NLB 24,000 psi multi-gun valve

The MGV24-1200 multi-gun valve from NLB Corp. allows two or more waterjet lances (or other accessories) to be operated from the same 24,000 psi pump unit. The valve can be used with any dump-style lance and can be rebuilt in the field in approximately five minutes. The valve operates at flows of 12 to 24 gpm per operator and weighs 33 pounds. 800/441-5059;

Blackmer oil transfer pumps

XL and HXL series sliding vane pumps from Blackmer are designed to handle filling and transfer applications in oil and natural gas production. Both pumps feature ductile-iron construction with bolt-on internal relief valve that protects against excessive pumping pressures. XL pumps also have replaceable casing liners and end discs that allow for easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber. Both pumps have dry-run capability and a symmetrical bearing support system for even loading and long life. XL pumps are available in five port sizes: 1.25-, 1.5-, 2-, 3- and 4-inch. HXL pumps are made to handle high volume loads and feature three port sizes: 6-, 8- and 10-inch, with maximum capacities of 755, 1,228 and 2,220 gpm. 616/241-1611;

Moxa concurrent dual-radio technology

AWK-5222 and AWK-6222 series industrial wireless access ports from Moxa Americas use two independent RF modules to simultaneously transmit duplicate packets on two different bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF) to ensure one of the packets reaches the receiver. Simultaneous dual-radio transmissions also reduce resend requests. Features include IEEE 802.11a/b/g compliant, 100 ms redundant roaming and -40 to 167 degree F operating range. 714/528-6777;

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Alfa Laval Vortex shear/mixer

The Vortex shear/mixer from Alfa Laval, designed to reduce additive waste, allows mud to enter through a Lobestar Mixing Educator at high flow rates, creating a high velocity fluid stream and strong vacuum for maximum solid or liquid additive loading. Nozzles produce multiple jet streams for rapid hydration of additives and quick shearing of the additives into drilling mud. The shear/mixer also has a radial premixer subcomponent to pre-wet additives, preventing clumps from forming and allowing for easier mixing. 804/222-5300;

FLO-CORP wireless monitoring system

The Guardian 2000 wireless monitor from FLO-CORP transmits data using cell towers and/or satellites and a GPS satellite chip. The battery-powered system can be used to report combined sewer overflows measured by the Ranger 1000 ultrasonic level transmitter, providing constant access to data. The wireless monitor also can report exact tank truck location, flow into the tank during pickups, flow out during deliveries, tank level and product temperature. It also can monitor frac fluid to ensure against overflow. 877/356-5463;

Navman driver behavior tracking

OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking with driver behavior feature from Navman Wireless USA enables fleet operators to identify drivers who are compromising safety and fuel efficiency. The system offers four reports and two dashboard KPIs that pinpoint trouble spots, while allowing drilldown to a specific driver directly from the Dynamic Dashboard, regardless of fleet size. 866/527-9896;

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US Fleet Tracking weather overlay

The weather overlay from US Fleet Tracking, standard with the company’s live GPS tracking service, provides a comprehensive view of weather in any desired area and works with any Web-based system, including hand-held devices and smartphones. 405/749-1105;

Ensinger polymer plastic gears

DuPont Delrin resin gears from Ensinger offer reduced weight, low noise output, reduced stress and dimensional stability. 800/243-3221;

Water Cannon pressure washer pump

The Cat 67DX series pressure washer pump from Water Cannon is an enhanced version of the 4,200 psi triplex pump. Features include an adjustable unloading bypass system, chemical soap injectors, inlet adapter with stainless steel filter washer and thermal relief overheat sensor. 800/333-9274;

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SOR explosion-proof pressure switch

The 805QS explosion-proof pressure switch-transmitter from SOR Inc. features independent discrete and continuous outputs (4-20 mA or 1-5 VDC). The switch set points and continuous output zero and span points are field adjustable. An optional flush diaphragm seal is available and designed to prevent substances from clogging the pressure port, including oil and petroleum with high concentrations of paraffin. 800/676-6794;

Subaru centrifugal pumps

The PKX line of centrifugal pumps from Subaru Industrial Power Products features an overhead cam engine with heavy-duty strainer to protect the pump from large solids. Self-priming is available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch models. The 2-inch PKX201 is powered by the EX13 4.5 hp engine and delivers 158 gpm. The 3-inch PKX301 is powered by the 6 hp EX17 engine and delivers 256 gpm. The 4-inch PKX401 is powered by the 9 hp EX27 engine and delivers 356 gpm. Pumps have an abrasion-resistant, cast-iron, three-blade impeller and hardened, cast-iron volute. 800/277-6246;

Fluid Components International analyzer flow switch/monitor

The FS10A analyzer flow switch/monitor from FCI - Fluid Components International meets requirements for safety integrity level (SIL) 2 compliant service and is classified as a Type B subsystem in accordance to IEC 61508-1 with a hardware failure tolerance of 0. The instrument’s wetted parts are corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel with Hastelloy-C22 sensor tips. 800/854-1993;

Steute Xtreme inductive sensors

Xtreme ATEX-IECx certified inductive sensors from Steute Industrial Controls are designed for use in Zone 0 and 20 explosive atmospheres and extreme environments. Sensors are available in M8, M12, M18 and M30 sizes with cable or plug-in connector. Models are available with IP68K or IP69K ratings and a temperature range of -40 to 240 degrees F (-40 to 120 degrees C). 203/244-6302;

Krohne Optiwave 5200 radar level meter tools

The Optiwave 5200 C/F radar level meter from Krohne is designed for liquid applications in a 98-foot measuring range. The GHz FMCW, 2-wire, loop-powered device measures up to 580 psi in general purpose and hazardous locations (Class 1, Division 1). The system’s PP and PTFE wave horn antennas are process sealed and gasket free, making them suited for corrosive conditions. The PP antenna can be mounted on process connections as small as 1 1/2 inches. The metallic horn and wavelength antennas use a dual-seal mechanism, O-ring and metaglas process for a hermetic seal in toxic or explosive applications. 800/356-9464;

Worksaver mini skid-steer pallet forks

Two models of pallet forks from SitePro by Worksaver, designed for mini skid-steers and compact tool carriers, feature universal mini mounts. Model MPF-900 has 1- by 3- by 31.5-inch forks mounted on a 30.5-inch-wide frame with a rated capacity of 900 pounds. The rail-style model MPF-2000 is rated at 2,000 pounds and has Class 1 tines of 1.18 by 3 by 42 inches on a 33.25-inch-wide frame. 217/324-5973;

Newson Gale hose continuity tester 

The OhmGuard hose continuity tester from Newson Gale is designed to continuously ensure that a string of assembled hoses are safely grounded to the transferring vehicle during operations involving potentially combustible gas, vapor or dust. If the total electrical resistance is below the accepted standard of 100 ohms for multi-segmented hoses, a green LED mounted on the OhmGuard clamp will pulse. If there is a break in continuity, pulsing will cease, warning the driver of danger from static electricity. Models are available with 32- or 50-foot Hytrel 1 core spiral cable, with either an LED indicator clamp or optional permanent junction box. 732/961-7610;

Hyundai Construction Interim Tier 4 excavators

The R300LC-9A, 330LC-9A and 380LC-9A crawler excavators from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas are designed for mid- and large-size excavating projects, site preparation and pipeline installation. All models have a low-emission, low-noise Cummins Interim Tier4/Stage IIIB engine (197 to 290 hp) and VGT turbocharger. Features include a variable-speed fan clutch. Two-stage auto decal system and three engine power modes enable the machine to switch between full power and reduced fuel consumption, according to the operator’s preference. Operating weight ranges from 65,700 to 86,200 pounds. The excavators have a bucket breakout force range of 46,910 to 49,300 ft-lbs, maximum dig depth of 24 feet, 3 inches to 26 feet, 12 inches. 877/509-2254;

Franklin Electric artificial lift

Artificial lift systems from Franklin Electric utilize submersible water pumping technology to deliquefy gas wells, enabling gas to be released from geological formations. The lift system, a combination of progressive cavity pumps and submersible motors, was originally developed for coalbed methane extraction. 260/824-2900;

ROM combination high-pressure, vacuum unit

The SmartCombi PRO combination high-pressure and vacuum unit from ROM bv is designed to unblock and clean house connections and sewers, and to suction grease traps and gullies. The system delivers from 2,900 psi and 19 gallons of flow to 2,175 psi and 26 gallons of flow. It is available with a conventional vacuum pump or advanced thrust jetter (up to 1,087 psi). Options include a Kubota turbodiesel engine.

Wilden air distribution system

The Pro-Flo SHIFT air distribution system (ADS) from Wilden Pump & Engineering, part of the Pump Solutions Group, is made for use in Advanced Series bolted and Original Series clamped air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, enabling them to reduce air consumption by 60 percent. The pump is available in 1 1/2-, 2- and 3-inch sizes with discharge pressures to 125 psig and maximum flows of 243 gpm. It can handle up to 1/2-inch solids and is available with suction lifts of 23 feet (dry) and 30.6 feet (wet). 909/422-1730;

Radiodetection video system with built-in battery 

The GatorCam 4+ pushrod video inspection range with built-in battery option from Radiodetection, a unit of SPX, adds onboard lithium-ion battery power for a full day’s use. The push-button fuel gauge indicates remaining power, even with the controller switched off. 877/247-3797;

Benko mezzanine safety gate

Protect-O-Gate Clear Aisle mezzanine safety gates from Benko Products feature a double-gate design and three-sided load access to ensure against falls and other accidents associated with mezzanines and loading areas. The OSHA-compliant gates require 10 inches of floor space when closed at the mezzanine ledge and are counterbalanced for ergonomic, easy manual operation. Optional powered operation includes remote controls. Units can be customized to accommodate various load and space restrictions. 440/934-2180;

Patlite LED warning lights 

LFH Series LED warning lights from Patlite Corp. produce a highly visible 110 flashes-per-minute strobe beacon suitable for most indoor and outdoor industrial applications. The lights are available in four operating voltages (12, 24, 48 VDC and 90-250 VAC). All models are adaptive to mount in an upright, inverted or side orientation. Lens coverings are available in red, yellow, green, blue and clear. 888/214-2580;

Honda rammer engine

The GXR120 general-purpose engine from Honda is specifically designed for power rammers used to compact soil or other granular matter. The 121 cc engine can power 110- to 175-pound rammers. Features include a cast-iron cylinder sleeve and high carbon-steel, dual ball bearing crankshaft. 678/339-2600;

Smith Flow Control valve actuator

The FlexiDrive valve actuator from Smith Flow Control USA can be applied to any conventional wheel-operated device in oil, gas or chemical processing plants. The remote valve operator delivers rotary torque for distances up to 30 meters. Made from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, the actuator is suitable for underwater use and is designed to withstand temperatures from -22 to 347 degrees F. 859/578-2395;

PSG diaphragm metering pumps

Neptune Series 7000 mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps from the Pump Solutions Group are designed to handle clear liquids with viscosities ranging from water-like to 1,500 cPs. The triplex version features flow to 4,200 liters per hour with discharges to 58 psi. The pump heads are driven by a single motor but can inject chemicals in three different lines at the same time. 909/557-2900;

Badger Meter smart valve positioners

The Research Control SRD series of smart valve positioners from Badger Meter deliver actionable diagnostic information about valve performance. The SRD 960 (explosion proof) and SRD 991 (intrinsically safe) digital valve positioners are designed for use in the water, wastewater and oil and gas industries. The SRI 900 base model provides analog valve control. The SRD/SRI positioners are compatible with Research Control valves and most other pneumatically actuated valves. 800/876-3837;

Trimble wireless remote laser display

The Spectra Precision RD20 wireless in-cab remote display from Trimble works with LR laser receivers to provide grade information to help operators increase productivity and improve safety. The remote display can be positioned without cables for optimal viewing in the cab. Red, blue or green LED lights signal high, low or on-grade. An audible signal enables the operator to focus on the job. 800/874-6253;

Oldham fixed gas monitor

The iTrans 2 fixed gas monitor from Oldham, an Industrial Scientific Company, detects explosive gases, toxic gases or oxygen. The intelligent electronics platform provides one or two points of detection from a single head. When in RS485 bus configuration, one system is capable of accommodating more than 200 transmitters and can monitor any combination of gases for a specific environment. Other features include nonintrusive calibration, HART and Modbus communication, programmable relays and explosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel housings. 800/338-3287;

VISTA equipment training programs

Silver Series equipment training programs from VISTA Training are designed for mining and construction operations. The Web-based programs are one to two hours in length, teach skills needed to safely operate heavy equipment and include a final test. Program topics include aerial work platform, forklift, fuel and lube truck, highway truck, skid-steer and telehandler operation, as well as transporting equipment, rigging and hoisting and knuckleboom crane safety. 800/942-2886;

Ditch Witch ride-on trencher

The RT30 ride-on, dedicated trencher from Ditch Witch has a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine and can dig a trench up to 8 inches wide and 42 inches deep. The 42-inch boom provides a 36-inch cover depth. 800/654-6481;

Simtronics DF-TV7 flame detectors

MultiFlame DF-TV7 series flame detectors from Simtronics, an IST company, detect hydrocarbon fires while ensuring false alarm immunity. Available in Multispectral IR (IR3) and UV/2IR versions, both are housed in a 316 stainless steel enclosure, approved to ATEX, CE and IECCx standards and certified suitable for use in SIL2 applications. 713/984-1437;

Pelican laptop/camera pro pack 

The ProGear S115 sport elite laptop/camera pro pack from Pelican Products includes a laptop case with water-resistant front compartment and padded dividers that hold and protect multiple camera bodies and lenses. The built-in laptop case is a watertight, crushproof and impact resistant compartment that can fit a 15-inch notebook up to 1-inch thick or 17-inch MacBook. 800/473-5422;

Allmand mobile light tower placement app 

The iPad/iPhone mobile light tower placement app from Allmand Bros. can be used as the basis for setting up 1,000- or 1,250-watt metal halide light towers. Designed for those who need to illuminate large areas for mining and energy production, the free app is available from the Apple App Store. 800/562-1373;

Adalet flameproof screw cover meter

The XJ_X series of screw cover flameproof meter enclosures from Adalet features 68 standard sizes approved to gas group IIB+H2 with an IP66 rating. The enclosures are available with solid cover or viewing windows. 216/267-9000;

Norwesco vertical storage tank 

The 20,000-gallon vertical poly storage tank from Norwesco won’t rust, corrode or become brittle, and is lighter than steel and fiberglass tanks. 800/328-3420;

Precision Polymer Engineering high-pressure seals 

Elastomer seals from Precision Polymer Engineering are designed for high-pressure oil and gas applications, including downhole, wellhead, surface equipment and high-pressure pipeline and riser systems. The seals have a double internal spring that can be made from Inconel alloy, stainless steel or PEEK. The spring prevents the extrusion of the seal when pressure is applied. The PEEK version eliminates metal-to-metal contact. The spring seals are available in 2 1/2- through 33 1/2-inch internal diameters with 0.14- to 0.33-inch cross sections. 408/441-2043;

HEMCO emergency shower 

The emergency shower from HEMCO is designed to protect individuals working with hazardous chemicals. Constructed of one-piece fiberglass composite, the showers are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The unit includes a pull-rod activated shower and push-handle eye/face wash for immediate drenching of personnel who have been exposed to harmful chemicals. Options include grab bars, hand-held body wash and curtains. The unit is ANSI and OSHA compliant. 800/779-4362;

Kafko International parts washer

Oil Eater Flex Line parts washers from Kafko International are available in basic, premium and professional models. Each model includes 6 gallons of eco-friendly Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser. The basic unit has a 440-pound working tray, flow-through brush with adjustable fluid control, adjustable goose neck spigot, skimmer pads, stainless steel drain screen, 26-gallon soaking capacity and thermally protected 350 gph pump. The premium model also has a preset fluid heater, low fluid level protection switch and secondary 50-micron fluid filtration. The professional model includes a high-impact HDPE lid, pump protector drain magnet, 20-piece cleaning brush kit and 10-watt, moisture-resistant LED work light. 800/528-0334;

Husky magnetic fueling breakaway device

MagBreak CK 1- and CK 3/4-inch magnetic fueling breakaway devices from Husky Corp. are designed to break into two sections when adequate pull force is applied (225 pounds). Dual check valves keep fuel from leaking. The magnetic design allows for easy reconnection. A twist-lock indicates when the assembly is reconnected. 800/325-3558;

Agru America geosynthetic clay liner 

GeoClay reinforced needle-punched geosynthetic clay liner from Agru America features a uniform layer of granular bentonite, encapsulated between two nonwoven geotextiles. GCL is designed for moderate to steep slopes and moderate to high load applications, where increased internal shear strength is required. 800/373-2478;

Ramvac HX-12 hydroexcavator 

The HX-12 hydroexcavator from Ramvac has a 12-cubic-yard debris tank, temperature-controlled environmental chamber and directional discharge system for off-loading back into the excavation site. 800/323-1604;

McCloskey International spiral drum

The spiral drum option for trammel screen models from McCloskey International prevents spearing where elongated material is lifted and thrown through the screen opening. It increases control of material flow, maximizing material sorting per load. The drum is available on 500, 600 and 700 series trammels. 877/876-6635;

Atlas Copco bucket crusher 

Rig-mounted bucket crushers from Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique are made for recycling asphalt, stone and concrete debris, as well as mine, quarry and trench material. The hydraulic attachment is available in four models (BC1500, BC2250, BC3500, BC4900) and range in weight from 3,307 to 10,803 pounds. They can be used on carrier classes from 26,455 to 132,277 pounds. The top and bottom jaws can be replaced or single jaws can be rotated 180 degrees for better wear and longer service life. 800/732-6762;

Roxtec transit designer software 

Free transit software from Roxtec simplifies product selection for designers and engineers. Once cable schedule, sealing requirements, installation preferences and preliminary opening sizes are entered, the software generates manufacturer-approved drawings and documents, including material lists and installation instructions. 800/520-4769;

NexTraq fleet safe driving package

The complete safe driving software package from NexTraq includes NexTraq DriveGuard, online driver education courses and driver safety scorecard report. DriveGuard eliminates the temptation to text, make phone calls or surf the Web while driving. The scorecard provides metrics and information on driver behaviors to identify dangerous habits. 800/358-6178;

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