High-quality components such as filters, pumps and blowers keep rigs in operation and generating revenue for the company. Check out some of these components below, along with new hand and power tools designed to assist operators on the worksite.

High-quality components such as filters, pumps and blowers keep rigs in operation and generating revenue for the company. Check out some of these components below, along with new hand and power tools designed to assist operators on the worksite.


Filter accessory kit

Conde Accessory Kits from Westmoor Ltd. include the primary, secondary, pre-filter and oil-catch muffler. They can be fitted with 1- or 1 1/2-inch NPT connections. The weld-in primary trap comes in a choice of CR steel, stainless steel or aluminum, with the secondary trap with drain and pre-filter constructed of stainless steel and the oil-catch muffler with drain constructed of aluminum diamond plate. The kit is designed to protect the pump/vacuum system for several years. 800/367-0972; www.westmoorltd.com.


Efficient vacuum pump

The Jurop R260 vacuum pump from CEI - Chandler Equipment requires an input of 540 to 1000 rpm and creates an output of 363 cfm at free air (304 cfm at 18 inches Hg), while producing a maximum pressure of 25 psi and maintaining 92 percent vacuum efficiency. It is injection cooled, and features automatic lubrication and heat-resistant Kevlar vanes. Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation is available. It can be ordered with a pump-mounted final filter. An inline final filter with 3-inch female NPT is also available. 800/342-0887; www.chandlerequipment.com.

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Commercial-duty vacuum system

The Eliminator Package Model ELIM A-SM from Fruitland Manufacturing offers liquid waste haulers a commercial-duty vacuum system designed to reduce cost and downtime. It includes a heavy-duty mounting bracket, gearbox, coupler, 99.9 percent efficient oil-catch muffler, pressure and vacuum relief valves and secondary shut-off designed so that it can be serviced in the field. It also features Fruitland’s RCF500 LUF commercial-duty vacuum pump that offers low oil consumption, including an automated oiling system with all steel lines, vane gauging ports, antishock design, three primary cooling phases and integral air-intake filter designed to work on both vacuum and pressure. 800/663-9003; www.fruitlandmanufacturing.com.

Inline-drive vacuum pump

The RFL100DV(L)I inline-drive vacuum pump from Gardner Denver Wittig provides a different drive arrangement than the standard right angle gear drive or hydraulically driven vacuum pump. It is driven directly by the PTO shaft from the transmission of the truck without the need for a right angle gearbox. Removing this component reduces installation costs and eliminates pump damage due to shaft misalignment. The mounting bracket is included with the pump, and allows mounting between the frame rails, saving space on the exterior of the frame. The discharge flange can be rotated to provide discharge in any direction, allowing for flexible piping arrangements to fit various applications. 217/222-5400; www.gardnerdenverproducts.com.

Heavy-duty fan-cooled pump

The VK650 from Masport is a fan-cooled pump capable of 377 cfm, 20 psi continuous duty and 23 inches Hg continuous duty vacuum. The pump also includes an integrated stainless steel air filter to protect the pump, as well as an integrated 1-gallon oil tank. The four-way integral valve has bolt-on 3-inch NPT flanges to help ease of installation, as well as a posi-lock handle for secure positioning. Heavy-duty bearings, automatic oil pump, cushioned spring washer end thrust protection and carbon fiber vanes ensure superior pump life. 800/228-4510; www.masportpump.com.

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Fan-cooled vacuum pump

The PM70T fan-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is a continuous-duty vacuum pump capable of 21.7 psi positive and a continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg with a free flow rate of 247 cfm capable of pumping nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances. It features integrated check valve, changeover valve, automatic oiling system and industrial-duty bearings. It also features Viton seals and high flow rate, asbestos-free, spark-proof vanes, and requires no liquid cooling system because dual cooling fans keep it operating efficiently even in the most rigorous conditions. It includes 3-inch hose connections and is available in preassembled pump packages complete with stand, secondary, oil catch, and a drive and gearbox hydraulic-, pulley- or engine-driven. 800/383-6304; www.morousa.com.

Portable hydraulic pump

The TP03 trash pump from Stanley Hydraulic Tools is a submersible pump with a 450 gpm pumping capacity. The pump is also capable of pumping solids up to 3 inches in diameter and liquids with concentrations of solids up to 25 percent. With a durable urethane bowl, it weighs only 32 pounds, making it lightweight and highly portable. Once connected to a hydraulic power source, it can be operated from virtually anywhere. Since hydraulic tools use a sealed system, the components are constantly lubricated in hydraulic oil, ensuring a long tool life. 503/659-5660; www.stanleyhydraulic.com.


Footprint interchange blower

KAY Blowers from BRUDON Air Vac / Kay International offer robust housing design and an impeller profile that substantially reduces pulsation, noise and slippage. They increase service life and reduce overall maintenance and operational costs, and are designed with footprint interchange capability that allows ease of installation without major retrofit or modification to the existing airflow system. 780/440-1634; www.brudonairvac.ca.

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High-vacuum blower pump

The Challenger 4310 high-vacuum, positive-displacement blower from National Vacuum Equipment delivers 931 cfm continuous duty at full vacuum. The low maintenance, environmentally friendly (no oil) unit offers quiet operation with the Pro Pak sound dampening system. The blower pump is designed, built and supported in the U.S. 800/253-5500; www.natvac.com.

Vacuum truck blower

RB-DV Hi-Vacuum truck blowers from Robuschi USA feature an airflow range from 400 to 6,200 cfm. Its air injection manifolds allow it to operate at 28 inches Hg continuously without the need for a vacuum relief valve. The lightweight manifolds and low-pulsation technology ensure lower noise attenuation and less vibration by 10 dBA. The fabricated and cast manifolds and feet assemblies can be custom made to suit PTO angle and lower blower between chassis rails, as well as providing handy lifting hooks for safe and easy assembly and removal. Rubber mounting feet are included with custom-made feet assemblies to ensure any chassis flex doesn’t affect durability. 877/424-1020; www.robuschiusa.com.

Hose and Fittings

Single-pin connector

The Rig-Lok single-pin, high amperage connector from Amphenol Industrial is ideal for use in VFD drive buildings, land drilling, traction motors and top drive power distribution because of its secure mating mechanism. It features a 1/4-turn reverse-bayonet locking coupling that allows for audible, tactile and visual confirmation of secure mating. Its double-dead front, finger-proof inserts help to protect the pin, as well as the socket, and enables the user to offer standard and reverse service within the same connector package. It prevents the inter-mating of different circuits with the panels on which they are used, and is offered in two shell sizes. It features corrosion-resistant plating with a hard-coat-anodized finish that is able to withstand 300 days of continuous salt spray. The coupling nut supplied with each connector gives users more grip when operating in harsh environments. A machined aluminum cover comes standard. 800/678-0141; www.amphenol-industrial.com.

Hydroexcavating boom elbows

Custom Boom Elbows manufactures both 70- and 90-degree boom elbows available for a range of hydroexcavating and municipal sewer work vehicles. Both feature a 25.1-inch circumference and 8-inch diameter with flanged ends. All models are built with a 1/2-inch wall thickness for longevity and endurance. 604/835-0199; www.customboomelbowsbc.com.

Cable and Hose Reels

Power wash reel

The N700 Series hose reel from Hannay Reels is engineered to streamline washdown, power wash, air/water transfer and a wide variety of other applications. It has a narrow frame and compact mounting base for use in limited-space work environments. It can conveniently attach to trucks or other portable units for easy cleaning almost anywhere. A spring rewind feature saves time and effort by simplifying pickup and storage, while a nonsparking ratchet assembly unit composed of machined, forged and stamped parts makes it safer to operate in hazardous areas. The unit handles 1/4-inch through 1/2-inch I.D. hose and includes a declutching arbor to prevent against damage during reverse winding. It handles 3,000 to 10,000 psi bar pressure and temperatures from -60 to 250 degrees F. 877/467-3357; www.hannay.com.

Hand Tools

Striking hammer

Nonsparking, nonmarring striking hammers from ABC Hammers Inc. are designed and manufactured from brass, bronze and other alloys for safe use where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts or residues may be present. They should be used in place of steel hammers in any application where surface protection is critical because of their nonmarring attributes, which include the reduction or elimination of work damage. They should also be used by all industrial safety programs, and are an inexpensive investment for any company. All components are manufactured and assembled in the USA. 855/343-9900; www.abchammers.com.

Water pump pliers

Lightweight Cobra XXL water pump pliers from Knipex Tools L.P. feature a push-button fast adjustment on the work piece. They provide a large gripping capacity to grip all shapes of work pieces with special hardened teeth of approximately 61 HRC in a smaller tool, while weighing the same as a 2-inch pipe-gripping pliers. They offer a 4 1/2-inch grip, weigh less than 6 pounds and have a length of 22 inches. Made from German chrome vanadium electric steel, forged and oil hardened, the pliers are self-locking on pipes and nuts, keeping them from slipping and requiring less force from the user. 847/398-8520; www.knipex-tools.com.

Power Tools

Oscillating tool

The 18-volt MXH180 oscillating tool from Bosch Tool Corporation features an EC brushless motor design that maximizes efficiency by delivering 65 percent longer runtime and 30 percent more power, offering corded power without the cord. The motor allows for a compact design, as it weighs just 4.35 pounds (with a Bosch 18V 4.0 Ah Fat Pack battery) at a length of 12 5/8 inches. It is also compatible with all generations of Bosch lithium-ion Fat and Slim Pack 18-volt batteries. Integrated electronics ensure superior control and extended motor life, and Constant Response circuitry allows the tool to maintain constant speed under a heavy load. The “tool-less” oscillating accessory change lever makes it easy to attach an array of compatible accessories without having to remove and reattach any parts in the process. 877/267-2499; www.boschtools.com.

Pneumatic circular saw

With a 7 1/2-inch blade capacity, the Model 5 1116 0020 heavy-duty pneumatic circular saw from CS Unitec dry cuts up to 2 1/2 inches at 90 degrees, and 1 1/2 inches at 45 degrees in sheet metal, aluminum and thin plate. Its 1.7 hp motor operates at 90 psi with an air consumption of 53 cfm. Air power eliminates burnout from stalls, making it ideal for use in wet and dirty environments. The 19-pound saw has a free cutting speed of 3,200 rpm. The D-Handle design features an inside trigger and safety lock button to prevent accidental starting. Standard equipment includes a rip fence and blade wrench (cutting blade not included). It also accepts 7 1/4-inch saw blades. 800/700-5919; www.csunitec.com.

5-inch straight grinder

The GS5000 5-inch straight grinder from Makita U.S.A. features a 7-amp motor ideal for metal grinding, paint and rust removal, steel grinding and cutting, and smoothing weld beads. It is engineered with spiral gears for smoother rotations and efficient transfer of energy. Convenience features include a “tool-less” guard cap removal for quick wheel changes and externally accessible brushes for serviceability. It also features three key dust and debris defense features. Labyrinth construction helps prevent dust and debris from penetrating the main bearing or gearbox. The zig-zag varnish is an epoxy application pattern that forms a barrier under rotation to protect the armature coil. The dust-sealed drive bearing is a spring-loaded metal seal engineered to stop dust and debris from entering the drive bearing. 800/462-5482; www.makitausa.com.

Truck/Trailer Accessories/Components

Ground sense system

The 672C Garnet Posiground from Armstrong Equipment is a ground sense system that verifies trucks are properly grounded during fluid transfer while onsite. Grounding is achieved by securing two clamps to grounded metal objects at least 20 feet apart. In the event a ground is lost, it has the ability to activate a horn, and after a set amount of time it can shut down the transfer of fluid until a ground is relocated. The control system determines the operational status of the system by identifying whether there is proper grounding. It also assists in troubleshooting in case of a system malfunction. The spring loaded grounding reel assists the operator to disburse and retract the ground cable and clamps to the required length. 800/699-7557; www.vacpump.com.

Oilfield tail roller

Oilfield tail rollers and bumper assemblies from Atoka Precision Machine Shop feature custom mounting for any trailer design. The 8-inch rollers are rated for 70 tons, with the 6-inch rated for 40 tons. The rollers are mechanic-friendly with greasible bearings that mount on a machined stub. They are fully machined and freely roll without resistance. Double cradle support rollers mount under the tail roller for extra support with grease fittings, 1-inch side plates, grade-8 bolts, weavel pins and rings included. Mounting can be customized for any trailer design, including in an I-beam, and channel with or without a full bumper assembly. 580/364-0182; www.atokapms.com.

Anti-spray fenders

Spray Mate fenders from Fleet Engineers Inc. are made from injected-molded polypropylene, and are lightweight, high density, rust- and corrosion-resistant and available in 10 colors. They are easy to care for, require no painting or polishing, and are unaffected by extreme heat or cold ranging from -40 to 130 degrees F. The side valances and molded ribs on the underside are designed to provide spray suppression and keep equipment cleaner. The curved brush significantly reduces spray to improve visibility for both the driver and other motorists, yet allows air to flow through the flexible filament skirting, and helps prevent objects such as stones from damaging the finish, breaking mirrors and shattering windows. Bulk kits include two fenders, support package sets, and support-to-fender and support-to-bracket stainless steel mounting hardware. 800/333-7890; www.fleetengineers.com.

Bumper crane

The SR5T/6T series bumper crane from Sto-Away Power Cranes can lift 2,000 pounds of payload. When equipped with a boom extension that can lift 500 pounds of payload, has a 10-foot ground clearance and reaches out to 6 1/2 feet. The way the crane folds away into the bumper allows it to be used in mining applications. A nitrogen cylinder assist allows it to have safe and predictable storing, and also saves the worker from back injuries. The crane bolts to most 77- to 102-inch standard bumpers. 800/622-9797; www.stoaway.com.

Drill air compressor module

The efficient drill air compressor module from Vanair Manufacturing instantly matches the footprint of a Sullair module. It features a Sullair single-stage rotary screw air compressor, and offers packages up to 1,500 cfm at 500 psi in single- and two-stage configurations. It can be completely tailored to meet all drilling needs. 800/526-8817; www.vanair.com.

Electric valve heater

Valve heaters from WD Hot Blocks are designed to be used on all types of discharge valves including 4-inch and 6-inch brass lever style valves. This prevents freezing during cold weather operations. Available in 12 or 24 volt DC power or dual element style 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC for night time plug in. These heaters eliminate the need for long runs of engine coolant hoses. 570/673-5055; www.wdhotblocks.com.

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