide range of chemical compatibility. Intelligent controls provide maximum visibility into the system and real-time monitoring of the well site. 215/699-8700;

InduSoft SCADA visualization app 

The SCADA visualization app for Windows 8 and Windows RT from InduSoft provides mobile access to SCADA information from a variety of mobile access stations, including iPhones, tablets and laptops. 877/463-8763;

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