Atlas Copco product kiosk app

The kiosk app for tablets and desktop computers from Atlas Copco Compressors provides access to interactive product leaflets and an energy savings calculator. The free app can be downloaded for iOS and Android tablets as well as PC and Mac computers from the Atlas Copco website, Apple App Store and Google Play. 800/732-6762;

Patlite high-performance LED worklights

CLK-SA LED worklights from Patlite Corp. have a stainless steel body and clear acrylic PMMA resin lens cover, creating an IP69K-rated sealed enclosure that withstands high-temperature and high-pressure washdowns. Resistant to oil and water, the light is 14.8 inches long, 2.2 inches wide and 0.8 inches tall and puts out 1,200 lux. 888/214-2580;

Pelican ProGear HardBack case

The ProGear i065 HardBack case from Pelican Products is designed to protect and display an iPad. Along with BMW DesignWorks, the crush-resistant case has a watertight O-ring seal with automatic pressure equalization valve. The interior has a shock-absorbing plush foam liner with impact-protection cell cushions and elastometric frame that secures the device in transit. 800/473-5422;

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BOMAG tandem vibratory rollers

BW141AD-5 and BW151AD-5 tandem vibratory rollers from BOMAG have a 73.2 hp Kubota water-cooled Tier iV diesel engine and enhanced operator’s platform, offering optimal views of the roller drums, asphalt mat and surrounding areas. The station’s adjustable, multi-position seat rotates and slides laterally to both side positions. A travel lever with integrated switches, steering wheel and operator controls are within easy reach. The rollers have 59- (BW141AD-5) and 66-inch (BW151AD-5) working widths and deliver up to 17,760 pounds of centrifugal force. 800/782-6624;

Centrisys THK thickening centrifuge

The THK thickening centrifuge from Centrisys is designed to thicken waste-activated sludge without polymer. The system produces up to 8 percent cake solids running at flow rates of up to 1,000 gpm. Applications include secondary sludge, primary sludge, oxidation ditch sludge, digested sludge and MBR sludge. 877/339-5496;

Vacuworx concrete road barrier lifter

The RC concrete road barrier lifter from Vacuworx Global is designed to lift, position and install various-sized concrete road barriers, weighing up to 44,000 pounds. The lifter, manufactured to meet or exceed the ASME/ANSI safety standard, includes two changeable vacuum pads. 866/664-3450;

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Rockwell Automation voltage monitor

The Allen-Bradley i-Sense voltage monitor from Rockwell Automation reads incoming power, providing data that pinpoints voltage-based power events and reveals any consequent relationship between voltage sags and downtime. 414/382-2000;

Konecranes industrial reach stackers 

Industrial reach stackers from Konecranes are available with C-hooks for carrying coils or magnets for handling plate steel and slab grabs. The spreader can be removed to install a hook, turning the stacker into an 80-ton pick-and-carry crane that can be operated by a forklift operator rather than a licensed crane operator. The load-sensing hydraulic system with variable piston pumps is designed to provide optimum balance between engine power and hydraulic demand. 800/934-6976;

Benko removable platform  

The removable Insta-Rack platform from Benko Products, part of the GREEN Access & Fall Protection line, is designed for sites that require a durable, portable platform whenever a permanent pedestal platform is not an option. The counter-weighted, four-post platform brings users to the predetermined height needed for access to the tops of tank trucks and railcars. Features include fold-down aluminum gangway and safety enclosure. 440/934-2180;

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BinMaster noncontact level sensor

The RL level sensor from BinMaster Level Controls is designed to provide bin level data in challenging environments where dust levels are extremely high. The noncontact, continuous level sensor works in powders and solid materials, including low dielectric materials. The sensor has a self-cleaning, nonstick surface that does not require routine maintenance or air purge. 800/278-4241;

Victaulic Series 727 ball valve 

The Series 727 ball valve from Victaulic is designed for upstream oil applications. The high-pressure, NACE-compliant, grooved-end valve features enhanced ports for up to one-third better flow. The two-piece valve has a floating ball for lower torque requirements and is available with manual handles and tamper-resistant lock/seal. Made for full open or shut-off service, the valve can accommodate pressures up to 1,500 psi and is available in sizes from 2 to 6 inches. Oilfield applications include wellhead hookups, flow lines, production headers, produced water lines, heater-treaters, separators, tank battery and saltwater disposal. 610/559-3300;

NLB universal nozzle heads 

Universal heads for Typhoon self-rotating nozzles from NLB Corp. are designed to cut through blocked tubes while polishing the tube’s inside diameter. The seven heads – used with Typhoon models RPN1510, RPN2410, RPN1520 and RPN2020 – combine cutting surfaces and polishing orifices in a single tool. The nozzles clean tubes down to 5/8 inches in diameter, rotating at speeds up to 7,000 rpm. The rotating action comes from the head instead of the barrel, focusing the force of the water (15,000 to 40,000 psi) up front. Nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel and coated with titanium nitrate for long life. 877/652-7796;

FLIR E-Series thermal cameras

E-Series (E4, E5, E6, E8) thermal cameras from FLIR Systems are designed to track down electrical and mechanical overheating, moisture ingress, missing insulation, air leaks and other thermal issues. The camera features a 3-inch color LCD display, wide-angle focus-free lens, intuitive on-camera button controls, onboard digital camera and MSX (multispectral dynamic imaging), which integrates visible details from digital photos onto IR images. 866/477-3687;

IMT propane body, electric cranes 

The enhanced Dominator propane mechanics body from Iowa Mold Tooling Co., an Oshkosh Corporation company, features an IMT 6000 telescopic crane, designed for handling two 500-gallon tanks, a 1,000-gallon tank or up to 13 100-pound tanks. The crane is rated at 39,000 ft-lbs, with a maximum capacity of 6,000 pounds and 22 feet of reach. The aluminum side panels and tailgate on the Dominator propane body have been reduced from 12 to 6 inches, enabling the truck to fit a second 500- or 1,000-gallon tank. Enhanced electric cranes have a maximum horizontal reach ranging from 6 feet 6 inches to 22 feet and lifting capacity from 8,000 to 38,000 ft-lbs. 800/247-5958;

Gehl vertical-lift skid loaders  

V270 GEN:2 and V330 GEN:2 vertical-lift skid loaders from Gehl feature a Tier IV Yanmar 72 hp diesel engine and T-bar control option. The loaders have a rated operating capacity of 2,700 (V270) and 3,300 pounds (V330) and loading heights of 10 feet 10 inches (V270) and 10 feet 11 inches (V330). They have a torque rating between 196 and 217 ft-lbs, and do not require fuel after-treatments, such as urea. 800/628-0491;

Rain for Rent RiteFlo app 

RiteFlo, a free app from Rain for Rent, features a suite of hydraulic estimation tools designed for water and wastewater professionals. The app includes a gravity flow logger and TDH calculator. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. 800/742-7246;

Yaskawa medium voltage AV drive

The MV1000 medium voltage AC drive from the Drives and Motion Division of Yaskawa America is designed for energy savings and improved process control. Features include modular design, high efficiency and low harmonics. Smart Harmonics technology reduces input total harmonic distortion (THD) to less than 2.5 percent without filters, exceeding IEEE 519-1992 requirements by nearly 50 percent. The MV1000 uses two 5-voltage step bridges per phase to generate 17 level line-to-line voltage output to the motor. Several motor control modes are available for a range of applications. 800/927-5292;

Jason Industrial spill and recovery hose 

The 3085 Series oilfield cleanup and spill recovery full vacuum hose from Jason Industrial is made with an NBR/PVC tube and PVC clockwise helix for lightweight flexibility. 630/752-0600;

Hyundai Construction Equipment wheel loader  

The HL740-9A wheel loader from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has a 156 hp Cummins Tier IV engine and fully automatic transmission. It also is available in an extended reach (XTD) model for higher dump height and tool carrier model (TM). The HL740-9A has an operating weight of 28,000 pounds, 3-cubic-yard bucket capacity and 24,000 pounds of bucket breakout force. The HL740XTD-91 has an operating weight of 28,660 pounds and breakout force of 24,450. The HL740TM-9A has an operating weight of 29,320 pounds and breakout force of 23,880 pounds. 877/509-2254;

Metabo 5.2 Ah battery system  

The Ultra-M 5.2 amp hour battery system from Metabo Corp. is designed to run in extreme temperatures (5 to 122 degrees F) and is fully compatible with all Metabo 18-volt systems. 800/638-2264;

Ditch Witch ride-on tractor 

The four-wheel-drive RT100 ride-on tractor from Ditch Witch has a Tier 4-compliant 100 hp Deutz diesel engine. The operator’s station has a 90-degree swivel seat, adjustable armrests, tilt steering column and color LCD engine display. Options include climate control. 800/654-6481;

Terramac rubber track crawler with GPS  

RT-9 rubber track crawlers from Terramac feature a GPS receiver and come with a one-year subscription to On-Board Communications data tracking. The GPS receiver transmits real-time location and fleet management data, such as run time and idle time via cellular network service. Activity Logging Technology (ALT) tracks time operating under load. 877/365-1649;

Subaru V-Twin engine generators  

RGV industrial generators (RGV12100 and RGV13100T) from Subaru Industrial Power Products feature Subaru V-Twin engines. The RGV12100 is powered by a 22 hp EH65 engine and delivers a maximum output of 12,000 watts (9,500-watt standard output rating). It has an 11.4-gallon fuel tank for 8.2 hours of continuous operation at the rated load. An automatic idle control lowers engine speed when no electrical power is needed, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing noise. The RGV1300T is powered by a 20.5 hp engine and delivers a maximum output of 13,000 watts (10,000-watt standard output rating). It offers 8.9 hours of continuous run time at the rated load and features a current transformer, allowing three- and single-phase operation. 800/277-6246;

Opto 22 high-frequency SNAP I/O modules

High-frequency analog SNAP I/O modules with pulse-width modulation and time-proportional output from Opto 22 are designed for engineers and technicians working with high-speed machinery, equipment test beds and applications that monitor high-frequency analog signals. The SNAP-AIRATE-HFi input module connects to TTL, CMOS and open-collector outputs and is typically used for high-speed (up to 500 kHz) pulse scanning. The SNAP-AOS-29-HFi sends pulse-width modulated outputs to high-frequency transducers and can be used with test bed applications that simulate tachometer outputs. 800/321-6786;

Reed Manufacturing deburring tool 

The DEB1 deburr and chamfer tool from Reed Manufacturing Co. is designed for PVC, CPVC, ABS, PE and PP pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. Features include a slip-resistant knurled grip and blade that can be sharpened or replaced. 800/666-3691;

B&W fifth-wheel hitch 

The RVB3500 Companion fifth-wheel trailer hitch from B&W Trailer Hitches, rated for 20,000-pound towing capacity, features Turnoverball mounting design for quick, single-point installation. 800/810-4918;

Conveyor Components tilt level controls 

Tilt level controls from Conveyor Components Co. are designed for dry bulk material level indication and control applications. The UL listed control units are enclosed in a cast aluminum housing with LED indicator lights to alert the operator of either the presence or absence of material. Equipped with a surface mount PC board, the unit allows for a maximum of 5,000 feet of cable between the control unit and probe. Control units are available in three models: CT-105 (NEMA Type 4, 4X), CT-106 (NEMA Type 9 Class II, Groups E, F and G) and CT-107 (NEMA Type 7 Class I, Groups C and D; NEMA Type 9 Class II, Groups E, F and G). 800/233-3233;

Dynamic Systems barcode tracking tags  

Based on barcode technology, CheckMate software from Dynamic Systems records where an item is, who has it and when it is due back. The software tracks A, B and C Class items and includes a maintenance mode that records repairs, schedules periodic maintenance, records warranty expiration dates and tracks vehicle service and registration renewals. Labels are available in preprinted polyester with adhesive backing, two-dimensional, custom and metal tags. 800/342-3999;

Juniper Systems rugged hand-held computer 

The rugged Archer 2 hand-held computer from Juniper Systems is designed for asset management in refineries, rigs and mining operations. Features include barcode and RFID capabilities. 435/753-1881;

Trelleborg flexible pipe plugs  

Pipe plugs from Trelleborg Offshore and Construction Infrastructure feature layers of rubber reinforced with Aramid. Utilizing a new design and manufacturing process, the plugs are lighter, safer and more flexible to install. Side handles make the plugs easier to maneuver, while smaller top plates make transportation through tight manholes and 90-degree turns easier and quicker. The multisize, inflatable flow stopper range is available for underground pipe diameters from approximately 1.5 (40 mm) to 94.5 inches (2,400 mm) with or without bypass. 800/626-2180;

Warner Select II service body  

The Select II service body from Warner Bodies features a FlushFinish door system. When closed, the doors are flush with the body panels and don’t overlap. Recessed doorjams, polymer seals, water management systems and drains have been redesigned for optimal performance. Doors are constructed from A60 galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and mounted to the body structure using removable Nut Zerts and a vertically slotted system that enables doors to be adjusted, serviced or replaced without welding. 317/773-2100;

Titan spare tire auxiliary fuel system  

The cross-linked polyethylene Spare Tire Auxiliary Fuel System from Titan Fuel Tanks includes 30-gallon tank and fuel transfer control unit. The one-size-fits-all system is designed to repurpose the space used to stow a vehicle’s spare tire in most American-made diesel pickups built after 1999. 800/728-4982;

ECCO dual directional lamps  

The ED3766 dual color directional LED lamp from ECCO offers two different color outputs in a single unit. The lamp features 12 high-intensity LEDs (six of each color), SAE Class I light output, synchronization capability and the choice of 11 flash patterns. Available colors include amber/blue, amber/clear, amber/green, amber/red and red/blue. 800/635-5900;

Honda camo portable generator  

The EU2000i Camo portable generator from Honda Power Equipment Group features inverter technology and Realtree high-definition All Purpose Green camouflage exterior. Other features include two-tiered noise dampening system that reduces noise to 59 decibels at rated load and 53 decibels at one-quarter load. The 2,000-watt model can simultaneously power a computer, TV, coffee pot and portable refrigerator. 678/339-2600;

Coxreels hose strain relief kit  

The Hose Strain Relief Kit from Coxreels protects hose fittings and connections from potential damage by providing strain relief when the hose is fully extended on the reel. Under use, the clamp takes on the force from the overextended hose and protects the hose fittings and connections at the riser from extensive tension. The accessory is available for hand-crank and motorized reels with 1/2- to 1 1/2-inch I.D. hoses. 800/269-7335;

Smith & Loveless system controls  

QUICKSMART system controls from Smith & Loveless is a PLC-based controller designed to monitor and adjust pump station functions. Features include digital maintenance log, I/O status, Spanish language mode and help functions. Other features include alarm management, wet well level simulation, pump on/off levels, prime mode selection, environmental system set points and optional STATIONCOMM integration. 800/898-9122;

Witte rail-mounted fluid bed dryers  

Vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers from The Witte Co. are available mounted on rails for unobstructed access for cleaning, maintenance and visual inspection. During washdowns or product changeovers, the entire drying and cooling sections spanning the length of the thermal processing system can be rolled out by one person and rolled back into place without any tools. The steel rails include cushioned bumpers and are mounted into the floor during installation. 908/689-6500;

FreeWave wireless I/O networking  

The WaveLine 10i, Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) certified high-performance wireless I/O networking from FreeWave Technologies is designed for applications in hazardous environments in the oil and gas, water and wastewater industries. The system monitors pressures, temperatures and liquid levels, while eliminating the need for conduit and installation outside of the C1D1 area. 800/548-5616;

MAHA wireless mobile column lifts  

The MCL family of ball-screw-powered mobile column lifts from MAHA USA has a low profile and longer leg structure for increased stability. The main support column of each lift is formed from a solid, one-piece, hot-rolled I-beam for optimal stability. Redundant automatic locking system provides added safety. The MCL 12 has a lift capacity of 12,000 pounds per column, while the MCL 15 holds 15,000 pounds per column and features a 20-inch fork length and extended base. 886/624-2872;

SMC hydrogen sulfide gas detector  

The Model 4501-05 two-wire hydrogen sulfide gas detector from Sierra Monitor Corp. is loop powered, eliminating the need for separate power runs and associated power distribution and circuit protection for each device. Features include 180-day calibration interval, integral scrolling menu-driven LCD display, stainless steel transmitter and sensor enclosure and 4-20 mA signal output. 408/262-6611;

Fontaine independent sliding-axle platform trailer  

The Infinity Superior Slide platform trailer from Fontaine Trailer Co. features independent sliding axles. It can be configured as a closed tandem set at the rear, closed tandem set at the front, full 10-foot spread axle or any combination. The trailers have fabricated steel mainbeams and steel crossbracing, aluminum floor and rear skirt with RASR routed aluminum side rail. 800/821-6535;

Reelcraft heavy-duty, hand-crank reels  

The HC80000 Series of heavy-duty, hand-crank reels from Reelcraft Industries are designed for industrial applications requiring long lengths of large hose and truck mounts. The cast aluminum base is rated at 40,000 psi tensile strength. Options include heavy-duty pin lock to prevent de-spooling when not in use and adjustable drag screw to prevent backlash when operating. 800/444-3134;

Columbus McKinnon ratchet lever hoist

The CM Bandit ratchet level hoist from Columbus McKinnon Corp. is available in 3/4- and 1 1/2-ton models. The hoist is HMI certified and features a compact design and short, 360-degree rotating handle for use in confined areas. 800/888-0985;

Moxa hazardous location surveillance camera 

The VPort 36-1MP-IVA-T surveillance camera from Moxa Americas is designed for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous conditions. Applications include petrochemical plants, onshore and offshore drilling, chemical processing facilities, dip tanks, spray paint areas and liquefied petroleum and natural gas storage locations. The camera provides three simultaneous H.264 and MJPEG video streams with up to 1,280 by 800 HD resolution at 30 fps. Built-in technologies include digital noise reduction, wide dynamic range and back light compensation for day and night use. 714/528-6777;

Redline high-speed wireless system 

The Redline Transport Gateway (RTG) Connect high-speed wireless system from Redline Communications is designed to securely connect industrial SCADA systems, providing real-time data collection and control of devices such as programmable logic controllers, remote terminal units, natural gas meters and pump controllers. 866/633-6669;

Pulsafeeder polymer makedown systems  

Polymer makedown systems from Pulsafeeder are available in automatic and manual versions. The systems feature a three-step, static blending system that provides dilution without harming the polymer chains. Systems are available in 0-5 gpm, 5-10 gpm and 10-plus gpm water flow rates. The system is custom-sized to activate all types of polymers with five neat polymer pump flows available. Systems include an auto-fill calibration column, adjustable flowmeter and neat polymer back pressure regulator. 585/292-8000;

Felling Trailers center chain slots 

The FT 12-IT center chain slots option from Felling Trailers, available on drop-deck trailers, is designed for securing scissor lifts and other cargo. 800/245-2809;

Manitou MT Series telescopic handlers  

MT Series telescopic handlers from Manitou can lift up to 9,000 pounds. The MT 1440 has a lift height of 44 feet 4 inches, while the MT 1840, MT 1840 A and MT 1840 H have a lift height of 57 feet 7 inches. Frame leveling and front stabilizers are standard on all models, increasing lift capacity to 5,000 pounds at maximum lift height and to 1,900 pounds at maximum forward reach on the MT 1840. The telescopic handlers are powered by a 102 hp Perkins Interim Tier IV diesel engine that delivers 310 ft-lbs of torque. 262/334-9333;

Ergodyne flame-resistant liners 

N-Ferno FR 3-Layer Extreme Series winter liners (regular and shoulder length) and the N-Ferno FR 2-Layer Cold Series H&L mouthpiece from Ergodyne are designed to keep workers warm and protected, as well as meeting NFPA 70E requirements. The three-layer liners (models 6890 and 6892) feature 3M FR Thinsulate as the insulating midlayer. The two-layer mouthpiece offers adjustable face protection. All products meet ASTM F1506 requirements and will not melt or drip. 800/225-8238;

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