Drum thickener

The ALDRUM G3 drum thickener from Alfa Laval increases solids load capacity up to 30 percent within the same footprint as the company’s standard unit. The feed zone provides lower polymer consumption, while power plates reduce power consumption by the decanter centrifuges. The Slimline design of those centrifuges and a smaller conveyor diameter provide room for more liquid in the pond, and higher bowl wall pressures for a drier cake. 866/253-2528; www.alfalaval.us/wastewater.

  Dewatering unit

The ADS 30-yard, open-top, roll-off dewatering unit from AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems can be filled with 22,000 to 25,000 gallons of sludge, septic and/or grease trap waste at 1 to 2 percent solids in approximately two hours. After draining 24 hours, the unit can be hauled to a landfill or composting facility for disposal. Sludge volume is reduced up to 80 percent, with 98 percent reduction in BOD, COD, FOG and TSS. Effluent is clear and can be drained into a sewer. Features include a roll-over tarp system; sliding aluminum splash guard; side, floor and center screens; 1/4-inch floor plate; 7-gauge side plates; four door binder ratchets; eight drain ports with Camlock fittings; two inlet ports; and a long-handle scraper. It has a 12- to 14-year lifespan and can be transported with a roll-off truck. 979/245-5656; www.aqua-zyme.com.

  Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) pump

Boerger pumps are used in polymer flooding for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to provide continuous non-pulsating, low shear flow. They incorporate space-saving designs in regard to installation and maintenance. Polymer flooding improves volumetric sweep efficiency and reduces channeling and breakthrough, helping operators increase oil recovery and lower the cost per barrel of oil recovered. The same polymers are used with surfactants and alkali agents to increase the sweep efficiency of these enhanced recovery floods. The polymer injection skid consists of pumps, tanks, mixers and PLCs. 612/435-7300; www.boerger.com.

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  Dewatering container

Steel dewatering containers from Buck’s Fabricating are manufactured with a 3/16-inch steel floor, 10-gauge steel sides, and a 3-inch channel understructure with cross members spaced at 16 inches apart. The tailgate is constructed with 10-gauge steel sheeting. A rubber P-seal material provides a seal around the tailgate, eliminating liquids or other materials from escaping from the container. Heavy-duty, slotted, sliding-style hinges with a binder are also standard, and provide added tailgate security and safety. Perforated false floors and sides, with options on specific perforation size and spacing needs, are also available. Apertures are available per customer specifications. A removable dewatering basket option for sealed containers makes clean-up processes more efficient. 800/233-0867; www.bucksfab.com.

  Drilling waste processing system

The Total Clean System from DEL Tank & Filtration Systems is designed to process drilling waste. The initial flow from the trucks, tanks or pits is pumped over a scalping shaker, where oversized debris is removed. The remaining slurry is then pumped to primary hydrocyclone/shaker units where the sand fraction is removed. Any solids remaining flow through a tilted plate baffle, where they settle and are conveyed to the pump suction by a shaftless auger and then through additional hydrocyclone/shaker units for additional removal of solids, down to +37 microns in some cases. Effluent overflow can then be treated with polymers and pumped to a clarifier/thickener tank where centrifuges remove final solids. 800/468-2657; www.deltank.com.

  High-Performance Evaporator

The DriBoss DBE-750 heavy-duty floating evaporator from Dust Control Technology is engineered to handle corrosive wastewater sources or water containing large particles. Driven by a 25 hp industrial-grade motor, the high-speed head features patented stainless steel fan blades for optimal droplet distribution, yet the low plume height helps ensure short drift distances. It helps eliminate wastewater quickly and cost-efficiently, even without large evaporation ponds. Its 7.5 hp submersible pump is attached to a frame that floats on polyethylene pontoons, which are filled with closed-cell urethane foam that retains buoyancy even if punctured. 309/693-8600; www.driboss.com.

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  Filter press

The Power Pak filter press from Flo Trend Systems is constructed of carbon stainless steel, and consists of rectangular tubing side rails with stainless steel protective strips welded on top, stainless steel inlet and outlet manifolds and disc valves, and a weatherproof cabinet with an air over hydraulic control system for opening, closing and pressuring up the unit. It can be used with the company’s filter plates and cloths, but is also compatible with other brands. Options include a slurry tank, duplex cartridge filter unit, equipment stands, and an air compressor and drag conveyor for trailer-mounted models. 713/699-0152; www.flotrend.com.

  Dry polymer system

The dynaJET dry polymer preparation system from Fluid Dynamics is ideal for use in oil and gas production applications as a way of maximizing the recoverable resources found in mature wells. By injecting a mixture of dry polymer and water into wells that have declining production rates, they can be “recharged.” The system utilizes a negative-pressure pneumatic conveyance system to transport and disperse the dry polymer prior to wetting. Effectively wetting each polymer particle prevents polymer agglomerations from occurring. The result is reduced mix and hydration times, higher polymer performance and lower chemical costs. 215/699-8700; www.fluiddynamics1.com.

  Wastewater screen

The Bandscreen Monster from JWC Environmental screens wastewater to provide protection for membrane treatment plants. The system removes solids down to 2 mm and cleans screenings so disposal is less frequent and less expensive. An inside-out flow pattern captures solids such as rocks, sticks, plastics and trash on the inside loop of the bandscreen and ensures they never come near the downstream portion of the screen. After the traveling panels lift the unwanted solids to deck level, a wash bar system flushes them into the disposal chute and ensures the screen remains free flowing, clean and eliminates hairpinning. The perforated panels are available with 2-, 3- or 6-mm openings. 800/331-2277; www.jwce.com.

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  Time-release oil filters

Heavy-duty Time Release Technology (TRT) oil filters from Luber-finer provide an oil management system that helps maintain oil quality and reduce maintenance costs associated with oil-change intervals. They provide a controlled release of a specially formulated, highly concentrated liquid additive into the oil supply, helping the oil maintain its quality longer. They deploy a release mechanism, which dispenses the additive in a linear manner to help combat harmful acids that build up over time. 800/851-3641; www.luberfiner.com.

  Recessed-plate filter press

The recessed-plate filter press from McLanahan is designed to treat the underflow of a thickener, clarifier or other waste material, dewatering very fine solids (often -325 mesh) from wash water or industrial processes. Slurry is pressure pumped into recessed chambers wrapped in filter cloth. The resulting solids form dry, easy-to-handle cakes that are discharged from the bottom of the press. These cakes can be transported via truck or conveyor belt, and the water is recycled back to the process for reuse. Units typically require no added polymers or chemicals after the thickener, and no full-time operator is needed. The automated units can be monitored remotely from any computer. 814/695-9807; www.mclanahan.com.

  Decanter centrifuge

The horizontal, solid-bowl (decanter) centrifuge from Noxon North America features a variable-frequency drive design that supplies fully electric drive packages that have the same torque-generating characteristics as units that use hydraulic backdrives. It can dewater a wide variety of sludges and slurries to cake solids concentrations with a high capture efficiency. Materials of construction are chosen to suit the application, including high carbon (50W), and stainless 304 and 316, which are fully protected with tungsten carbide coatings. 416/843-6500; www.noxon.com.

  Frac sand washing/dewatering unit

The KISA/PHOENIX Bucket Wheel from PHOENIX Process Equipment is used for washing and dewatering frac sand, providing over 99 percent solids recoveries, even from dilute slurries such as dredger spoils. Dewatered solids are readily conveyable and stackable, having considerably lower residual moistures than dewatering screws. Capacities up to 17,500 gpm and solids throughputs up to 1,760 short tons per hour are achievable on a single machine. The wheel is equipped with multiple buckets, and slotted elastomer sieve mats are bolted into the bucket bottoms, providing consistent drainage area. Siphon pipes are mounted beneath the buckets, withdrawing water from the sand cake as the bucket lifts from the slurry bath. 502/499-6198; www.dewater.com.

  Rotary fan press

The Rotary Fan Press from Prime Solution simplifies dewatering by using continuous pressure differential technology. Units offer semi-automated operation, self-cleaning, low maintenance, long service life, energy efficiency, portability, and a minimal footprint. It has few mechanical parts and a slow revolution. 269/694-6666; www.psirotary.com.

  Drop-in clarifier

Drop-Ins from UniPure convert open top frac tanks into high-performance inclined plate clarifiers. The standard 640-square-foot clarifier will process 120 to 400 gpm and remove 99 percent of the total suspended solids. The settling characteristics of the solids will determine optimum flow rate. They effectively separate solids generated by electrocoagulation, conventional hydroxide precipitation, iron co-precipitation and aerobic biological processes. They have also been successfully applied to run-off and dredged materials. They are easily installed in a host frac tank. Rental units are also available throughout the U.S. 877/864-7873; www.unipure.com.

  Installation-ready coupling

The Style 107H installation-ready coupling from Victaulic contains a pressure-responsive gasket with an integral central leg that positions between the pipe ends, creating a continuous lined surface and providing pipe-end protection to prevent holidays in pipe coatings. Heat and flame are not required to assemble or disassemble a grooved joint, so the coating is not affected during the joining and maintenance processes. It is well suited for joining coated and lined grooved piping for dewatering and separation applications such as produced water lines, separators, FWKOs, heat treaters and saltwater disposal. 610/559-3300; www.victaulic.com.

  Dewatering container

Dewatering containers from Wastequip help reduce the cost of waste disposal by separating liquids from solids. They come with easy-to-remove shells that feature a perforated floor. These shells can be removed by taking out a few bolts, allowing them to be used as sludge containers. Liners to aid in cleanup and disposal are also available. Containers can be custom configured for specific applications, including the number and location of drains and valves. They are manufactured with a 1/4-inch floor and 7-gauge sides. Additional features include an outside rail understructure and continuous welds. Lid options include side-to-side roll tarps or single piece, side-to-side plastic or aluminum lids. They are available in round-bottom or rectangular designs in 20- or 25-cubic-yard sizes. 877/468-9278; www.wastequip.com.

  Oil/water separators

Designed according to API 421, oil/water separators from WesTech Engineering combine separation, skimming and sludge transport technologies into a primary oil separation device. They remove the bulk of free oils and greases from the plant wastewater stream, eliminating overloading and other problems in downstream treatment processes. They are ideal for use in refinery wastewater, tank wash, bilge and ballast water, de-salter waste and stormwater runoff. 801/265-1000; www.westech-inc.com.

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